Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 27 June 2020


Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 27 June 2020

27 June 2020 Saturday Update on Age is Just a Number  Update: The next morning in Agarwal house, Deepak cheers hearing Gauri feeling nauseatic. He says he would now become a father of a son who would inherit this whole property. Gauri comes out of washroom and says she isn’t pregnant at all, it’s only stomach upset.

Age is Just a Number Friday Update 26 June 2020

Next morning, Sahil wakes up and was shocked to find himself, shirtless on the bed filled with flowers. He wonders when did he come upstairs, and didn’t really anything about last night. Nidhi’s clothes lie on the floor. She comes from behind to hug Sahil. He questions if she has gone crazy. Nidhi was happy about whatever that happened between them last night, he surprised her completely. Sahil was sure there can be nothing between them. She insists they spent the night together, and are connected. Sahil says he understands himself well, he won’t cross his limits if he doesn’t love someone. He hates her and can take her life, he would never sleep with her. Nidhi follows Sahil into the corridor and shouts at him to accept her as his wife. Sahil tries to get the grip of her hand off his arm, she slips down the stairs and fell down.

Sahil and Vaidika take Nidhi to hospital emergency. Gauri comes to the corridor from the other side without spotting them. The doctor congratulated her for being six week pregnant while she look perplexed. Sahil and Vaidika were waiting outside the emergency room, police comes to ask about Sahil Agarwal.

There was a complaint lodged against him that he attempted to kill his wife, they have an eyewitness. It was Panday. Sahil charge to grab Panday’s collar but police deters to arrest him. Panday says he lives right in front of their house, he saw from the balcony how he was fighting with his wife. He pushed her down the stairs. Sahil grabs his collar and says he is lying, he didn’t push her down the stairs. Sahil says there was nothing but an argument there. Vaidika says she is sure Sahil would

never hurt anyone deliberately, it was only an accident. Sahil only watched her compliment him and smiled towards her. Vaidika says she also saw them arguing but he didn’t push her. The inspector implements a section against Sahil. Sahil asks the inspector to let Nidhi wake up. Nidhi and Sahil’s family reach the hospital. Bari Amma scolds Sahil for holding hand over his wife. Prachi insults Vaidika to leave. Vaidika stops Sahil from reacting and requests him to stay calm. She leaves the corridor. Sahil looks towards Anjana and assures he didn’t do it through the signals of his eyes.
Gauri drinks a glass of water in the hospital, she decides not to tell Deepak else he would find out the gender of baby and abort if it’s a girl. She turns around and was shocked to spot Deepak, then goes to another corridor and hits Vaidika there. Vaidika asks if she is pregnant, Gauri turns to leave forbidding Vaidika to share the news with her family. Vaidika was sure her family must be happy. Gauri says not if it’s a girl.

She brings Vaidika to a corner and says Deepak doesn’t want a girl, they have attempted a lot to bear a son. She says it’s her second marriage, the first one broke after two years when he left her and her daughter. Deepak was the manager at their shop, he conditioned not to bring up someone else’s child. Her daughter lives with her grandparents and she isn’t allowed to meet her. Deepak doesn’t want a daughter now and will get it aborted otherwise. She says she can’t live alone in life, and has to live with Deepak anyway.

Vaidika wipes her tears and forbids her share the news of her pregnancy for three months; then her child would be secure. Every woman has a right to be a mother, no matter a daughter or son. It’s her decision to bring the child to life. After three months they won’t be able to abort the child, as it becomes illegal. Gauri requests her not to tell this to anyone as well. Vaidika says the child must come to this world, and promises to fight for this child if ever Gauri needs her. Gauri cries hugging Vaidika. Vaidika thinks here its Gauri, and there Nidhi; Sahil has been surrounded by troubles.

Nidhi opens her eyes, the family was around. Sahil asks Nidhi to tell everyone he didn’t push her down the stairs. Her mother calls Sahil a selfish man. Nidhi says Sahil pushed her down the stairs. Sahil calls her a liar. Nidhi gets her statement noted, ‘they married in front of their families but Sahil denied accepted her as a wife, he doesn’t want to take on his responsibilities and attempted to take her life. This is domestic violence case.’ The inspector arrests Sahil and takes him along. Nidhi smirks towards her mother. Sahil tried to explain his position but was helpless. Vaidika comes into the room and watches Sahil handcuffed. He asks Bari Amma to stop this all, how can she send Sahil to jail.

Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for all this, she already told Sahil to stay away from her. She requests the inspector but Prachi calls her shameless. Sahil was taken by police. Anjana pleads Bari Amma.
Gauri was coming out from a room and watches Sahil being arrested. The inspector says it’s a non-bailable case. Deepak arrives in the corridor and wonders who is behind all the drama. Gauri hides from her family as well. Bari Amma tells everyone to go home, she has an important task to do.
In the jail, Sahil tries to explain his position. The inspector says his own family doesn’t trust him. He heard Sahil’s show on radio, he must now call that 42 year old adult here; they will enjoy together. He blames Sahil for attempting to kill his own wife for an elderly man. He will implement various sections in Sahil’s case. Sahil wonders why Nidhi did this.

In the hospital, Nidhi asks if they liked her acting skills. She wasn’t at all hurt. Bari Amma slaps Nidhi and says she knew well Nidhi was only acting. Nidhi explains she wanted to help Sahil bring back home.

She mixed medicine in Sahil’s food and convinced him about a relation between them. He got furious and this happened. Bari Amma was angry at Nidhi, she tells her to do what she is asked to. She also clarifies that only she and Sahil know there is no relation between them.
At home, Aarya was upset about Nidhi’s lies. Nani wonders how they would get Sahil out of jail. Vaidika says Panday also witnessed against Sahil. Nani wonders when he gave his witness, police didn’t come here. Vaidika says she now understands, Panday must have gone to police station by himself.

At Agarwal house everyone tries to feed Anjana. She was crying for Sahil. Deepak comes there questions Gauri where she had been. Prachi scolds him for not sensing the tension, they suggest Anjana to keep a pooja for Sahil. Puneesh comes there agreeing and suggests about a Pandit for pooja.

Panday was happy to be able to speak to Bari Amma and help her. He says he enjoys teasing Vaidika a lot. There, Vaidika gained courage and walked towards Panday’s house, ringing the bell of his door.
Bari Amma was happy that her game is going well. There, Panday will indulge Vaidika and Nidhi’s mother will play her game. Panday watched Vaidika from the balcony. Later inside, he ate grapes on a couch while Vaidika stood inside. Panday says Vaidika had wanted Sahil to get away from her house and life, he made her work easy. He is trying to understand the matter, why she wants him to change his verdict. Vaidika requests him to save that innocent boy for jail. He is aware Sahil is innocent, and it was only a spousal argument. Vaidika questions if he really enjoys hurting an innocent, he is an inhumane person. She demands him to be trustworthy once and take his false witness back. Panday instead flirts with Vaidika. Vaidika finally joins her hands to request Panday but he wasn’t ready to do this.
In the jail, Nidhi’s mother came to meet Sahil. She assures Sahil that everything will get better. Sahil demands her what she wants from him right now. Nidhi’s mother says she wish the best for Sahil, her daughter’s wellbeing is connected to Sahil. They wish he returns home soon. Sahil says he is already in jail, why not suffocate her to death right now? He tells her to get lost, for not showing up again.
Panday demands Vaidika a cost for withdrawing his witness against Sahil. He asks her to present a dance performance for him, the way she danced in the competition. Vaidika furiously asks how dare he? Panday says he and a few of his friends would be here tonight, if she can entertain them. Vaidika walks out of Panday’s house haunted by Panday’s demand. Aarya comes to her and asks to go to jail to meet Sahil. Vaidika wasn’t ready to take Aarya there.

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