Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 11 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 11 July 2020

11th July 2020 Saturday on Age is just a Number update: Yash sat in his room, tears filling his eyes. He was furious and throws away the things over the table. He then goes to pull a curtain off his mother’s portrait. He says it’s time to show these Agarwals their right place right now. He will take Vaidika’s help to destroy them. In the next 24 hours, Agarwal’s lives will be in a huge catastrophe.
Vaidika walks Aarya home and assures her that everyone would soon forget about the MMS. It was through Nidhi’s help that MMS could be removed from the social media. Before they could enter the house, reporters and media attack them. They create footages of Aarya and Vaidika. Vaidika shouts at media and goes inside. Puneesh stops a reporter in the way to hand him a bundle of money.

In the room, Deepak blames Vaidika to bring Yash here. He questions if Sahil named something after Vaidika. He could sense that there was a culprit in the house who has named the property papers behind Yash. Puneesh calms everyone down. Sahil tells Puneesh to stay out of their internal matter. He runs the business, he better stay out of it. Puneesh thinks this Sahil and Vaidika don’t recognize his power, he must show them their worth.

Vaidika comes to file a complaint against Puneesh Tiwari with proof in police station. Puneesh sat on the inspector’s seat. He makes fun of Vaidika attempting to register complaint against him, and says he was the one who got a fake case against her of girl’s trafficking. She should now rest at home, this all doesn’t suit her. He warns if she ever comes in front of him, he will not leave her recognizable in front of anyone and pushes her out of police station.
It was night, Sahil was asleep in his room. There was a thunderstorm. Sahil wakes up taking Vaidika’s name, he goes to look at Vaidika’s photos pasted at the inside of his wardrobe. He decides not to go to her if she doesn’t want. He was upset about her betrayal, and thinks she didn’t value his love. He spends the whole night restlessly in the bed. In the morning, Sahil comes out of his room and sense something wrong. Anjana was worried as the aarti flame was also going out. Gauri says may be there is a good news. The main door of Agarwal House opens then. Vaidika enters in heavy makeup and jewelry and an expensive Saree. She asks them all to welcome the to be daughter in law of Agarwal house. Sahil was in disbelief. Vaidika says she will now live in this house as a fiancé of Yash Kumar. Yash comes in and introduces himself as the owner of half of Agarwal’s property. Sahil complains Vaidika of betraying him and his love. Vaidika asks if there ever was a love story between them. He must accept the reality of her engagement, and Nidhi as his wife. Puneesh tells Vaidika they need not to show off whose fiancé she is, she can never be a daughter in law of this house. He charges over her to get lost. Vaidika says they must shut the mouth of this illiterate man. Yash says the truth is, he is the eldest son of this family – Yash Kumar Agarwal!

Yash enters behind Vaidika and introduces himself as the eldest son of Agarwal family, Yash Kumar Agarwal. Anjana negates it. Yash says if Bari Amma could speak today she would have accepted. 30 years ago she came into the Agarwal family as a manager of the business, she then took over the house and heart of his father. His father divorced his first wife Leela Agarwal. But he is back to revenge for each of his mother’s sufferings now. Sahil charges over Yash but Vaidika stops him. She tells him to respect other, then insults his family doesn’t know how to respect others. They are expert at blaming and disgracing minor girls and women. Prachi calls Vaidika shameless who was greedy for money only. Vaidika smirks that Prachi would regret when she will realize how filthy

is the man he married. Anjana stops the blame game, she tells Sahil her husband mentioned about Leela with her. She was his first wife, but was characterless and was thrown out of his life and the house. Yash shouts this is lie. Puneesh questions Yash who would prove if the son of a characterless woman truly an Agarwal? Yash shouts at him to shut up and not to speak ill words about his mother. Deepak now interferes and questions if Yash and Vaidika consider this house an orphanage? Deepak asks Bari Amma to get up and tell them the truth, how is it possible that a new Agarwal came into the house after so many years. Yash argues that no one can throw him out of the house. A lawyer comes inside and shows them the papers. Deepak was shocked to read the file. Sahil takes the file and looks towards Yash silently. Nidhi was fearful. Yash and Vaidika hold hands, Vaidika throw the pot of rice as she walks into the house with Yash.

Yash was in the room with Bari Amma. He says there is always tit for tat in this world. Each of the brick of this house contains memories of his mother which she attempted to remove. Her place isn’t in this room anymore and replaces the photo on the wall with his mother’s. He was about to drag the wheel chair out of the room, Vaidika comes to stop Yash as there is no victory in winning over a helpless woman. Yash silently leaves. Vaidika cries saying no one is happy today, not even her who is doing this to revenge for her daughter. She says she had to come into her house by herself, neither her and nor Bari Amma is happy with it. She requests Bari Amma to accept things and try to sort them, may be Yash forgives her as well. She wipes Bari Amma’s tears before leaving.
In the corridor, Sahil hits Vaidika. He questions why she is crying. Vaidika says its Sahil’s words, she is a teacher and only makes others cry. Sahil agrees, as she always made her cry. Vaidika tries to pass by but her dress was stuck. She asks Sahil to leave it. Sahil enjoys the moment saying he has nothing in hand. Vaidika gets the saree off the stool and walks away.

Nidhi comes to Yash’s room irked over him for betrayal. She blames Yash for betraying her, she sold him company’s share and he snatched their house. Yash says she sold the shares, he bought them for double amount. It’s Nidhi who got the signatures from Bari Amma. He promises to never share about how he did this with anyone, including Vaidika. Vaidika had come to the door of the room. Nidhi changes her tone as if complaining that they harmed her family. When Nidhi has left, Yash explains she came to complaint. He asks if Vaidika is hurt that they are doing this wrong to Sahil.
Karan reads the property papers and tells Sahil Yash is right. He has 51% shares of the house named after him. Nidhi comes there to hear the talk. Karan tells Sahil they need to find out who named the property shares after him. Nidhi looked disturbed. After Sahil has walked away, Karan comes to speak to Nidhi about them but she leaves without listening.
Vaidika talks to Nani on phone and tells her to sleep as Maya is there with her. She across Sahil in the corridor. He says she looked splendid as she entered the house with that Kalash. She broke each rule of society today. Initially he thought it was a dream sequence, but was fascinated how she entered the house.

Sahil doesn’t let Vaidika pass by and holds her hand. He asks how it feels being with her age mate? He stands close to her and asks how it feels when Yash stands close to her? He touches her and asks how it feels when Yash touches her? When his warm breathes touch her face; are there similar sweat beads? She is so confused when he is only close to her, how will they live under a single roof. He suggests Vaidika to accomplish their plan attentively, he is aware she and Yash are playing a game. He will unveil any secret that affects Sahil-Vaidika’s couple. Vaidika calls him childish as even kids realize when they are defeated. She doesn’t care what Sahil does now, she is no more a part of his game. She came here with her fiancé, and only Yash will come close to her or touch her. Sahil says

he is happy at least he taught her to fight; but she still has no courage to love. Vaidika watches him walk away with eyes filled in tears. Sahil doesn’t take his eyes off her.
The next morning, Sahil feeds Bari Amma with breakfast. He speaks to Bari Amma about what’s happening in this house, only she has the replies. He wonders what’s the reality of Yash’s mother or Yash himself; does she know about it? He is suffocating right now, Vaidika has come as Yash’s fiancé. If Vaidika can’t be Sahil’s, she can’t be someone else’s. Anjana tells him to recognize his responsibility towards Nidhi and his child, Vaidika is gone. Sahil tells Anjana to stop it, she trusts the whole world’s truth but not her son’s. He promises Bari Amma to always stand with her. He leaves handing the soup bowl to Anjana.

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