Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 10 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 10 October 2020

Age is Just a Number Saturday Update 10 October 2020: Pankti thinks for a while, then says she would have gone to any extent to get Sahil’s love if she wasn’t there in his life. Today, if Vaidika breaks her relationship Sahil again, she will marry him. She will propose Sahil for marriage and take him to America. Tomorrow is MahaShrivastri, within next ten years either Vaidika must accept Sahil or she will marry him in the same temple

he will love him so much that he will forget the pains inflicted by Vaidika. Vaidika may take Sahil with her if she wish. Pankti walks away.
Sahil tells Maya he has tried everything but Vaidika is only doubtful of him. Maya asks him to calm down first, Vaidika might seem wrong but at least for once Sahil must think in her place. People have cautioned Vaidika that she is older than him and he might look on to other women. She went against the world to marry him, but right now she must be insecure because of Pankti. He must stand with Vaidika right now, he must love him truly and she will get onto the right path again. He must put in his efforts; their unique relation is an inspiration for others. Sahil was clueless what he must do. Maya shares an idea about igniting Vaidika’s fear. May be she needs a shock at this stage? Sahil says he now knows what he needs to do.
In the room, Sahil asks Pankti to help him. They have to sit in the Mandap and fake marrying each other. Pankti was shocked to hear this. Sahil says Vaidika is his life, he can’t live without her and needs to do this. When Sahil has left, Pankti stood in a dilemma. When one of her reflections urges her to go and get Sahil as she loves him, she won’t get any life partner like Sahil;

 the other one reminds Pankti that it’s because of Sahil and Vaidika that they her believe in love was restored. She must now help Sahil get Vaidika back again. She stood confused between the two thoughts, then wipes her tears with a determination.
There at home, Aarya brings a sindoor box to Guddu and says she won’t let space for bitterness in their lives. She wants to take their wedding vows once again, it had broken before it started. She says this course isn’t as important as her marriage and she can’t live without him. Guddu says one of their wedding promise was to stand with each other, he can’t break her dream and wants to stand beside her forever. Aarya hugs him and apologizes for teasing him. Guddu accepts he hurt her trust and is somewhere responsible for her grievances as well. Aarya says she now understands Guddu isn’t like the betrayers. She trusts her completely. Guddu tells her to go and complete her course in next three months, he will wait for her. Aarya thanks him for coming into her life, and not giving up in their marriage.
It was morning. Vaidika still stood in the temple and demanded a reply for her questions from the God. She was stubborn and ready to die right here, but not leave without a clear path for herself. She dances in the temple.
At Agarwal house, Prachi stood with signed divorce papers that Vaidika sent for Sahil. Sahil reads the papers. Prachi says she hasn’t either come home; she is in disbelief regarding her decision. Sahil tried to convince her in next fifteen days but her ego is aggravating.
There Vaidika still danced in the temple.
Pankti asks Sahil what they must do now, Vaidika has already signed the divorce papers. Sahil leaves home along with Vaidika. Bari Amma and Nani were tensed. Prachi was happy that Puneesh’s ideas were working. She brings him in the backyard and tells Puneesh that the divorce papers he sent gave furor to Sahil. She was doubtful that every time they resolve their grievances. Puneesh assures that this time he has made enough arrangements for that as well. Deepak hear Prachi call the Sardar as Puneesh Jee and thinks there is something wrong for sure.
Vaidika ran in the street of Kanpur, going towards Agarwal house. She was determined to tell Sahil that she loves him and can’t live without him. Puneesh calls some goons, they kidnap Vaidika.
In the temple, Sahil assures Pankti that this won’t happen. Vaidika would sure come to temple confessing her love. Pankti asks what if she doesn’t come over, if they marry in front of God they will be considered as spouses. Sahil says it won’t happen at any cost, Vaidika will surely reach them before.
Pankti’s mother comes to Vaidika in the godown she was kept. Vaidika was weak, and asks her to let her go to Sahil. Pankti’s mother says she had already forbidden Vaidika to intervene in Sahil and Pankti’s marriage; Pankti is worth being Sahil’s wife. Now Pankti will marry Sahil. Vaidika asks what kind of a mother she is, she is destroying her and Pankti’s life equally. She enforced her daughter to spend a life illegitimately with Sahil as well. Pankti would never be able to live happily. Pankti’s mother wasn’t ready to understand anything. She says it was in her favor that Vaidika left Sahil, and paved way for Pankti to marry him. She prepares an injection for Vaidika. Vaidika continue requesting her weakly but was given the medicine. Pankti’s mother says she has injected a poison and within five hours, Vaidika will be dead. They receive a call from Sahil on Vaidika’s call. Her mother puts the call on speaker.

Sahil says he is with Pankti in the Mandap in temple. He wants to know from Vaidika if she wants to continue their relation and save their marriage. Vaidika doesn’t speak. Sahil says he has signed the divorce papers she sent, and if she doesn’t come to save their unique love story he will marry Pankti. Vaidika lay unconscious.
Puneesh comes to the godown with Pankti’s mother, they throw a glass of water over Vaidika’s face. Puneesh orders his goons to untie her hand and forces Vaidika to write that Sahil has broken her trust. Vaidika was stubborn, not ready to write. Puneesh warns Vaidika if she doesn’t write what he says, his men will blow Sahil up on the mandap. He forces Vaidika to write that Sahil broke her trust, he doesn’t love her anymore and fall for Pankti. She is leaving his life so that he marries Pankti and live happily. They force her to sign the note as well. Puneesh says Vaidika’s dead body and this note will reach Agarwal house soon. They inject another medicine into Vaidika’s body in spite of her weak pleadings. Puneesh says until she is alive, they must keep an eye over her. After a while, everyone leave the godown as Vaidika was unconscious. Vaidika pukes and her consciousness returns. She untie the ropes tying her hands and feet. She was unable to balance herself, her head banged badly.
Deepak comes to Puneesh’s room and thinks he must figure out the matter with the driver. He finds a file of Prachi’s pregnancy report which was positive. He wonders what this report is doing here. This means it is Puneesh Tiwari in Sardar’s disguise. He decides to unveil this shrewd man’s story today.
The Pandit reaches the temple for Sahil and Pankti’s marriage. The program starts with an announcements from the stage for some guests from Mumbai.
Vaidika tries to deceive the goons from the godown. Pankti’s mother stood in front of her and takes her inside, she wished to show her something.
Pankti silently wish Vaidika doesn’t come over today. If she doesn’t value Vaidika, she wants to marry Sahil and love him the way he deserves.
Pankti’s mother brings Vaidika into a hall. Ved and Virat’s cradle hung with a rod from roof. Pankti’s mother says she won’t spare Vaidika and her children alive. She can’t let anything be a hurdle in Pankti and Sahil’s wedding.
In the temple, Pankti tells Sahil that Vaidika won’t come. She promises to stand with him and will even fight for her custody of his children. If Vaidika doesn’t value their relation, she doesn’t deserve his love.
At Agarwal house, Deepak tells Bari Amma and Nani that this is someone else in Sardar’s disguise. Bari Amma doesn’t pay much attention. Nani however allows Deepak to take a few minutes and prove this. Deepak pulls Puneesh’s beard deeming it fake, but Puneesh screams of pain instead.

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