Age is Just a Number Monday Update 6 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 6 July 2020

It was late at night when Vaidika stood for an auto.
In Agarwal house, Sahil was busy in a meeting with the company owner. There was strong wind blow. The idol of Radha Krishna fell on the stool. Sahil was concerned and tells Vaidika to call him when she has reached home.

Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 5 July 2020

A car stops by Vaidika, a few goons appear from it. Her phone and wallet fell on the floor while Vaidika was taken into the car. Puneesh throws a bundle of money near the goons, take the mask from them and heads towards the car door in an attempt to molest Vaidika.
Sahil had reached nearby and calls Vaidika’s number. The phone bell rings nearby on the foot path. Puneesh watches Sahil and shuts Vaidika’s mouth tightly. Sahil drives away. Puneesh decides not even her God can save her today. Someone grabs his collar

from behind. It was Yash who beats Puneesh badly trying to pull off his face. Puneesh struggles and run away. Yash had grabbed a button of his shirt. Vaidika cried for help. She was shocked to see Yash as her savior who untie her hands. Vaidika was fearful. Yash was concerned and asks if they… Vaidika says no… but she wonders where they came from. Yash comes to drop her home after filing a complaint in police. At home, Nani was thankful to Yash. Sahil runs inside concerned for Sahil. Nani introduces him to Yash. Sahil shakes hands with Yash thankful to him and asks about some evidence. Yash says they came with full preparations, he wore a mask and the car was also stolen. He hands Sahil a cuff-link he could get. Sahil calls it worthless.

Puneesh returns home sweating badly. Deepak stops him asking what he has done, but Puneesh warns him to concentrate on his matter. Deepak comes upstairs determined to someday find a clue against Puneesh. He hears Nidhi vomiting and thinks she is pregnant.
In the room, Nidhi’s mother asks how it is possible as she claims nothing happened between her and Sahil. Nidhi tells her to enjoy the milk only. She tells her mother to announce all across the Kanpur that Agarwal’s only daughter in law is going to give birth to the family heir.
The next morning, there was drum beating and sweets were distributed among family of Agarwal. Anjana was happy about the good news. Anjana asks Puneesh to bring a news to them as well. Prachi asks about Sahil, he only disgraces Nidhi in front of everyone.
Sahil calls Vaidika into the yard. He speaks to her that what happened last night would never happen to them again. He installed an app in her and Aarya’s phone, their locations can be shared with him through an SOS button. There was a call from Home on his cell phone but he rejects it. Sahil says he has decided he would pick her up from office from now on and they will return home together. He insists they are his responsibility after all. Vaidika asks him to take the call, but Sahil doesn’t listen. After Sahil has left Vaidika thinks who could be behind this incident.
Anjana happily blessed Nidhi and says soon Sahil would be disconnected to the other house. Sahil comes home asking what happened to all them. Sahil wish Gauri watching all the arrangements around. Prachi calls Sahil innocent and wonders what he would teach his children. Sahil was clueless. Anjana tells Sahil he is going to be a father. Sahil stares at Nidhi, drags her off the chair and asks what the new drama is. He questions if they have gone crazy, he didn’t touch her. Nidhi says she is pregnant. Sahil says he wasn’t the man. Nidhi says a girl always know who is the father to her child. Sahil asks whose child is this.

Anjana slaps Sahil asking if he isn’t ashamed of his relation with Nidhi. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept any relation with Nidhi. Nidhi requests Sahil not to say this, whats wrong if they ever slept together as they are spouse. She says Sahil was drunk that night and considered her as Vaidika then. Sahil forces Nidhi to speak the truth. Nidhi asks him to be as mature as to accept his mistake; this child is a symbol of their love. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept he ever loved Nidhi, he can’t think about anyone except Vaidika and leaves the house.

Nidhi runs into the room. Her mother asks whose child is this. Nidhi shouts that Sahil Agarwal is the father to this child. Deepak comes there whistling, he asks if her mother is also involved? He appreciates Nidhi’s shamelessness that she is still here. Nidhi warns him to do what he is meant to.

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