Age is Just a Number Monday Update 5 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 5 October 2020

Sahil speaks to Vaidika that Pankti’s test reports will soon be out. He holds her hands and requests that if she ever trust him in life she must return home. He can’t live without her and his kids. Ved also requests Vaidika to go back home, he wish they live in the same house. Vaidika nods. Ved says I love you Mama, I love you Papa. Sahil goes to kiss Ved and play with him. Vaidika smiles weakly.

Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 4 October 2020

At night in Agarwal house, Sahil opens the reports and tension spreads his face. Pankti asks Sahil what the report says. Pankti’s mother snatches the report and says it’s proven that Sahil and Pankti were in a physical relationship. Pankti was in a disbelief and drops the report. Nani blames Pankti’s mother, it was because of her that Pankti and Vaidika wore same clothes. Pankti’s mother says it was Sahil who established illegitimate relation with her daughter, he will now have to make up for it. Sahil was still in a state of disbelief and says this report can’t be true.
Prachi comes to meet Puneesh in jail. Puneesh says he is always happy whenever Prachi comes to meet him and considers himself lucky. Prachi informs Puneesh that she is expecting their child. She sweetens Puneesh’s mouth. Puneesh was emotional hearing about their children, he regrets that he couldn’t even be a part of her tough journey. Prachi says she wish him to be free soon, their child is worth his father’s care and protection. She now takes the responsibility to get him out of jail.

Nani blames Sahil. Sahil convinces Vaidika that this seems to be a lie, he can’t accept the reports and get another test. Pankti’s mother says this test won’t take place again, Sahil developed a relation with Pankti and Pankti will be the daughter in law of this house now. Vaidika also says there won’t be any test again, she is a woman and can’t see Pankti being blamed. She announces that she and her children will have no relation with this family anymore. Bari Amma stops Vaidika and tells her to think about Ved at least. She is aware Vaidika is hurt but at least they can live together for the sake of their children. Vaidika past by Sahil to leave. She was stopped at once as her dress stuck in Sahil’s wrist watch. Both turn to look towards each other. Sahil asks Vaidika to punish him what she wish. Vaidika says she is being punished for loving him. It’s possible she established a relation with Pankti while still being drunk.
Vaidika says Sahil has broken her trust and she won’t anymore be able to respect him. Sahil requests Vaidika to stay, he will be broken if she snatches his children and his love from him. He is ready for any punishment. Vaidika thinks about all the happenings and walks away.
Prachi tells Puneesh in the jail that she bribed the nurse of hospital and got the reports changed. Puneesh kiss the back of Prachi’s hands and says this will gain them rule that Agarwal house. Prachi was happy and leaves the house.
At home, Vaidika cries in front of Maya that Sahil wronged her. She could never think the matters would ruin to such an extent. Maya says Sahil isn’t at all ready to accept that he was wrong. Vaidika argues still she can’t forgive him.
Prachi was angry at Vaidika for leaving the house. Bari Amma was clear that it was Pankti’s mistake, she decides to call Pankti’s father. Sahil snatches the phone from Bari Amma and announces his decision that Pankti will live here. He says even if Vaidika returns home, she won’t be able to trust him and their love won’t be the same. He says he can still not understand if this can happen.
Vaidika was crying in front of Maya that Sahil has devastated everything. Aarya heard this and decides to do something for relieving her mother’s grievance now.
Sahil asks Pankti for help as a friend. He wish they prove to Vaidika that they aren’t culprits and are innocent. Vaidika is his life and he can’t bear to lose her. He requests her to help him. Pankti says she felt extremely guilty after watching the reports, but now her heart also believes there was nothing between them. She will continue blame her till Vaidika forgives them. She will have to take a necessary step to see their lives complete.
Aarya got papers ready. Guddu comes to ask Aarya if there is some problem. Guddu requests her to forgive him for once. Aarya says like Guddu, Sahil also ruined her mama’s life. She will now get her freed from such a tension. Guddu agrees Aarya’s anger. He asks Aarya not to see every man the same way. He will change her views. He is also sure that Sahil will soon prove himself to be innocent and they will soon be together. After Guddu has left, Aarya says she won’t let her mother cry any further.

Pankti drags her mother outside. Her mother cries asking if someone behaves like this to her mother. Pankti says she isn’t worth staying in the house, she proved to be her enemy and fall so much so to break Sahil and Vaidika’s relation and didn’t even care about her daughter’s grace. Pankti’s mother wasn’t ready to leave. Pankti holds a knife from the fruit basket and warns to kill herself if her mother doesn’t leave the house. Her mother cries that she did everything for Pankti. Pankti questions when she wanted all this, she wanted to bring Sahil and Vaidika closer and in return her mother turned her into a second woman. Her mother holds her luggage bag to leave. Pankti apologizes Sahil, she had no other way. Sahil thanks Pankti, as he wished to do this but didn’t have the courage. Pankti says they will now bring Vaidika back home.
Prachi goes to answer a door bell. The post man gives her papers for Sahil Agarwal. Sahil was shocked to see Divorce papers from Vaidika. Prachi was happy that Vaidika’s departure is a blessing for her child. Pankti asks Sahil to call Vaidika, Vaidika can’t take such a huge step. Prachi argues why her brother would call Vaidika. She also forgave Puneesh when he had an affair with Shruti, does Vaidika realize the meaning of divorce. Pandit ji had suggested tomorrow’s date for naming ceremony, and here Vaidika is thinking about divorce. Sahil vows that no one can take his children away from him.
In the police station, Puneesh was happy and tells Prachi that they must take full advantage of this divorce news.
It was late at night. Someone breaks into Vaidika’s room and takes the child from cradle. It was Sahil who holds his little son. He thinks Vaidika can’t take his child from him, he is Sahil Agarwal’s son as well. He is taking his child, his naming ceremony must take place in the right time. Vaidika wakes up at the click of door, she comes out. At home Pankti questions why Sahil did this. Sahil was angry and says Vaidika also didn’t tell him anything, she sent the divorce papers silently. Vaidika reaches Agarwal house and was shocked to see Sahil standing with the child. He clarifies to Vaidika he brought his son rightfully. She can’t take all the decisions of life solely. Vaidika questions if it was her sole decision, and he had no share? Sahil says he wants to do the naming ceremony of this child, he wants to announce to the world that he is Sahil Agarwal’s child. Vaidika argues why they didn’t take her consent in this decision. Sahil asks if Vaidika asked him before taking her decision. No one can stop him from becoming his father. He leaves the decision on Vaidika if she wants to leave the house, or stay till naming ceremony. Vaidika says she will stay till naming ceremony, right now he must give her the child as he is hungry and needs feed. She takes the child and leaves into the room. Bari Amma was happy and goes to prepare for the naming ceremony. Pankti says Sahil is doing wrong here, they must speak to each other. Prachi warns Pankti to stay away from this matter, if she wasn’t happy after ruining their life already.
Pankti’s mother reaches Usha for help. Usha promises not to let her fail. Usha says Pankti now believes in love after Pankti and Vaidika’s love; now this love will solve the matter.
Pankti cries in the room while thinking about the recent developments. She decides to resolve this matter in any possible way. She must add some positive energy on this Naming Ceremony and prays for Vaidika and Sahil.
Prachi tells Puneesh she has taken care of everything, he will be free tomorrow. She now wish he gets an entry in Agarwal house without anyone knowing. She was happy that her child won’t have to live fatherless now. Puneesh kiss the back of her hands and assures he will be there. Prachi tells Puneesh its naming ceremony of Vaidika and Sahil’s child tomorrow. Puneesh thinks the future will ring huge devastation for them.
Aarya was going ahead to check for her mother. Guddu passed by and stops out of concern. He asks if everything is fine. Aarya was annoyed and asks why Guddu always attempt to get closer to her. Guddu was offensive and clarifies he only stopped because it’s late. Aarya gets a call from Vaidika, she was tensed and promises her mother to stay with Ved here. Guddu wish everything is fine.

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