Age is Just a Number Monday Update 20 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 20 July 2020

20th July 2020 Monday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: The imposter finishes off the snack and unwrap her saree wondering if Vaidika Mathur is some Goddess? She had worn short top and pants and lay on the bed to drink. She watches Vaidika’s photos wondering how did Sahil get behind her. She hears Yash from outside who requested the doctor to save her. She goes outside to see.
Yash was concerned as Suomya’s injury was deep and she was bleeding badly. The doctor asks Yash to arrange for O negative blood. Yash felt helpless. Bari Amma comes to the room and says her daughter Prachi’s blood group is O negative.

Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 19 July 2020

She conditions that Yash must return the 51% shares of her property he grabbed and make Nani leave the house. The imposter calls Yash from outside to stop, she brought Maya inside who was ready to give her blood for Suomya. She is the only one who trusted her. Maya says she has seen her making efforts to find blood for Suomya for hours and only Vaidika got the heart to do this. The imposter now insults Bari Amma for still being greedy and taking her own benefit even when helping someone. Yash thanks her, calling her Vaidika. Later, Nani apologizes for not believing in her and goes to tell Aarya about it. Vaidika speaks to Yash that she got Shruti married because she has nothing to do with his revenge. His enmity only lies with Bari Amma. Yash was happy to get Vaidika back. Sahil who heard this conversation and comes to warn the imposter for being careful. He would not believe her at any cost. In the corridor, Sahil thinks his heart never lies to him. He must find out why this woman is here.

Downstairs, the imposter appreciates her acting skills and thinks she couldn’t be a heroine. Soon everyone would believe she is Vaidika and enjoyed her snacks.
Gauri comes to Sahil and asks him to think calmly, else how she knows so much about Vaidika. Sahil was sure someone in the house has made her do this. Sahil walks away from Gauri. Soon his phone bell rings, it was Vaidika. She only speaks Sahil’s name, the call was then disconnected. Sahil notices it was from a private number. He gathers everyone in the hall and says this imposter isn’t Vaidika, he got a call from Vaidika. Nani and Yash didn’t believe in Sahil. Prachi was irked why they are always dragged in such affairs. They don’t care if Vaidika is alive or dead. The imposter asks why he is doing this, he must now accept as she has returned to her Aarya. Yash demands Sahil a proof that Vaidika called him. Sahil says Yash would never understand, he doesn’t love Vaidika the way he loves Vaidika. He tries to push the imposter out of the house but Nani defends her. Bari Amma announces that no one would take Vaidika’s name again in this house. Everyone scatters.

Aarya sits with Sahil and assure her support to Sahil. The imposter hears this and decides she will make Aarya in her influence. She has been brought here to wipe of Vaidika’s name from Agarwal house by tricking everyone.
Vaidika tries to unlock the doors of the godown. The girls in the lockup cry as the man who has paid for them is coming tomorrow. Vaidika hugs them and assures nothing would happen to them.
Aarya cries in her room thinking about Vaidika. She recalls Vaidika told her that nothing is important for her in life than Aarya. The imposter finds her crying alone and comes inside. She says she doesn’t remember what happened after the accident. She read the lines written on her palm. She says she was only thinking if she would ever be able to meet Aarya. Aarya wasn’t ready to trust her at any cost and tells her to leave as she needs to get ready for school. The imposter leaves cursing her stubbornness.
Nidhi was looking into the cupboards and luggage of the room. She thinks Sahil claimed this lady isn’t Vaidika and that Panday also claimed Vaidika is dead then who this woman is and how she knows a lot about this house. She looks around for a proof. The imposter comes from behind and shouts at Nidhi for this misbehavior. The imposter tells Nidhi to get lost else she would tell Bari Amma everything about her. She bolts the door pushing Nidhi outside. Outside, Nidhi thinks Vaidika can never push anyone out of the room. She is now sure this can’t be Vaidika. She decides to find out who has brought her as Vaidika into this house.

Panday physically abused Vaidika by hitting her using a hot rod. Her face had been covered in a cloth while hands and feet tied. Panday says he knows Vaidika must surely have called her lover.
At home, Sahil calls Karan that this girl isn’t Vaidika. He got a call from Vaidika and recognizes her voice well. He couldn’t know because it was a private number. Karan says he would find out if we can do something about a private number or not. Sahil apologizes Karan for disturbing him in his newly married life. He then goes to find the truth about the fake Vaidika.
In the room, the imposter was irritated listening Vaidika’s name whole day. She takes a drink from her wardrobe. Sahil had reached the door and knocks it. The imposter was half drunk and opens the door. Someone had dragged

Sahil behind already. It was Yash who asks if Sahil has gone insane, he is about to break into a lady’s room drunk. Sahil was determined to prove this girl is fake. Bari Amma comes to slap Sahil and clarifies that even if this is a fake Vaidika; he doesn’t need to care and forget the real Vaidika. Sahil questions Bari Amma if this is her planning, because the day he finds out the face behind all this he swears he would kill that person.

In a dance bar, the imposter was being introduced as Chambelika. The crowd dance with her on ‘Halkat Jawani’. Deepak had come for the show. He was about to recognize the face of dancer yet when someone drags her outside. It was a hooded man with his face covered. Chambeli says after his work is done she has to return here, she can’t let them hire another dancer meanwhile. The man pays Chambeli a bundle of money. She was happy to get it and asks him about another task. The man hands her a paper. Chambeli was initially not ready to make up Aarya, but agrees out of monetary greed. The man leaves.
Aarya wasn’t ready to accept that the imposter was her mother and argued with Nani. The imposter brings a small cake to the room and asks Aarya not to fight on this day at least. It’s her father’s birthday and they celebrate it each year by cutting cake at 12am. Aarya was touched and hugs her calling Mama. She hugs her. They head to cut the cake. Nidhi watched this from the window of the house. She decides to call Panday.
There in the lock up, Panday was beating Vaidika with a stick while her face was covered and hands and feet tied. The girls there pleaded Panday not to abuse her. Panday watches Nidhi calling him and decides not to take her call. In the room, Nidhi was confused and wonders what she must do find out if this is the real Vaidika or not.
The imposter finds Sahil drunk in the corridor. She tries to get close to him. Sahil pushes her away saying this is the difference, Vaidika never touched him falsely. He walks away. The imposter was held into the room by Bari Amma. She clutches her neck and questions about her real identity. The imposter pushes her hand away and says only she and her son are doubtful of her now. Bari Amma has no right to question her at all. Bari Amma was about to slap her, she holds her hand in mid-air. She argues that she only respects her because of her age. And Bari Amma doesn’t need to interfere in her matters. Nani hears this argument and was happy that Vaidika finally has learnt her skills. Nidhi wonders how can Vaidika be so rude.
Karan was happy that Shruti was cooking capsicum. If she knew he likes it. Shruti nods. Karan decides he would come home for lunch and they will enjoy it together. Shruti says she doesn’t like capsicum, she was only cooking for him. Karan says she doesn’t need to make extra efforts to keep him happy. He convince that Shruti must consider him the same friend she has known since childhood, he has to win the confidence Vaidika and Sahil showed in him. He holds Shruti’s hand but she withdraws it saying she can no more trust anyone else now.
The next morning, Panday brings Gupta to show the girls to him. Vaidika hides the girls protectively behind herself. Panday receives a huge amount from Gupta. Vaidika gets hold of an iron rod nearby and warns to poke his eyes with the rod if someone moves on. Gupta asks her to leave him, who is he. He blames Panday for the insult and warns to get his business wiped off. Vaidika holds the rod towards Panday but he grabs Vaidika’s arm twisting it behind. His boys join them. Vaidika shouts at Panday for being shameless. Panday says in order to save the girls, she must fulfil their desires otherwise there is no shortage of clients in the city for these young, teenage girls.

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