Age is Just a Number Monday Update 14 September 2020


Age is Just a Number Monday Update 14 September 2020

Vaidika and Sahil run from opposite directions towards Vaidika’s old house. Sahil hugs Vaidika but Vaidika pushes Jackie away. Before Vaidika could speak, Sahil tells Vaidika he isn’t Jackie, he is her husband, her Sahil. Vaidika was astonished to hear this. Sahil tells Vaidika to ask her own heart, can’t she feel his presence around herself. Vaidika cries silently.

Sahil says he did all the drama of Jackie and couldn’t gather the courage to tell her the truth. Jackie was attempted to be killed by Puneesh but he is sure Jackie isn’t dead. Jackie told him that he is the elder of his family, there is a mother, a sister and a brother to support and he had to go to his house first. But she must believe him, he is her Sahil. Vaidika says she repeatedly sensed his presence around, and only her Sahil can give a sacrifice like this. They hug each other. Vaidika cries asking what if something had happened to him. Sahil assures he is here, fine and healthy because Vaidika is with him. Sahil tells Vaidika that Jackie, whom she considers his look alike is his twin brother. Both share how they found out about the news. Sahil then kiss Vaidika’s hands and both hug one another.

They were attacked by the goons who kidnap both of them by masking their faces. Sahil and Vaidika resisted and shouts while being tied to poles of a building. It was Usha. Usha grabs Sahil’s ear and asks if he killed her son and would enjoy his life with his family. Vaidika says Sahil is sure Jackie is alive, that’s why he came to her so that she doesn’t get a setback. Usha tells them she isn’t alone in this revenge, there is someone else who wants to part them; a mother from whom they snatched her child. The end to their strange love story will as well be strange. Bhoomi appears from behind a door. She says she returned to revenge both of them. She walks to Sahil and says she named her life after Sahil but he betrayed her and went to his love; and Vaidika snatched her life, her son and everything from her. She is no more that helpless Bhoomi she ever was. She and Usha now hold hands to destroy their lives. Usha grabs Sahil’s collar and deters to destroy him. Sahil tells Bhoomi that Vaidika had no mistake in whatever happened to Bhoomi. Vaidika decides to do something, after all she got her Sahil after long. Vaidika loosens the rope holding her hands by rubbing it continuously with the rough war. She vanishes from the site. Bhoomi and Usha turn to look around. Vaidika appears from a side and throws Sand into the eyes of Bhoomi and Usha. The goons gather around but Sahil fights them efficiently. They leave the site.
It was late at night, Sahil and Vaidika light fire and sat in the midst of a forest. Sahil lights a bonfire, then kiss Vaidika’s hand. He apologizes that Vaidika has to suffer all this because of him. Vaidika says nothing was ever wrong in her life because of Sahil. He had tried to help Usha but people like her never realize this. Bhoomi has also started to hate them.
Sahil promises Vaidika that tomorrow morning will come with a new beginning. Sahil and Vaidika are only meant for each other. Nothing can part them.

Vaidika and Sahil sat in the midst of the forest. Sahil says no power in this world can part them now. He brings about her medicines from his pocket as its time. Vaidika was startled. Sahil goes to bring water for her. Vaidika thinks about her best times with Sahil and place her head over his chest.
At home, Aarya shares her worry with Bari Amma she feels really strange. It’s so late, they must have returned by now. Nani assures that they will be fine until together.
Sahil and Vaidika sat near the fire, covered in blankets. The goons ask them about a young couple passing by. Sahil poses to be an old man and signals towards an opposite direction. Vaidika slips and Sahil at once supports her. Both share an eye lock. Vaidika’s bracelet was tucked into Sahil’s necklace. Sahil assures Vaidika he will always protect her, and never risk their life. He asks Vaidika for a promise that she won’t take stress and hurt their baby. They hug each other. Sahil and Vaidika walks deeper into the forest. Usha’s goons were looking around for Sahil and Vaidika. Bhoomi was determined to find them from anywhere. Bhoomi finds Vaidika’s bracelet on the floor and realizes they were somewhere around, then sends their goons to look for the two.

Sahil and Vaidika spot the goons around and turns to the opposite side. They realize being caught. They find a nearby straw hut and says anymore struggle would be dangerous for her health, and even the goons are finding them. He insists upon massaging Vaidika’s feet and says all her pains are his. He says her Sahil is always with her. Vaidika runs her arm out of chill. Sahil finds a blanket around and covers Vaidika with it. He then goes to light some woods for bonfire and helps Vaidika sit around it. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand and notices it was hurt with a bruise. She takes him under the cover of her blanket in a hug. She confesses that Sahil is the biggest gift in her life, her faith and an answer to her prayers. She never wants to lose him. Sahil tells Vaidika he can sacrifice his life for her. There is nothing in this world who can undo them. He wish to live with Ved, Aarya and their junior together. There was a wooden swing which both enjoy together, praying as they watch shooting stars in the dark sky.
The next morning, Vaidika and Sahil wake up. They think the goons must have left by now and decides to walk ahead. They hear footsteps very close to them. Sahil was punched hard on his face. In the godown, Usha tells Sahil she would revenge him of her son’s death. Bhoomi says she loved him crazily but now she will do what no love would have done ever. She considers Vaidika a reason for all of Vaidika’s sufferings. Vaidika asks Bhoomi not to be insane. Sahil says Bhoomi always knew he loved Vaidika and he will continue to do. But he is now happy, Bhoomi isn’t worth bringing up his child. Today Bhoomi has proven she never loved him. Bhoomi orders her goons to beat him until he is completely silent. Vaidika pleads and cries for the goons to stop. Bhoomi clutches Vaidika that she is crazy, first in love and now in hate. After today, her life would be turned into a dark night that will never witness a dawn. Usha stops her goons and says Sahil must be hurt even more. The goons position Sahil towards an iron machine. Sahil weakly asks Vaidika to smile, if it’s the last moment of his life he wants her to be strong and smiley. His heads fall as he was already badly hurt. The goons run to push Sahil’s head with the wall of iron machine. Sahil fell on the floor.

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