Age Is Just a Number July Teasers 2020


Age Is Just a Number July Teasers 2020

Yash wants to avenge his mother’s death and plans to ruin the Agarwal family. Read Age Is Just a Number July Teasers 2020 below.

Zee World Age Is Just a Number July Teasers 2020

Wednesday 1 July  2020

Episode 35

After much persuasion, Vedika agrees to work as a consultant for Yash. Sahil surprises Vedika with a cake to congratulate her on her new job.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Episode 36

The police arrest Badi Amma for forcing Gauri to take a sex determination test. At the police station, Vedika is shocked because Gauri blames her for Badi Amma’s imprisonment.

Friday 3 July 2020

Episode 37

Badi Amma comes out of the police lock-up and then, along with Gauri, criticises Vedika for disgracing them and their family. She also threatens to file a defamation lawsuit against Vedika for insulting her. Meanwhile, Nidhi meets Mohit and tells him to make Arya fall madly in love with him.

Saturday 4 July 2020 

Episode 38

Mohit plans to take advantage of Arya because Nidhi paid him to do so. Meanwhile, Badi Amma and Vedika are scared when they watch Sahil ride his bike. He is determined to win the competition to stop Vedika from going to jail. After returning home, Badi Amma is ready to do whatever it takes to ruin Sahil and Vedika’s relationship.

Sunday 5 July 2020  

Episode 39

Vedika treats Sahil’s wound and warns him to stay away from life-threatening situations. He then expresses his gratitude to her for standing up for his family. Later, Gauri tells Sahil that Badi Amma is ready to accept a girl child.

Monday 6 July 2020 

Episode 40

Badi Amma regains consciousness after another vehicle almost crashes into her car and requests Sahil to take charge of the family business as he is the only suitable heir left.However, he refuses to accept the responsibility. Vedika, too, tries to convince Sahil to obey Badi Amma.

Tuesday 7 July  2020 

Episode 41

Pihu pushes Vedika and saves her from a gunshot at a mosque. She also tells her about her mother’s illness. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Sahil that only prayers can save Badi Amma as Nidhi attempts to kill Badi Amma by cutting the supply of oxygen.

Wednesday 8 July  2020

Episode 42

When Vedika comes to visit Badi Amma, Sahil’s family members demand that she leave their house immediately. Later, Vedika’s mother informs Yash that Vedika has gone to visit Badi Amma who is injured after falling down the stairs. Meanwhile, Yash wants Badi Amma to suffer instead of dying quickly.

Thursday 9 July 2020

Episode 43

Vedika advises Sahil to return home to take over his family business but he refuses to do so. She agrees to accept his love only after he takes on his responsibilities. Later, she reminds him about the love Badi Amma has shown him over the years. Meanwhile, Deepak gets ready to take over the company but was surprised as Sahil’s decide to head Agarwal Jewellers.

Friday 10 July 2020

Episode 44

Deepak plots against Sahil and creates a stir among the workers that results in a strike just a day before the delivery of an important order. An agitated Sahil seeks Vedika’s advice which calms him and prepares him to face the challenges with renewed confidence. Meanwhile, Nidhi seizes the locker keys from a helpless Badi Amma and takes a huge amount of money from the locker.

Saturday 11 July 2020 

Episode 45

Nidhi humiliates Deepak at the party by telling the media at the party that he has no place in the company. Therefore, Deepak swears to deal with Nidhi Meanwhile, Sahil sees that Vedika has not reached the party and calls her up. However, Vedika informs him that she will not be able to attend the party due to some urgent last minute work and asks him to carry on.

Sunday 12 July 2020  

Episode 46

Wearing a mask, Puneesh gets Vedika kidnapped with the help of his goons and tries to force himself on her. Yash comes to her aid and tries to take off Puneesh’s mask. However, Puneesh flees but one of the buttons of his kurta lands in Yash’s hands.  Nidhi, meanwhile, reveals to Sahil’s family that she is pregnant with Sahil’s child. When Sahil finds this out, he denies her claims and states that the child is not his.

Monday 13 July 2020 

Episode 47

Nidhi hosts a party to share the news about her pregnancy. When Sahil refuses to accept that he is the father of Nidhi’s child, Anjana slaps him and instructs him to respect Nidhi.  Later, Sahil tells Vedika that he has nothing to do with Nidhi’s unborn child as he did not consummate his marriage with her. Anjana then requests Sahil to return home if the DNA tests prove that Nidhi is telling the truth.

Tuesday 14 July  2020 

Episode 48

Sahil is shocked as Vedika reads the DNA test results which confirms that he is the father of Nidhi’s child. He defends himself as he didn’t sleep with his wife but she refuses to believe him. Following that, Anjana requests Vedika to convince Sahil to return home. Meanwhile, Nidhi tells her mother that Puneesh helped her pay the doctor to change the DNA test reports. On her way to Vedika’s house, Maya scolds Sahil for being irresponsible and betraying Vedika.

Tuesday 14 July  2020

Episode 49

Sahil returns home and announces that he is back to re-earn Vedika’s love and respect. He then challenges Nidhi that he will prove that he is not the father of her child. Meanwhile, Vedika cannot come to terms with Sahil’s actions and is caught in two minds about whether to believe them or not. Mohit then displays a sign of his love for Arya which shocks the latter. Subsequently, Nidhi exacts revenge on Sahil by intoxicating his food which causes him to behave aggressively with his family.

Wednesday 15 July  2020

Episode 50

Sahil advises Arya against breaking Vedika’s trust after she admits her love for Mohit in front of him. Meanwhile, Vedika gets angry and she slaps Puneesh after knowing that he abducted and tried to molest her. Police arrive to arrest Puneesh but he manages to successfully escape from their clutches. He then ambushes Vedika and threatens to destroy her family. Later, Mohit calls Arya and invites her to a party under the pretext of dance practice.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Episode 51

Vedika learns that Arya went to meet a friend and burst outon Sahil for allowing her. Later, Punish calls her to inform that Arya had liedabout meeting a friend and is attending a party at the dance class which freaksher out. Meanwhile, at the party, Nidhi and Punish add Vodka to Arya’s drink.When Arya feels tipsy, Mohit takes advantage of the situation and gets intimatewith her. As per the plan, Punish then films a video on them to blackmailVedika and Arya.

Friday 17 July 2020

Episode 52

As Arya’s lewd MMS starts doing the rounds, Manjula blamesVedika for giving her daughter too much freedom. Vedika realises that Puneesh orchestrated the MMS scandal. She vows to avenge her daughter humiliation. She goes to the Agarwal house with Yash and calls Mohit to testify against Puneesh.

Saturday 18 July 2020 

Episode 53

Vedika holds Sahil responsible for Arya’s embarrassment. Later at Vedika’shouse, Nidhi lays a weird condition before her and in exchange, offers to prevent Arya’s scandalous MMS from circulating any further. According to Nidhi’s condition, Vedika must ensure Sahil stops pursuing his love for her and accepts Nidhi as his wife instead.

Sunday 19 July 2020  

Episode 54

When Yash informs Sahil that he is getting engaged to Velika,  Maya approaches Vedika and explains to her that decisions taken in anger cannot be changed. However,Vedika pays no heed to her and is determined to get engaged to Yash. During the engagement, Sahil gets drunk and creates a scene. Despite this, Vedika exchanges rings with Yash. Nidhi is delighted about Vedika’s engagement and tells Badi Amma that she will rule the Agrawal house.

Monday 20 July 2020 

Episode 55

When Sahil accuses Yash of copying his designs, the lattertells the client that the designs are original and belongs to his employee,Vedika. The client verifies the designs and tells Sahil that his allegationsare false. He then finalises the deal with Yash. However, Sahil by unfair meansoutsmarts Yash and gains the contract. When Arya gets bullied by herclassmates, Sahil intervenes and comforts her.

Tuesday 21 July  2020 

Episode 56

Yash confides to Vedika that Badi amma ruined his mother’s life, which led to her demise. Yash is vengeful and joins hands with Vedika in order to ruin the Agarwal family. Further, Yash provides evidence regarding Arya’s MMS scandal and informs Vedika about Puneesh’s involvement.

Wednesday 22 July  2020

Episode 57

Sahil tells Vedika that he knows that her relationship with Yash is fake. In response, she informs him about her feelings for Yash. Sahil questions Badi Amma about Yash’s relationship with the family. Karan threatens to tell the Agarwal family that Nidhi is carrying his baby.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Episode 58

Shruti informs Puneesh over the phone that she is pregnant with his child and demands that he marry her. When he reaches home, she confronts him and asks for his reply. He then reveals his true colours and boasts about all his crimes. However, he is shocked to see the entire family gathered around him.

Friday 24 July 2020

Episode 59

A distraught Shruti blames her family for not giving her enough attention after they scold her for being in an illicit relationship with Puneesh. Anjana then worries that Shruti will never get married and faints.

Saturday 25 July 2020 

Episode 60

A furious Sahil points a gun at Puneesh and threatens to kill him. Vedika comes in at the right time and knocks the gun out of Sahil’s hand. Puneesh picks up the gun and succeeds in making a safe escape, following which he conspires with Nidhi to kill Vedika. They also decide to murder Yash along with her.

Sunday 26 July 2020  


Sahil realises that the girl Nidhi was referring to as a beggar has some connection with Vedika. He rushes to the bus stand in search of her.

Monday 27 July 2020 


While Sahil approaches a warehouse in search of Vedika, Nidhi points a gun at Vedika and threatens to shoot her but she escapes from her captivity. Nidhi orders Pandey to kill her. Later, Manjula organisesYash and fake Vedika’s wedding.

Tuesday 28 July  2020 


While Vedika tries to save herself from Pandey, Sahilrealises that she is somewhere near him. On the other hand, Nidhi bribes thepandit and tells him to perform the marriage rituals as soon as possible butVedika’s mother steps in.

Wednesday 29 July  2020


Vedika notices Sahil and tries to callout to him but Pandey intervenes. Later, Sahil finds out that Pandey is the onewho planned Vedika’s kidnapping.

Thursday 30 July 2020


Friday 31 July 2020


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