Age is Just a Number Friday Update 7 August 2020 Sahil meets Vedika’s child


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 7 August 2020 Sahil meets Vedika’s child

Bari Amma tells Sahil that Vaidika left her child, she even lost her motherly affection. Sahil holds the baby. Bari Amma show her desire that Sahil and Bhoomi bring up the child together, she wonders how can a mother treat her child like this? She asks if Bhoomi would help Sahil. Sahil recalls Yash’s last wish to take care of his child. Sahil speaks to the baby that his mother rejected both of them, but they are champions and very strong, they will live happy together.

Age is Just a Number Thursday Update 6 August 2020

Vaidika travelled in a car thinking she got Sahil’s child. She will never come between Sahil and Bhoomi now. Sahil already hates her and won’t even want to see her face. She decides to protect her child at any cost. She even decides to leave the city.
5 years later, the servants ran after Sahil’s son. Bari Amma comes there. The child requests her an ice cream.
A young girl was walking by the showcase of cakes. The shop keeper recognizes her as Vaidika’s daughter. He asks how much money she has. The girl spills the coins over the showcase and begins counting them. She claims to have Rs 295. She will feed this cake to everyone in the college.
Bari Amma sends the servant to get ice cream to her grandchild. She was playful with the child for a while who then runs calling Papa. Bari Amma considers stealing the child from Vaidika as the best decision of her life, Vaidika must have even died by now.
The girl child bargains the shop keeper for the cake as it’s her mother’s birthday.

The shopkeeper agrees to sell the cake to Sadika for her bargained amount. He appreciates Vaidika’s brought up as her daughter is innocent as well as sensible.
Ved throws a tab at Bari Amma from upstairs. He shows the spot to Bari Amma in the photo and wished to celebrate Sahil’s birthday there. Bhoomi comes there. Bari Amma asks her to speak to the venue owners, they want to celebrate Sahil’s birthday there. Ved takes them to celebrate Sahil’s surprise as its 12am.
Sadika wish Vaidika birthday and sings for her. Vaidika silently sings for Sahil.
There, Bhoomi, Bari Amma and Ved sing the birthday song for Sahil. Sahil cut the cake together with Ved.
Vaidika thinks she was so used to Sahil, even after five years she remembers him similarly.
There, Sahil wish he could remove this date from his life. Somehow it reminds him of the woman who ruined her life.
Vaidika thinks many people wished her to marry Sahil, it wasn’t possible but fate connected them through Sadika. She hugs Sadika.
Sahil forbids the ladies for any celebrations. Ved was annoyed with him but Sahil offers him an automatic car like in the batman movie. Ved agrees. When Sahil has left, Bari Amma was angry with Bhoomi for not being able to ignite any love for herself in Sahil’s heart even in years. She married them and sent them abroad so that people don’t question the existence of Ved. Still she never learnt anything from Vaidika to attract her husband.
Gauri wakes up in her room after a nightmare. She wonders why she ever feels as if her child is alive, and she didn’t give birth to a dead baby. Nani comes there and says it was only because of Bari Amma’s sins that Gauri lost her two children. Bari Amma interrupts Nani that she won’t be able to bear her anymore, she has already spent years in this house always teasing the family. Nani boasts that Sahil kept her in the house and reminding Bari Amma of her place is her duty. Sahil comes out of his room to demand some peace. Bhoomi hurries to inform Bari Amma that her clients from America have arrived. After Nani has also left, Sahil thanks Bhoomi for always doing the right things at the right time in his life. Though he lost he faith from love she gave him more than friendship in life. He turns to leave. Bhoomi asks if he would leave this house again like the past years, she never asked but wants to know today where he goes. Sahil says he doesn’t want to reply her, it’s just that he doesn’t want to live with anyone on this date. He gets a call from Aarya and leaves. Bhoomi thinks Sahil is lying, he spends this day only with Vaidika. She wish Sahil could move on in life, and they could also spend life as normal parents.
Aarya greets Sahil from US. Sahil asks if she would return from US. Aarya assures she will, else what he will do without her. She informs Sahil that even Suomya is happy in her college. Sahil felt proud of them and asks them to inspire Ved as well. He flies aero planes from the pages of his books. Aarya laughs that he is behind Sahil in his studies. After the call, Aarya was irritated after getting a friend’s request from Vaidika and blocks Vaidika. Vaidika was saddened by this notification. She wish she can only see her Aarya once and hug her closely, Aarya didn’t forgive her even in years. Sadika comes to Vaidika and asks if they will again go to Dargah like each year? Vaidika promises to go there, and thinks she will go to Baba Chishti’s Dargah and pray for Sahil and his family.

Vaidika and Sadika were in Dargah praying.
Sahil’s car stops outside the Dargah.
Sadika asks Vaidika how was her father? Then suggests she knows how he must be, his height must be taller than Vaidika, eyes and complexions like hers. Vaidika smiles and leaves for distributing alms.
Sahil wonders why he comes to this Dargah each year though he wants to forget Vaidika.
Vaidika and Sadika were distributing food packets. Sadika takes one to give it to an old man sitting downstairs. Vaidika goes to tie a thread with the net of Dargah.
Sahil walks inside the Dargah. Vaidika thinks she lost everything to save the life of my innocent lady, her Aarya parted from her; she again wish for a miracle that all distances are removed. Her daughter miss her father, may she meet her father soon. The thread she tied flies to Sahil.
Vaidika turns to look around for Sadika. Sadika stood outside a bangle shop to buy some bangles. She introduces herself as Sadika. Sahil was at once attracted to the name “Sadika”.

Sahil comes to Sadika and advices that theft is a bad act. Sadika says she gave him halwa in turn. Sahil buys her a pair of bangle. Sadika forces Sahil to take the halwa from her in return. Sahil tastes the halwa and recognizes Vaidika’s cooking. He jerks the thought of Vaidika and decides he will forget everything related to Vaidika. He asks Sadika where her mother is and comes to thank her mother as well. Vaidika had been looking for Sadika when she meets her. She gives Vaidika her birthday gift and says an uncle got her, he is even coming to thank her. Sahil comes behind and finds Sadika speaking to Vaidika, Vaidika had her back towards him. Soon, there was screams of fire around. Vaidika runs outside.
At Agarwal house, Sahil speaks to himself that this feeling never came in past five years. He shouldn’t think about it. Bhoomi watch him return, she says she knows he doesn’t like birthday celebrations but it increases one’s life span. She demands a little celebration between them two only. She presents him a small gift. Sahil says what Bhoomi did for him in past five years means a lot to him. He filled her hairline as a challenge from that woman in jail. She is really nice but he wonders why she is still with him. He couldn’t be the right husband because he lost his faith over love. Bhoomi says she is aware Sahil allowed her a lot of times to leave the house, earlier she was fan of a lover Sahil but today she recognizes Sahil as a very good person. She has been with Sahil till today, he is her friend and life partner. He and Ved are her life, she hopes one day Sahil would love her again. He is someone who loved so intently, and someone who loves so dearly won’t be able to live without love for long. She leaves.


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