Age is Just a Number Friday Update 3 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 3 July 2020

3rd July 2020 Friday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: Sahil jumps off the bike. He was cheerful for winning. Vaidika and everyone was shocked to see his bleeding leg, Vaidika tears her saree to bandage his injury. Sahil was announced as the winner of five lacs with a false name, Rohit Malik. He got a new bike as gift as well. A reporter asks Sahil the reason of his victory. Sahil says its love, and comes to Vaidika saying he wouldn’t let her go to jail.

He now comes to Bari Amma and says she filed a case against his wife; he hands the bundle to Bari Amma demanding her to withdraw her false case. Bari Amma flies the money over in air. The crowd gets to pick up the money. Sahil says Bari Amma would get a lot of prayers through this, she needs it. He leaves with Vaidika.Bari Amma return home curtly. Anjana comes worried if Sahil is fine. Bari Amma says no matter what you do, Sahil won’t come out of Vaidika’s love. She shouts at Anjana to go away from here.

Puneesh asks Bari Amma to stay calm, she has to keep her eyes over the celebration of 50th anniversary of Agarwal Jewelers. Its important Sahil is present there, after all he is the heir of this business. Bari Amma says she has decided to announce Sahil as company’s MD at this celebration. Puneesh appreciates her decision, she must explain to Sahil about his worth. Nidhi was happy to hear this, and says after all she is working to create difference between Sahil and Vaidika. Bari Amma leaves for shop. Nidhi was excited to rule the Agarwal Mansion as Mrs. MD now.
Bari Amma drives the car thinking about Sahil’s favors for Vaidika. A car stops in front of hers, blocking her way. Bari Amma comes out to shout at the other driver. Yash appears from the other car. Bari Amma questions if he doesn’t know the sense of driving? Yash says this applies on her as well, she is on the wrong side of road. She always put other’s lives in problems because of her mistakes. Bari Amma questions who is he. Yash says the one he will now confront.

Bari Amma asks who he is. Yash replies she was saved from him today, but next time fate might not support her. He narrates a story from twenty years ago, and asks if she now recall who he is? He has come here only so that she recognize him, he is the owner of Leela Jewelers. She must be happy that he is also an Agarwal, the son of Mrs Leela Agarwal. He will now revenge her and her family the way she made his mother suffer. He would snatch everything Bari Amma ever loved. Bari Amma recalls a young boy demanding only five thousand to save his mother but she pushed him out of the house. Yash as a child challenged her to return for revenge one day. He says he has come to fulfil that promise, he will destroy her whole family; her daughters and specially her only heir Sahil. Bimla Agarwal must prepare

for her destruction. After Yash has left, Bimla was worried that the family must never know the secret of Agarwal family hidden for years.
At home, Vaidika applies ointment over Sahil’s leg while he pulls himself back. She questions why he put his life at stake? Sahil counters why Vaidika put her self-respect at stake in the police station in front of Bari Amma and took Gauri’s blame over herself. Vaidika asks him to speak to Gauri. Sahil calls Gauri and asks her to share any problem if she has. Gauri assures that Bari Amma had announced she doesn’t care if it’s a girl or a boy; this is only possible because of Vaidika. Sahil smiles and more determined to protect Vaidika, Aarya and Nani.
Deepak was worried in his room about Bari Amma’s decision. He only wants a son who can be an heir to Agarwal’s property. Puneesh comes to his room and tells Deepak it takes a few hundred thousand these days to change the s*x; so it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.
Aarya was selecting a dress for party as Mohid only invited her for party. Nidhi comes to her room with a dress as gift for her. She tells Aarya she is aware Mohid only invited her for party, he appreciates Aarya as she is really different and sweet. Aarya was thoughtful. Nidhi insists on her to keep it as a gift. She promises not to share it with Vaidika, and suggests she must change in the party. Nidhi asks if she took permission from Vaidika. Aarya says she is just going to ask. Nidhi thinks it’s the round one of Vaidika-Sahil game. Vaidika doesn’t allow Aarya for any late night party. Aarya insists on her to allow. Sahil defends that she is going with friends. Aarya argues it would be better if she had gone without informing her. Vaidika was about to slap Aarya but doesn’t. Aarya was furious over Vaidika and goes inside irritated. Sahil convinces Vaidika that she is over reacting, he can relate to Aarya somehow. If she forbids her for something strictly she would lie. Vaidika argues she has brought up Aarya for fifteen years till now. Sahil insists that children of this age already feel a generation gap between them and their parents. Vaidika wasn’t convinced. Sahil leaves Vaidika’s side as it’s useless to argue with her. Nidhi was happy about the difference between them.
In the evening, Deepak calls Puneesh and requests him to come to his room. Puneesh was just outside and comes in. Puneesh tells Deepak about a doctor he knows, he must get his child delivered there; the rest he will handle and change a girl into a boy. Deepak was suspicious why Puneesh was favoring him? Puneesh says after all they are related somehow. It only takes a little more money estimated to be twenty five lacs. Deepak thinks this is a huge amount, then agrees as it’s about his heir.
Bari Amma was driving back home and as disturbed about Yash’s words. She thinks she can’t let Sahil any harm. She loses control over the car which hits a tree nearby. The crowd gathers. Sahil was passing by the car, and asks the men what happened. He soon realizes it was Bari Amma in the car and hurries into the car to help her.


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