Age is Just a Number Friday Update 2nd October 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 2nd October 2020

Vaidika walked on the road by foot, while in severe pain. Sahil looked for Vaidika on the streets of Kanpur. Vaidika cries badly while remembering their love. She reaches a temple and climbs the stairs.
Aarya was in her room still in tears. She watch her phone bell ringing, it was Guddu’s call. She still thinks about Guddu’s betrayal. Guddu wish she picks up his call for once. Aarya blocks Guddu’s number. Aarya says she will never forgive him, he also betrayed her like everyone else. Guddu throws her phone and decides to speak to Aarya for once. Mandagini stops him at the door and tells him to at least keep a little self-respect for himself. That girl is lying about not receiving any letter.

Sahil reaches a pole. Two men were discussing about a woman who was pregnant and underwent an accident while walking on the road unthoughtfully. Sahil goes to the men and asks about the woman. A car stops by and picks the woman up. Sahil realizes it wasn’t the same woman.
Pankti reaches the temple where Vaidika sweats in pain right on the stairs. She runs to Vaidika who cried and screamed out of pain. The ladies in the temple says they must deliver her baby as she is expecting a child. The ladies encircle Vaidika and Pankti covering them with clothes. Pankti cries and prays to God for protection of her child. Soon, Vaidika and Pankti were relieved to hear the cries of the baby. Sahil had reached the temple and comes running there. He looks towards his son and was about to take him in his arms. Vaidika stops Sahil saying he holds no right over her child, he will neither see him nor hold him. Sahil was taken aback at this decision.

Pankti clarifies to her mother that only Vaidika is Sahil’s wife. She is sure nothing happened between her and Sahil. Did she think how Vaidika must have felt watching her husband with an alien girl, and Vaidika delivered a pre-mature baby. How she will face Vaidika now. Pankti’s mother tells her to think for herself, there is nothing wrong with what happened. She must take advantage for this misunderstanding and be Sahil’s second wife. Pankti warns her mother that if she ever tries to do it again she will lose her daughter. A woman spying on Pankti calls Bari Amma that her task can now be completed.
The doctor comes out of Vaidika’s room. She tells them that Vaidika’s operation was fine, her bleeding has stopped. The baby is premature as was born in seventh month still healthy. Sahil requests to meet them. The baby played in the cradle. Sahil gets teary that mummy hasn’t yet permitted but he promises his baby to make thinks up slowly. A nurse comes to hand Sahil the medicine slip, he smiles and leaves the room. Vaidika lay asleep.
Pankti walked across the road all alone. A group of ladies chanted slogans against her, the media also encircles Pankti.
The nurse gives medicine to Vaidika and turns on the television for her. Vaidika watches the news against Pankti. The ladies accused Pankti for breaking Vaidika Agarwal’s family life. They intended to blacken Pankti’s face. Sahil came to protect Pankti and stops the ladies. He says they must be ashamed to hold fingers over a girl. The ladies question Sahil how his wife reached hospital and gave birth in seventh month. Sahil says even its Pankti, he is equally accusable. Vaidika drops the glass. Sahil says he is answerable to his wife only, not anyone else. Vaidika tells the nurse to turn the television off.
Sahil requests the ladies to leave. Pankti was sorry. Sahil says it’s equally his responsibility as well, but it seems whatever happened was a trap. Pankti complements Sahil for being a protector. Sahil says he is unaware how someone will react to this all. Pankti assures it will all be fine. She tells him to go to Vaidika and clarify any misunderstanding. He must hold his baby and take care of Vaidika right now. Sahil hurries to hospital.
In the hospital, the bed and cradle were empty. A nurse tells Sahil that Vaidika got a discharge from the hospital and left with her son. She saw the transmission about him and that girl on television. S

Nani and Bari Amma try to stop Vaidika but she stood with her luggage bag and baby, determined to leave the house. She calls Ved. Aarya was ready to go with Vaidika. Sahil comes to convince Vaidika it was all wrong and deliberate. Vaidika forbids him touch her at all, she is leaving his house. Sahil insists this is their house. Pankti comes there and says she values Sahil and Vaidika’s love story. She requests Vaidika that their love is precious than any other thing, and there was nothing between them. They were surely mislead in this story. Vaidika says she has seen them together, on a single bed; both are mature to understand its meaning. She tells Sahil her love isn’t as blinded as to be mis-lead. She tells Sahil she is leaving this house. Nani questions how Vaidika can leave her own house. Aarya was ready to support Vaidika. Nani questions how Aarya can realize this, she couldn’t spend a married life only for 24 hours. Nani tells Vaidika to think about her children, how she can leave this house. Vaidika reminds Nani she took care of her and Aarya for years, she handled Sadika for five years; she never needs anyone’s support or money. Pankti accepts she is responsible for all this, and is ready to bear any punishment Vaidika decides. Vaidika tells Pankti to leave this house, if Pankti lives in this house she won’t be able to stay. Today for the first time, she has taken a stand for her own life and self; this is her life and Pankti has no place in her personal life.
Sahil says he is sure this isn’t Vaidika, it’s her anger. This is selfishness, and can’t be attributed to Vaidika. Bari Amma and Nani stop Sahil. Sahil says Pankti’s name has been connected to their family, she will be disrespected outside. Vaidika stops Sahil and clarifies she is a wife and can’t share her husband, she has seen him with Pankti. Sahil claimed even their thoughts differ, may be Sahil and Pankti’s age accept this but her thinking doesn’t allow her to stay with him under a single roof. Aarya says she is also coming with her and goes to bring Ved. Nani continue to request Vaidika think about her children. Vaidika takes Ved’s hands, Aarya also leaves with them.
Sahil comes into his house in a state of anguish. He slaps himself, breaks the mirror of his dressing and breaks a vase on the floor.
Vaidika and Aarya come to their old house. Aarya takes the baby from Vaidika. Vaidika was distorted. Aarya assures Vaidika that she isn’t alone, they will live as a family here. Vaidika has taken care of them for years, now she will take care of her. Vaidika cries hard. Aarya hugs Vaidika and cries with her. Vaidika asks why it happened to her, where was she wrong. She separated a child from his father.
In the room, Sahil cries badly then decides he loves Vaidika dearly, he can never betray her. Doubts has no place in their relation. Vaidika says Sahil broke her trust for twice, he still wants to keep Pankti in the house.
Sahil agrees he spoke about age difference, she didn’t let him clarify himself.
Vaidika says may be people’s taunts are true. The difference between their age and thinking may overpower their love. May be it was her biggest mistake to believe this love. Aarya hugs Vaidika and says she doesn’t know if her love was right or wrong, but what she did today is right in the situation. She decides she will never Sahil for hurting her mother.
Sahil promises himself to bring Vaidika back into her own house.

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