Age is Just a Number Friday Update 23 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 23 October 2020

Vaidika cried in the lawn crying for Aarya. Sahil comes to hug her from behind and promises that they will pull their Aarya up from all these problems. He regrets not trusting her from the beginning that Ghungru/ Shirtij wasn’t a nice guy. Vaidika says since Aarya left her father, she always tried to protect her from all the problems. And now Aarya faces one after the other problem, and she is helpless. Sahil promises to do anything but save their daughter. They hug each other. Shirtij comes there. He asks

their attention, then says at least now he doesn’t have to act like mad. And now they have double relations with Vaidika, he is her son in law, and brother in law both. He recalls another tradition post marriage; to decorate wedding bed for him and Aarya. Vaidika blames that he misguided Aarya. They didn’t tell Aarya about Guddu before reaching India, and he took advantage of it. She doesn’t consider Shirtij’s marriage with him as true, it’s a propaganda. Shirtij says this propaganda will be made true after tonight, as it’s the wedding night.
Aarya was in the room when Shirtij brings two glass of milk for them. She was intrigued by his act.
Vaidika was tensed and wonders what will happen to her daughter now. They are well aware of Shirtij’s capabilities of hypnosis. Sahil asserts Aarya is his daughter as well, he can’t see her tensed as well. He promises Aarya will be fine, and they will resolve the matter.
Shirtij says whatever happening here is strange, but they must stay here as normal couple but her parents would doubt them. Aarya takes her pillow and leaves. Her pallu was pulled from behind. She turns around but the pally was stuck in the bed post. Relieved, she pulls her dress off. Shirtij thinks Aarya will do a lot along with him, and he will get it done so consciously that she won’t be able to doubt him. Vaidika and Sahil’s daughter had to be sacrificed in order to destroy Vaidika and Sahil.
There, Vaidika assures Sahil she believes he won’t let any harm near her Aarya.

Aarya and Shirtij turn their faces as they hear a crowd chanting “Jai Mata Di” downstairs. Sahil and Vaidika stood downstairs for the pooja when Aarya and Shirtij come downstairs. Vaidika says they kept a ‘Jagrata (Night Awakening Prayers)’ at home, no one will sleep in the house. A lot happened in the house, now Mata ji will show them the right path and bring peace in the house. No one must leave this place and go in their rooms all night long. She is sure no one can deny for Devi Maa’s pooja. They all look closely at Shirtij and Aarya. Shirtij thinks he can turn his game around through the magic, but he will charge them emotionally; it will bring him greater peace. Aarya turns to leave. Vaidika calls her as Jaithani Ji! She is the eldest daughter in law of the house, how can this Pooja take place without her. She must sit in this pooja, for her in laws and her marriage; after all she married on her own will. The Pandit says Pooja is a good omen in hands of a new daughter in law. Aarya takes the thaal.
Sahil and Deepak take their positions with the singing band. Vaidika stands besides Shirtij and claims her husband is her strength and she can confront anyone and anything; Shirtij is nothing for her. Shirtij replies Jay Mata Di. Sahil takes the Mike, and sings ‘Bigri Bana De kaam’. Shruti felt sleepy, Puneesh forcefully harass her. Prachi comes to warn Shruti again and takes her to sit in the hall. Shirtij speaks to Aarya that it seems its Vaidika Agarwal’s planning, she created this emotional drama for her to melt down. She wants to prove that she is her sister in law, but still everyone listens to her. He says he stands with her, and goes to get a glass of water for her.
Sahil comes to Vaidika who seemed upset. Vaidika says he protected Aarya tonight, but what about… Sahil says tonight they will prove Shirtij killed Guddu. Aarya isn’t brainless, she is only innocent. They must bring her on the right path, but with love only. Vaidika says today she has fallen weak, and Sahil has turned to be her strength. Sahil says Aarya is his responsibility, he is only fulfilling that. Vaidika was thankfully to be blessed with Sahil as her children’s father.
Deepak now took the mike for the next singing for Mata Rani. Aarya takes the mike from Deepak and chants slogans of Mata Rani. Shirtij smirks awaiting the propaganda. Aarya speaks no matter how a mother is, she shouldn’t be like Vaidika. Vaidika is a murderer, a killer. Nani tries to stop her, but Aarya silences her. She chants slogans of Vaidika as a Murderer Maa, she killed her husband. She says Vaidika will have to repent for what she has done, she will see how she will revenge her and her young husband. She will surely revenge them. They may continue with their Jagrata.
Vaidika stands with the mike and sings ‘Aaj tera Jagrata mata’.
Sahil comes to a dark room where Guddu had been murdered. He looks around for a proof that Guddu was killed by Shirtij. He looks at the study table and finds a diary but there was nothing in it. He then finds a laptop and powers it on, expecting to find something. He was shocked to find the proof inside.

Sahil sings ‘Aaj Tera Jagrata Mata’. Sahil finds a laptop at Guddu’s place. He finds a recording of video call of Guddu and Aarya, Guddu told Aarya that Sahil warned to kill him. Sahil thinks just before this video he had warned Guddu, but then the lights went off. Sahil finds another video and was shocked. He drives back home and thinks watching the video, all the misunderstandings will be clear. Aarya will now leave Shirtij and return to him.
Outside Agarwal house, Sahil warns Shirtij that it’s now time he will have to leave this house. Shirtij punches his face, then beats his own face at the wall pole shouting as if Sahil is killing him. Sahil actually comes to punch Shirtij. Bari Amma and Aarya come to take Sahil off Shirtij. Shirtij questions if he wants Aarya to be a widow once again. Sahil says if Aarya ever considered him Papa, she must believe he is innocent. Shirtij killed Guddu. He has got a proof. Shirtij was now alert. Sahil brings the laptop. The video shows murder of Guddu but faces were blurred, unfocussed. It was clear that Shirtij had attacked Guddu though. Vaidika asks Aarya if she now believes Sahil is innocent. Aarya claims what a game they have played. If Sahil wasn’t happy that her husband died, he wants to kill her second husband as well. He doesn’t care even if her marriage is broken. Parents are ready to take a child’s crime over themselves; but here he changed her Guddu’s recording as well. Vaidika claims it an accusation. Aarya argues even the face isn’t visible. Aarya asks him to bring such a video in which Shirtij’s video is clear. Vaidika asks why her parents would lie. If she has been blinded by this man. If he has given her some medicine, that she is misbehaving. Aarya pushes Vaidika back and says she has already shown her limits. She breaks the laptop by throwing it away. She says she will surely revenge Sahil, and loses her balance. Shirtij holds Aarya, while Sahil pulls Vaidika back. Shirtij smirks victoriously. Shirtij takes Aarya inside. Aarya screams she will revenge them for her husband.
Sahil was in his bed, still haunted by Aarya’s words and behavior. Vaidika comes to him and bandage the bruise on his hand. She says Sahil made an attempt, Aarya doesn’t want to see the truth but it’s not his problem. Sahil says he wants to pull him of that Shirtij’s control. Vaidika says she can’t let Aarya misbehave with him. Sahil says Aarya isn’t only like his daughter, she is his daughter.
Nani brings Bari Amma to a corner and intrigues her for being silent in front of her sons now. Bari Amma blames Vaidika and Aarya for the confrontation between both her sons. Initially Vaidika married Sahil, and now that Aarya married Shirtij and became the elder daughter in law of this family. She curses both Vaidika and Aarya, they have robbed their family of their peace. Nani claims its all because of Bari’s character, and still she is blaming Vaidika. Bari Amma tells her to take care of her daughter and granddaughter, she won’t spare them.

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