Age is Just a Number Friday Update 16 October 2020


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 16 October 2020

Vaidika comes to store room and decides to find the 333 secret. She finds a diary with the details of all their recent development and photos written sequentially. Vaidika was terrified at once as Ghungru stood right in front of her, staring at Vaidika. She jumps back and asks if she had been stalking her. Ghungru speaks normally that Vaidika is fond of jumping into every matter.

He says he isn’t mental, and whatever happened in the house in the past few days was by him. Vaidika holds her hand to slap Ghungru, he instead holds her had in midair. Vaidika claims him to be a traitor. Sahil was concerned for his condition, and what he gave instead. Ghungru says he feels bad for Vaidika who is the only one to be dubious of her. He challenges Vaidika that she won’t be able to prove that Kamli’s ghost isn’t real. He holds an old relation with this Agarwal family, the game which started on 3rd march 2013 will end with destruction of Agarwal family. She won’t be able to save this family; this time her enemy is extremely strong. She might find out what the 333 secret is. Vaidika won’t be able to stop him, even if he tells her his whole plan. Vaidika replies he can’t harm this family till she is alive, the house has no place for someone like him; he must wait and watch.
Vaidika comes to the room and tells Sahil about Ghungru. He didn’t move and was sitting still. Vaidika comes to his front. Sahil’s eyes were not moving, he fell back on the bed unconscious. Vaidika place a cushion under his head. Bari Amma calls Vaidika outside. Vaidika comes to the hall.

 Ghungru complained Bari Amma against Vaidika. Vaidika reaches the hall and tells Bari Amma that Ghungru is a liar, he isn’t mental. Bari Amma slaps Vaidika without a single word. Bari Amma shouts that Vaidika doesn’t realize the trouble her constant actions will get this family into. Deepak comes to tell them that Sahil is trembling badly as if he suffers an ailment. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for all this. Vaidika tries to call the doctor. Ghungru tells Vaidika he has hypnotized Sahil; he will now act how Ghungru wants him. Vaidika grabs Ghungru’s collar and warns him to do anything against Sahil. Ghungru says he will make Sahil suffer even more, Sahil can’t die easily. Vaidika tells Ghungru she will protect her family, husband and children; she knows how to fight the beasts. Till Vaidika and Sahil are together, nothing can harm them. Ghungru says until now, nothing worked for her. What if she herself has to leave the house; there are already two outer doors. Vaidika says there have been many like Ghungru, but nothing could break the house.
The next morning, Puneesh brings the newspapers with the news of ghostly occupation of Agarwal house. The family receive calls from buyers of Agarwal house. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for being responsible for all this. She questions how Vaidika will now save this house. Sahil decisively says this house will always be there. They promise to Bari Amma that nothing will happen to this house.
Puneesh was boastful of his idea. He thinks that by the evening, the house’s worth will fall to minimum. Then he will purchase Agarwal House with Bari Amma’s money. Deepak notices Puneesh’s smile and comes to ask him why he is smiling this way. Puneesh tells Deepak to respect his elder, he is also tensed for whatever is happening in the house. Deepak could sense something else behind this.
Vaidika watches Ghungru peek from behind the hall at them.

Puneesh holds Shruti’s hand while she felt bad. Vaidika comes protective of Shruti, she says Shruti is fine and doesn’t need his support. It’s his last chance in the house, he must stay away from Shruti. Puneesh explains he is a completely changed person. Vaidika says she can see how changed he is, she warns to tell his wife about all this.
Bari Amma blames Vaidika in front of Nani that Sahil is under her control, he doesn’t think about anything else and has arranged the anniversary party. What if Kamli’s ghost spoils the party.
Prachi tells Puneesh that no one would buy the house if there is a ghost in here. Puneesh shouts at Prachi that she must not use his useless mind and do what she is asked to. He thinks he will revenge Vaidika of his insult in tonight’s party.
At night, Sahil welcomes the guests to anniversary party. The guests discuss that they were already reluctant to come over because of the ghost news. It seems these are rumors and have been spread by their enemies. Deepak discuss with Nani what if Kamli shows herself up in the party, people will start believing what is only considered a rumor.

Vaidika comes to Ghungru’s room. She tells Ghungru that tonight there won’t be anything wrong in the party, today he can’t be a part of the planning and must rot in the room. She locks Ghungru in the room. Ghungru asks if she thinks her family will not let him be a part of the function. Vaidika boasts its Agarwal family, they can’t make any mental person be a part of the celebrations. After Vaidika has left, Ghungru smirks that he will see how they enjoy the celebrations.
Vaidika comes under a spotlight and is received by Sahil. Sahil speaks to the crowd that they met six years earlier and he decided he would only spend his life with Vaidika. Vaidika is the whole world for him. Today, if Sahil stand as a different person it’s because of Vaidika, his family and he stands protected from a lot of problems because of Vaidika, he considers himself extremely lucky that Vaidika accepted him. He wish to spend each life with Vaidika, and only wish a single change. He must be older than her in all the next lives, so that none can raise a finger over her. He kneels and asks Vaidika if she would be a part of his life forever. Vaidika wipes her tears and takes his hand with a nod. They dance together on ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.

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