Age is Just a Number Friday Update 11 September 2020 Jackie’s Developing Feelings For Vaidika


Age is Just a Number Friday Update 11 September 2020 Jackie’s Developing Feelings For Vaidika

Bari Amma shouts at Puneesh for destroying her daughter’s life. Puneesh confronts Bari Amma and says he needs no child from this Vaidika borne, he only wants her in bed. He pushes Prachi aside who fell over the couch, he says he no more needs Prachi and drags Aarya upstairs.
In the room, Aarya cried while Puneesh comes to her knowing her strategy.

Jackie spoke non-stop, Vaidika tells him to stop talking as he is Sahil in this house. It’s really tough being Sahil as he is different. She smiles while speaking all the good about Sahil. She notices Jackie was lost while he stared at her. Vaidika says he must leave this irresponsibility and cheapness. Jackie turns himself into Sahil at once, promising Vaidika to help accomplish her mission.
Aarya gains courage and burns Puneesh with candles in the room. She tells him not to consider her weak and leaves the room. Outside in the corridor, Aarya thinks she was in a hurry to marry Puneesh but it was her mistake. She comes to Vaidika and Jackie, and hugs him as Sahil. Aarya says Sahil Papa taught her a tactic and she gave good lesson to that Puneesh.

 Aarya assures Sahil that Vaidika doesn’t only show her trust and love over him, else she loves him dearly.
In the room, Bari Amma gets a call. She then decides to be the old Bimla Agarwal and bring everything on track. They have little time. Vaidika tells Jackie that they have little time and need to beat Puneesh. Her son’s life is endangered. Jackie says Puneesh didn’t harm Ved till now. Vaidika stops him. Jackie asks Vaidika to help him be the real Sahil. It’s for their mutual benefit. Jackie says he is an expert in robbery, thefts and even stealing the love of girls. He says they must trap Puneesh by making his wishes huge and attractive. Only then they will be able to trap him and defeat him. Bari Amma comes from behind and accepts being wrong towards her. She assures Vaidika her assistance, and hold Vaidika’s hands in hers. She vows to make an exemplary relation of mother/daughter in law. Jackie holds Vaidika’s other hand and places it over Bari Amma’s saying with Bari Amma’s cooperation Puneesh can’t be saved. He asks what Bari Amma planned?
The next morning, Jackie winks at Vaidika while he comes to Prachi’s room with breakfast for her. He says he knows Prachi is tensed, he would have killed Puneesh Tiwari but he is after all Prachi’s husband. He wish Prachi begins to think like Gauri, Gauri thought for herself and left. He recalls Puneesh’s affairs, then marrying Aarya and wonders if he marries again? He fears that Puneesh would soon grab Prachi’s share of property. He had fed Prachi a few bites, then mix liquor in Prachi’s drink forcing her to gulp it. He continuously winked at Vaidika who stood at the door. He shows Prachi some papers and asks if these are the same papers that Puneesh named after her with Sahil’s fake signatures? What if these are caught, Prachi will get blamed for everything. Prachi thinks about Puneesh’s false behavior with her. She decides that she won’t anymore bear Puneesh’s attitude. She will be brave like Gauri, and name the property after Sahil again. Jackie gives her a pen. Vaidika and Jackie’s eyes sparkled as Prachi signs the papers. Jackie hugs Prachi and thinks this is his first gift for Vaidika. Vaidika was thankful to God for this successful step. Vaidika was determined to finish Puneesh’s game now.

Puneesh mix some pills in his drink and decides to revenge Vaidika through her daughter. At night he comes to the hall and thinks as if Aarya was there. It comes out to be Prachi. She says she loved the dress and the drink he brought for her. Puneesh instead pushes Prachi away from himself. Sahil comes to help Prachi and slaps Puneesh. Puneesh grabs Sahil’s collar and asks if he has forgotten who he is? Vaidika calls from behind that Puneesh is poor, he doesn’t own a single rupee. Nothing is left with him. He named the property after his wife, but his wife returned whole property to Sahil’s name.

And because of his wife, she will get Ved back. If he doesn’t return her son Ved, his dream of this property, and money can never be fulfilled. If she gets her son back, she can give Sahil’s property to him. Bari Amma comes to the hall and says Ved is a son of this family. She comes to support Vaidika and fight against Puneesh. Aarya calls from behind a wall that even she stands with her mama. Puneesh tells Vaidika he is an expert in the game she is playing. He know the big secret of this game already. This guy, she got the whole property after his name, isn’t actually Sahil. Bari Amma asks Puneesh what rubbish he is spitting. Puneesh says her son is dead, and this man is his look alike but not Sahil. Even Vaidika knows about it and brought a fake man as Sahil to fool them all. Vaidika says Puneesh is nervous of his defeat. Puneesh asks Vaidika to prove the fact then. He brings the sindoor box and asks Vaidika to let him fill her hairline. Bari Amma asks Sahil to fill in Vaidika’s hairline so that Puneesh can get his replies.
Jackie eyes Vaidika while holding the sindoor box. Jackie thinks he can’t do this, he can never fill the hairline of an innocent lady like Vaidika. Vaidika stood in front of him with her eyes shut. Jackie decides to find a way out. Vaidika recalls Sahil’s advice to fight for the right forever. She opens her eyes in determination, she then holds Jackie’s hand and makes him fill her hairline. She thinks Sahil lives in her heart, he wish her to face Puneesh at this moment. Bari Amma asks Puneesh to abide by Vaidika. Puneesh shouts that he can’t be defeated at any cost. Vaidika says Puneesh will have to lose the whole property and money if he doesn’t return her son now. Puneesh didn’t accept the conditions and leave.
Jackie comes to Sahil’s room, he thinks Vaidika has taken full control of his mind and heart. Vaidika filled the hairline because she doesn’t consider him an individual, she just portrays him as Sahil to the world. He was determined to prove his own identity, and love Vaidika for at least a few days.
Bari Amma hands Vaidika some jewelry, she tells Vaidika that for years she never gave this jewelry to anyone. She recognizes Vaidika as the real daughter in law, and approves of her courage and sacrifices for the family. She says it’s because of Vaidika she can get her Ved back. She keeps her hand over Vaidika’s head to bless her. Vaidika wasn’t happy. She wonders how she must tell Bari Amma that this status is non-existent for her. She doesn’t even know where Sahil is, but she will protect this family the way Sahil would have done. She cries missing Sahil while Jackie comes there.

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