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Age is Just a Number 2 August Teasers 2020

Vedika makes a decision, keeping Sahil and her unborn’s child’s future in mind, Read Age is Just a Number August Teasers 2020.

Zee World Age is Just a Number August Teasers 2020

Saturday 1 August 2020 age

Episode 67

Vedika is shocked to find out that Yash suffers from a terminal illness. Later, distracted thinking about Vedika’s words, Sahil meets with an accident while going after her. Vedika visits the hospital and is apprised by the doctor about artificial insemination.

Sunday 2 August 2020  

Episode 68

Vedika shocks everyone by announcing that she is pregnant with Yash’s child. Nidhi and Puneesh trap Karan by accusing him of trying to murder Shruti.

Monday 3  August   2020 

Episode 69

Karan takes Nidhi to Vedika’s house and makes her believe that he loves her. He then tricks her into confessing her crime. The police and the family bear witness to everything and Nidhi is taken into custody. Puneesh and Badi Amma plan to kill Vedika’s child so that he or she would not be the immediate heir to the property.

Tuesday 4  August  2020 

Episode 70

When Vedika sees Sahil getting engaged to Bhumi, she gets depressed. However, she doesn’t express her feelings to him. Meanwhile, on Punish’s instructions, a lady arrives at the party who intends to kill Vedika. Yash dies during the engagement.

Wednesday 5  August  2020

Episode 71

The next morning, Vedika’s neighbours enter her house intending to publicly shame her. However, Sahil stops them from doing so. Eight months later, as Sahil and Bhumi carry on with their responsibilities, they worry about Vedika’s welfare and their failure to find her. Maya later admits Vedika at the City hospital in Kanpur when she faints, and Sahil happens to be there.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Episode 72

Maya is happy to learn that Sahil is the father of Vedika’s child. Sahil sees Anjana falling down the stairs and Badi Amma accuses Vedika of killing Anjana.

Friday 7 August 2020

Episode 73

Vedika and Sahil remember each other on their birthday. Bhoomi feels sad that Sahil hasn’t gotten over Vedika and wishes he would tell her where he goes every year on his birthday. Sahil runs into Sadika just outside the dargah where he buys her the bangles she wants. In return, she gives him a sweet prepared by her mother.



Saturday 8 August 2020 

Episode 74

During an argument with Sahil, a parent mentions Vedika’s name which makes Ved curious about her. Vedika saves Ved from an accident and then realises that he is Sahil’s son. Vedika somehow manages to meet Arya in order to justify her actions. However, Arya refuses to listen to Vedika’s justification and warns her not to try to contact her again.

Sunday 9 August 2020  

Episode 75

Sahil’s grandmother sends a goon to injure Arya so that she can send her away to USA. Badi Amma is devastated when she learns that Vedika and Ved have been abducted by some men, probably in a bid to kidnap them.

Monday 10  August   2020 

Episode 76

Soon, Sahil finds them and takes his son from her arms angrily. When he assumes that she has kidnapped his son, she tries to convince him otherwise but he is not prepared to believe her. He then asks the police to arrest her. Badi Amma plots against Vedika again. Sahil finds out that Vedika is Sadhika’s mother.

Tuesday 11  August  2020 

Episode 77

Later, Vedika is shocked to learn from the hospital’s records that she had given birth to a boy and that Sadhika is not her biological daughter. Vedika enters the Agarwal residence. When Bimla asks her to leave, she claims to be a legal heir of the house.

Wednesday 12  August  2020 

Episode 78

Nisha asks Puneesh to get Bimla’s necklace for her within 24 hours. Following Bimla’s instructions, Ved pushes Vedika down the stairs.



Thursday 13 August 2020

Episode 79

Bimla cooks a plan to get rid of Arya once and for all. Will Vedika stand back and relax while her daughter is targeted by Bimla?

Friday 14 August 2020

Episode 80

Vedika saves Sahil’s life from danger, will Sahil forgive Vedika for her past mistakes after saving his life?

Saturday 15 August 2020

Episode 81

Vedika and Sahil play hero when they try to save their kids from bad people. Who are the bad people who wants to harm the kids?

Sunday 16 August 2020 

Episode 82 

An advocate comes in the Agarwal mansion with Yash’s will. What is in Yash’s will?

Monday 17  August   2020 

Episode 83

Vedika arrives at the Agarwals’ and questions everyone for hiding the truth about Ved from her. Sahil admits to knowing the truth all along but puts the blame on Vedika for abandoning Ved at the hospital after his birth. Further, he blames her to be after his money.

Tuesday 18  August  2020

Episode 84 

Bhumi uses the media to inform everyone that Vedika has kidnapped Ved. When Bimla tries to shoot Vedika, Sahil comes in between. Puneesh defames Vedika as a “child-kidnapper” in the lawyers’ circle and threatens them to not fight her case.



Wednesday 19  August  2020

Episode 85

The doctor testifies in court that Vedika did give birth to baby boy but further gives more testimony that questions Vedika’s character. Will Vedika win Ved’s custody?

Thursday 20 August 2020

Episode 86

It’s a big day in court were Vedika locks horns in battle with Bhoomi and Sahil over Ved’s custody. The court pronounces that Vedika is mentally ill. Will Vedika lose her son to Bhoomi and Sahil?

Friday 21 August 2020

Episode 87

Vedika kidnaps her bitter rival to exact revenge and she is willing to play dirty to achieve her objectives. Will Vedika be able to prove her innocence?

Saturday 22 August 2020

Episode 88

Vedika finally gains the strength to confront Bimla Infront of the whole family and she also accuses her of murdering Sahil’s mother and stealing Ved too. Will the family believe Vedika’s claims?

Sunday 23 August 2020 

Episode 89

Bimla wants Sahil and Bhoomi to renew their marital vows after they emerge victories when they were faced with problems from all directions. Sahil asks Vedika to join them in the celebrations. Will Vedika agree after everything that has happened?

Monday 24  August   2020

Episode 90

Bhoomi insults Vedika once again.



Tuesday 25  August  2020

Episode 91

Deepak accuses Gauri of having an illicit affair. The priest (fortune teller) tells Vedika that an evil spirit is after her.

Wednesday 26  August  2020

Episode 92

Vedika makes a huge discovery involving Nisha and Nidhi. What is the link between Nisha and Nidhi?

Thursday 27 August 2020

Episode 93

Sahil’s life is in danger after Nidhi challenges Vedika to save Sahil from her evil spirit. Will Sahil survive Nidhi’s black magic?

Friday 28 August 2020

Episode 94

The Agarwal’s are desperately to find a bone marrow donor for Ved. Bhoomi is planning something big as she is not willing to lose his son to Vedika.

Saturday 29 August 2020

Episode 95

The lives of Vedika, Sahil and Bhoomi take a tragic turn. The doctor reports that Ved can only be saved with the help of a child, born to Vedika and Sahil. Will Sahil and Vedika try to convince another baby to save Ved’s life.




Sunday 30 August 2020

 Episode 96

Bhumi and Aunt Bimla conjure up some new antics, will they succeed?

Monday 31  August   2020

Episode 97

Secrets never stays buried for too long and Sahil finds out the hard way. Aunt Bimla the instigator ends up with egg on her face.

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