Age is Just a Number 2 November Teasers 2020

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Age is Just a Number 2 November Teasers 2020

On the Season Finale episodes, The story has taken a leap with Sahil and Vedika reborn after their death. Coming up on Age is Just a Number 2 November 2020 Teasers:

Zee World Age is Just a Number 2 November 2020 Teasers Season Finale

 Sunday 1 November 2020

Episode 159

Afterwards, Vedika stops halfway through the seven vows. Vedika’s identity comes to the fore after her disguise is removed by her mother. Later, Avantika tries to slap Vedika but Sahil stops her. Vedika threatens Avantika that she will reveal about Saurabh to the whole family.

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 160

Sahil offers to sleep outside the room until Vedika feels comfortable with him. Rekha refuses to accept Vedika as her daughter-in-law. Vedika reveals to her family that Avantika and Saurabh had planned to steal money and jewellery from Sahil’s wedding venue. Later, Tanuj, Vedika’s ex-husband, visits Sahil’s home and informs that he isn’t officially divorced from Vedika. Tanuj forcibly takes Vedika away from Sahil’s home.

Age is Just a Number 2 November Teasers 2020


Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 161

He threatens to light her on fire but Sahil saves her in the nick of time. Prem allows both Sahil and Vedika to live in their house. Vedika sees a nightmare in which Tanuj shoots her with a gun. Vedika decides to bring Sahil and his family together again.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 162

Vedika sees Geet with Rahul, her boyfriend, and asks him to meet Geet’s parents with a marriage proposal. Rahul’s mother rejects the proposal when she gets to know that Vedika is a divorcee. Sahil gets angry on Rahul’s mother for taunting Vedika and tells her to leave their home.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 163

Tanuj shows a video to Vedika in which Geet and Rahul are in a compromising position. He further threatens to leak it on the social media if Vedika doesn’t agree to his demands. Geet saves Vedika in the nick of time by speaking in favour of her in front of the police.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 164

Shashi accepts Vedika as his daughter in law. Avantika hits Shashi with a lamp which renders him unconscious. Shashi’s assistant informs the family that Shashi had changed his will the previous day.

Age is Just a Number 2 November Teasers 2020


Saturday 7 November 2020

Episode 165

Avantika bribes a lawyer to forge Shashi’s signature on the property papers. Rekha threatens to commit suicide if Sahil refuses to marry Avantika. Vedika offers to divorce Sahil. Prem refuses to attend Avantika’s wedding. An old woman requests Vedika to save Sahil from Avantika.

Sunday 8 November 2020

Episode 166

Vedika informs Sahil that she met Manjula. Tanuj kidnaps Vedika while Sahil is asleep. Tanuj buries Vedika alive in a coffin. Tanuj offers to release Vedika if Sahil marries Avantika. Avantika gets angry at Sahil for refusing to marry her. Prem informs Anju that if Sahil doesn’t marry Avantika then Shashi will donate his entire property to charity.

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 167

Season Finale!

Tanuj assures Avantika that Sahil will not be able to find Vedika. Tanuj tries to dunk Vedika’s face in hot oil but Sahil saves her in the nick of time. Vedika pours kerosene on Tanuj and sets him on fire. Vedika stops Sahil and Avantika’s wedding. Saurabh reveals to the Kashyap family that Avantika tried to kill Shashi. Vedika slaps Avantika for misbehaving with Rekha. Rekha accepts Vedika as her daughter-in-law.

Age is Just a Number 2 November Teasers 2020



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Age Is Just a Number Full story: Sahil Agarwal is the 24-year old, kind-hearted heir of the Agarwal Gold Industry in Kanpur who falls for 42-year old Vedika Srinivasan, a conservative and independent widow with a teenage daughter Arya Mathur. As Sahil pursues Vedika, she is conflicted because of his family’s opposition and social protocol that frowns upon a possible relationship between them. The strong-minded matriarch of the Agarwal family, Bimla, is vehemently against Vedika. Overcoming several hurdles, including being briefly married to different people, they finally unite and start a family with 2 sons – Ved and Virat.

Does love really conquer all? Often two people in a relationship complement each other perfectly. Together they have every building block for a passionate loving relationship. But all is ok only when they belong to the same generation, same class and status, same mindset. From a logical perspective these are unsurmountable, un-bridge-able gaps, which are not in their control.

Its uniqueness of Vedika and Sahil love story. This is showing that a younger man and older woman relationship is possible. Love has no boundaries. Their constant struggle to prove that yes they are happy in their relationship. Vedika having Sahil’s children shows also you don’t need to be very young to carry children. This new series set to showcase on ZeeWorld Age Is Just a Number.

Season 2

The show takes a 25 year leap. The story follows a 32 year old divorced woman Vedika Pratap and a 26 year old rich boy Sahil Kashyap from Kanpur whose arrange marriage is fixed with Vedika’s younger sister Avantika, but in a twist ends up marrying Vedika.