Actresses and Actors who were replaced in an ongoing zee world series


Actresses and Actors who were replaced in an ongoing zee world series

Reason why this Actresses and Actors (cast) were replaced

Today I am going to be taking a look at famous actors that were replaced in their various series on Zee TV. Now keep in mind guys that most of these actors and actresses replaced may have many reasons it happened, as the Zee series industry continues to grow with the trend of making people happy all over the world. Most changed stars were made for many reasons, and now we will take a look at the top actors and actresses that had to be changed for the better.


  1. Hally Shah Replaced top Zee star Ulka Gupta in their long series called Khelti Hai Zindagi “Life of Ami” in 2013: Now from reports Ulka had money problems with the series where the director felt he was paying her a lot of money for her 5hour acting. With more of her demands on the rise, the Director just had to cut her off the series and signed on Hally Shah. The family of Ulka still caused why she was fired from her job as there normally interfered in her work so much so it cost her the job.


2) Leena takes over the from Madhurima in the series Kumkum Bhagya “Twist of fate”, It had to be done people, as the actress just got a new film signed on to her in 2014, and could not work on the current series project as of back then. This was a major tough call for her as she really loved the project she started 6 months earlier. She actually made a promise to return but most of these series require steady actors, and so her role was lost to another.


3) Rachana Parulkar left her series called Ek Mutthi Aasman “Reach for the stars” for her bad acting replaced her with Asha Negi, The Creative team criticized her acting as sloppy and in complete. The story of her departure left most of the series fans unhappy as the series rating started to flop day after day and was poorly reviewed. 3 reason for Kalpi exist in the show reach for the stars


4) Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) replaced by Kajol Shrivastava

Bulbul death was another twist in the story, It had to be done to kill off the character as Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) wasn’t happy with the way her character was sidelined and she decides to quit the show, Bulbul return will be seen play by Kajol Shrivastava  as a new face in the show.


5)In 2016 Vin Rana took over role play from Taneja in Kumkum Bhagy “Twist of fate”, This was really a big deal a late year and Zee TV was in search of a major replacement for Taneja that year, only to sign the very handsome and popular Vin that year. Vin Rana has a very sexy body look and can really engage you on screen. But no the less the series was a flop and did nothing to push Vin Rana to the very top of the industry. Since he was the star of the show Zee was not ready to let him go and decided to push him as the main star.


6) Savita Prabhune replaced Asawari Joshi in Get me married

7) Rujut Dahiya will be replacing Nikhil in Zee world Kumkum Bhagya “Twist of fate. The star of Piya Rangrezz will be the one now taking over the new role. He has starred in many shows like Bade Achche Hain and Pavitra Bandhan. The reason why Nikhil was replaced was that he got a movie role he needed to work on as Zee world never really gave him anything to do in 3 months working with him.

That is it for a few stars that were replaced by more update on Zee world cast replacement coming soon.

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Zee fans are you happy with this replacement? Share your view on the comment below?