A Perfect Lies Wednesday Update 11 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Wednesday Update 11 March 2020

Akash calling Durga. She does not take the call and thinks where were you when Payal needed you, why did you not tell me before what is Sakshi’s plan. Shaurya takes Durga. Dev thinks where is Shaurya taking her, I should not care, I should stop thinking about Durga now. Shaurya and Durga are on the way and he asks her to share her problems. He is glad that their relationship is so strong that she trusts him. She says yes, I trust you so I m marrying you. She says I did not let you meet Payal, did you feel bad. He says I can understand she was not in good state to face me. She says she wishes to go far from here for few days. He says you deserve a break, stress is not good. He says lets go out for two days. She says dad won’t agree. He thinks he has perfect plan to make her say yes.

He says we will go to Vaishnav Devi and take Maa’s blessings. We will pray for Payal also, I m sure your dad won’t say no. She says it’s a good idea, but we have to make marriage arrangements, its not possible. He says its matter of two three days, family will do arrangements. He says I will do arrangements today. He thinks finally honeymoon plan is locked. Durga thinks Shaurya is eager to ruin himself, he chose Maa and he can to give his sin count. Karan and Kangana talk. He says I can’t believe Shaurya is marrying. She says yes, he is in love. He asks her to meet. She says I will try, and she loves him a lot. She sees Sakshi and asks is everything fine. Suchitra says much better now.

Kangana asks is his marriage happening as planned. Suchitra says yes. Kangana says Durga is fantastic, she solves all problems. Sakshi thinks yes, how does she cross all hurdles, I can’t understand. Shaurya calls Sakshi and says there is good news, he is going out of town for two days with Durga. He asks her to pack his bag and ends the call. Kangana says she decided colored theme clothes for everyone and asks Dev to help her in décor plans. Dev is worried for Payal, and thinks to talk to Dayal and ask her test results.

A glass vase breaks. Dev says sorry, Sakshi got this vase from Italy, I wish I could join it. Sakshi says leave it, the things which break once, can’t be joined again. She says about trust, once it breaks and can’t be got again. Dev asks why is she talking like this. Sakshi says you knew Payal is at farmhouse, Durga told you right. Sakshi says why did she tell only you, and not us. Is it not strange, she is marrying Shaurya and tells her deepest secrets to you. Suchitra says its nothing like you are thinking. Dev says Payal, Niitya and I are good friends, so she told me. Sakshi says why did you not tell me. Dev says what happened in this house with them, everyone hates them here. He says I did not wish to trouble anyone, especially you.

Sakshi says but you hurt me deeply, I did not expect this from you. She says you made us strangers and broken my trust in you. She leaves. Kangana thinks mum is right, if Dev knew about Payal, what was the problem to tell us. He is on our side or supporting Payal. Suchitra says I did not want this Dev, family tension and mistrust. Dev says I m sorry, I did not wish to hurt anyone, its not my mistake if anyone got hurt. He leaves. Dev talks to Dayal and takes the updates. Dayal sees Akash there and says I will call you later Dev. Akash says I tried calling Durga, but she is not taking my call, I came to know about Payal’s attack from Shaurya. Dayal says she is very disturbed. Akash says even I was shocked knowing it, Sakshi crossed all limits doing this, but how did she know about her. ‘

Dayal says long story, it starts with Dev. He tells him everything. She says this way she followed Dev. Akash says why will she doubt him. Dayal says don’t know, I hope Dev should not know that this happened because of him, he is very attached to Payal and Nitya, he is still trying to find their truth, he went to hospital to get her medical records. Akash thinks Sakshi’s words. He thinks Shomik is Dev, if I followed him that day, I would have known her plan and saved Payal, even I m responsible for Payal’s state. Durga comes there and Akash says I m really sorry.

He says I reacted on your decision like this, that our trust got weak, I tried hard to find out Sakshi’s plan. Durga says try is not enough Akash, Payal would not have been here today. Akash thinks its his mistake, he has let Durga down, but not again. Akash says he got some info, its same goons who are used in Babjee’s case. Dayal says they should be punished. Akash says Sakshi has sent them out of city for few days. He says can I meet Durga. Dayal says ofcourse.

Akash comes and sees Payal’s bad condition. Durga says you will try to know why did I get friendly with my enemies. Why am I marrying Shaurya? She says what do you think that I can love a devil like Shaurya, or I want to change him, or I m in greed, there is nothing like this, I m same Durga who wants to ruin them. I will prove this in two days. She says can you trust me for two days. Akash says yes Durga, I completely trusts you, I did not understand the reason behind your actions, trust me, what happened with Payal and seeing her now, I m feeling lost now, I wished I could understand Sakshi’s plan and saved Payal. I guess she saw me outside your house that day and did not share her plan, I really have to win her trust. She says Sakshi has hit on my back, I will give her good reply. She says she will not leave Goenkas.

Sakshi joining Raima and her friends. Sakshi asks Raima to spend some time with her and stop this boring game. She says she needs to talk to her. The ladies leave seeing Sakshi in bad mood. Raima asks what happened, even I have a social life, you can’t order me like this. Sakshi says you are my best friend, I have full right on you and your life. Raima says oh really, you did not tell me anything important, you planned about Payal and you did not tell me, Kangana told me everything, obviously I know you very well. She says Rajnath was so upset and wanted me to talk to you. Sakshi says you forgot Rajnath is my husband, not yours. Raima says that’s so rude, one day distance will come between us, you will be away from everyone by this nature. Raima advices her to control her temper, as she regards she is the superior one.

Sakshi says stop it, I did not come here to fight, I m in big problem, you can help me. Sakshi says Shaurya is taking Durga to Vaishnov Devi for two days. Raima says so what. Sakshi says its Durga’s plan, Shaurya is falling in her trap. Raima says don’t stop him, just bring out negative thinking, Shaurya committed suicide attempt because of you. Raima says you will lose Shaurya if you go against her, then he will go near Durga. Stop being such a control freak, give Shaurya some space, else one day you will lose him, don’t over react, if he wants to go, let him go. Raima asks her to think about Rajnath, we are hurt by your actions, but can;’ go against you. When will you understand. Durga calls Sakshi and asks her permission to go with Shaurya. Sakshi agrees.

Its morning, Sakshi plays the piano and thinks about Durga’s words. Shaurya comes to her. Sakshi talks to her. She says she cherishes the role of his mum the most. She says nothing is important to me than you, I love you a lot. He says I love you too, you always supported me, I was never afraid to fall as you will be there to hold me, I took advantage also. She says yes, I always supported you. She says I feel you are going away from me. She asks him not to go with Durga. He says you are saying as if I won’t come back ever, its matter of two days, I m gong for Vaishnov Devi, I will spend more time like your old Shaurya, I promise you. She cries. He says he has to go now and do arrangements.

Durga sees Goenka’s pics on the revenge wall. She says Nittya would have not done this, but Durga will do it, as she is born form the fire which burnt Nitya and her family, today you will get burnt in that fire. She burns Nitya’s pic and cries. Dev comes to meet Durga. She says you here, I was about to come at Goenka house, before going on trip. Dev gives her the puja Chadava items. Dayal smiles. Durga asks any special prayer. Dev says I have asked Lord, she knows my one wish. He thinks to get Nitya back. Dev says he will leave now, but he will meet him later to know about Payal. He leaves.

Dayal says you are not going to temple, how will this Chadava reach there. Durga gives the Chadava to the Maa Durga at her home. She says she wants to take my parents blessings. Dev comes to Nitya’s house and talks to her pic. He says he was busy so he came very late, I m very sorry, don’t be angry and annoyed now. Durga comes there and looks at her old home. Durga tells Dayal she will just come and goes there. Dev asks Nitya to come back in his life. Durga is shocked seeing him and hides. Durga thinks about her and Dev’s old moments.

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