A Perfect Lies Thursday Update 19 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Thursday Update 19 March 2020

Dev coming to Nitya’s house ad finding his locket. He gets it and says thank God I got this. He hears the people talking about some man who stayed in Chawl and turned from ordinary lawyer to a rich man. He has fought Payal and Nitya’s case and Agnihotri lost it and run from this city, and he earned so much in two years, he was very lazy and superstitious. They talk about Goenkas supporting him.

Dev thinks maybe he lost the case to get money. Dev tries to see that man Agnihotri. He finally sees him. Dev sees Karan coming and hugging Agnihotri and is shocked. He thinks what is Karan doing here with this man. Agnihotri says Karan has helped me a lot and donated money for this temple. Dev thinks if Karan is his friend, it means the lawyer had money and lost the case, Agnihotri is responsible for Payal’s state.

Karan asks Agnihotri not to tell he is his friend. Agnihotri says relax, two years have passed. People should know my good time has come. Karan says if you are staying here, be calm, don’t make issues in public. Agnihotri says everyone forgot what happened two years ago. Karan says this should not happen tomorrow. Dev hides from Karan’s sight. Dev says he will find everything about this lawyer and know how did he get so much money.

Agnihotri gets a new case and says he will start working on it after two days. He sees Nitya’s pic and thanks her and Payal for giving him all this. He says you thought I can help you, and my fate changed. He recalls. The FB shows how Nitya came to him with Payal’s rape case and he took it and then took money to lose the case. He thinks he made the copies of the video and will tell Goenkas what he can do. The man has sold the video to Goenkas by showing it to Shaurya and Rajnath. All FB scenes are shown.

He asks them for Rs 15 crores. Shaurya gets angry for being blackmailed. Rajnath agrees to pay him and asks him to leave the city, else he will kill him and take the money back. Agnihotri tells Nitya that he was beaten up and lost the proof. Shaurya got freed from the case and Nitya and Payal lost the case. Rajnath gave 15 crores to Agnihotri for losing the case. He then left the city. Agnihotri thanks Nitya for giving him this life.

Shaurya seeing the news where journalist is firing on his manhood. He gets angry and calls Karan asking him to pick up, and he will show the world that he is still a man, and he will date the girl and spend time with her at his home. He asks Karan to come fast. Karan tells his GF that he has to go. She gets annoyed. She asks is he going to meet Kangana. He says no, I really need to go, am I mad to meet that mental Kangana. He turns and sees a girl. He says you did not tell your GF will be here, naughty, its fine. Karan tells his GF you are mistaken. Karan gets a slap from her. Karan asks Ananya to wait. Ananya scolds him and leaves.

The girl thinks he is Shaurya. He says are you from village not to know Shaurya. She asks who is he then. He says wait here, I will be back. Durga keeps all pics back. Dayal asks why are we doing this again. Dev has seen this room, if he comes again then. Durga says this room shows me my motive and my existence. She says Dev will not come here again, but we have to keep him away from us. Dayal says yes, it will be good for him. She asks him what is he thinking. Dayal says he is feeling strange as things will change after marriage, Sakshi will not deal well with you, so I m worried. She says everything will be fine, what will she do, she will send Shaurya out for treatment or try to kill me seeing me alone, she did this before too, but now I m not afraid.

She says Sakshi should be worried as she is inviting trouble now. She says Sakshi did not think that Durga left her fears away. She has to worry seeing me. She pastes Sakshi and Raima’s pics on the board. Rajnath is with Raima. Raima says its good that Durga’s kundli is clean. He says yes, all tension gone, I want my son to be fine again. Raima says everything will be fine, I wanted to come to hospital but you stopped me, I thought Sakshi will get sarcastic, so I did not come, I know you are stressed, I feel to be with you always.

He says lets go and you can meet Shaurya, Sakshi is not there. She says now I have known about him, but tell him, why did you not stop press. They are ruining Goenkas image. He says all media, they can’t be stopped, news is on internet too, I have to keep Shaurya away from this. Raima says what was the need for Sakshi to do this. Rajnath says stop taking her name. He hugs her and they smile. Dev comes to meet Agnihotri. The guard stops him. Dev says its urgent. The guard says he is not in city, come after two three days. Dev says fine, he looks superstitious. The guard tells about him and laughs. Dev says I heard about him and have to meet seeing Rahukaal. He smiles and thinks about him.

Karan comes to meet Shaurya. Shaurya asks him to take him soon. Karan says its not easy, you don’t know your mum, she left police here. Shaurya says I m her son. Shaurya says everything is set, lets go. Sakshi comes to know about Shaurya preparing to go out. She asks the man to let it happen. She comes to a dark room and closes the door. Karan takes Shaurya and says you wear ward boy’s clothes. Shaurya says I won’t. Karan gets tensed seeing the doctor. Shaurya greets the doctor. Rajnath tells Dayal that Shaurya is fine and I m going to take him. Dayal says we want to come and do the shagun rituals. Rajnath says sure, you come home for dinner, we will finalize things, I want to talk to Durga. I want to know what she wants in marriage, lets keep it simple. Dayal says fine.

Rajnath comes to meet Shaurya. The ward boy stops him. Rajnath calls out Shaurya seeing he is not in the room. He asks doctor where is Shaurya. He says he was attacked, where is security, hurry up. The ward boy is tensed as everyone bribed him, strange family. He runs. Karan brings Shaurya to the room and asks is he comfortable, he can make him sit on the bed. Shaurya says relax, I have the girl, you can get out. Karan says yes, if you need anything, I m outside. He leaves. Shaurya asks the girl to start the Jalwa. She smiles. Karan says he thinks it’s a joke, he will enjoy, I m worried, if anyone knows, I m dead.

Rajnath calls Sakshi and says Shaurya is missing. She acts and says fine, come home, I think I know where is he. He says what do you mean. She says trust me, come home, I m leaving and get Shaurya.

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