A Perfect Lies Thursday Update 12 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Thursday Update 12 March 2020

Durga running out seeing Dev. She comes to Dayal and asks him to take care reverse, as Dev can see her. She takes her parent’s blessings. Dev thinks he saw Durga and looks for her, but she is not there. Durga and Dayal come to meet Goenkas.

Shaurya says I m waiting. Dev comes home and sees Durga. Durga says sorry, I made Shaurya wait, as my packing was not over. Dev thinks why is my heart saying I saw Durga in chawl. Durga says its good I changed my dress. Shaurya says we have to go now, say bye to everyone. Kangana asks them to go and come back soon, as they will try their costumes soon. Durga hugs her and says we will be back soon. Durga touches Suchitra’s feet and takes her blessings. She comes to Sakshi and touches her feet too.

Sakshi blesses her looking at Shaurya. Shaurya says don’t worry, we will be back as we are going, hand in hand. Suchitra sees Dev worried. Sakshi asks Shaurya to keep his phone always on. He says yes and leaves. Sakshi worries for him. Shaurya and Durga are on the way. He says we are going out alone this time. She says yes. He asks where should we go for honeymoon. She smiles. She says its very later. He says it will be in this trip, countdown has begun. Dev says why will Durga go to Nitya’s house. Suchitra comes and is annoyed with him. She asks him not to open any chapter now and leaves. Dev reads Nitya’s diary and says I always feel Nitya is connected to Durga, but what is the connection, I m unable to understand it, if I do I can reach my Nitya, I have time till Shaurya’s marriage to find the connection.

Rajnath asks Sakshi not to worry about Shaurya. Raima comes and says Rajnath is right. Sakshi scolds Raima for coming in their bedroom without permission. Raima is shocked. Rajnath defends Raima. Sakshi says you both are not understanding my tension, you think I will agree that Shaurya will be fine, no you are wrong, he will always be my little boy, I permitted him because of you both, but my instinct is saying this is a bad idea. Raima says once Shaurya wins the bet in this trip, he will forget Durga. Sakshi says Shaurya did suicide attempt for her. Raima says I know, maybe it was to lose her, and his ego hurt, what he is calling his love.

Sakshi says if anything happens to Shaurya, then God help you both. She leaves. Raima tells Rajnath that she came to meet Sakshi as he asked her, else she would have not come. Rajnath pacifies her and holds her. She is annoyed and he says then you tell me where should we go. She smiles. Shaurya and Durga are on the way. He sings Tujhe Dekha to ye jana sanam…………….. She smiles and asks him to drive car well. His phone rings. He says its mum. He talks to her and says he is fine, and we are in car now, everything is happening by plan. Sakshi says fine, now I understand your plan.

He says he is trying to be best husband. She says good luck for your plan. Durga gets Akash’s message and he says about postponing her plan. She says its dad’s message. She says I have an idea, why don’t we stay in any hotel to night and start tomorrow. He gets glad with this. He says yes, your dad is right, we should not take risk, we will stay at any resort tonight. She says ok and checks for resorts.

Shaurya and Durga come to a resort. He asks her to sit and he will make the booking. He talks to the manager and says he wants a honeymoon suite tonight and winks. The manager says oh, newly married, congrats. Shaurya says is it necessary to marry for honeymoon. He gives him a money bundle and the manager agrees. Shaurya says my girlfriend, my to be wife, if she asks anything, tell her that only this room is available. He asks how can I life. Shaurya says because of money, I will give double tip after checkout. Shaurya tells Durga that we are lucky to get the last room. She says but the website showed many rooms are free, how can we stay in one room, lets go somewhere else. He says he will manage, he will sleep in bathroom is she says. She says come, stop it.

She thinks she has to make Shaurya busy till she gets Akash’s message. She says this looks like honeymoon suite. He says we are lucky to get this. She says no, I can’t stay here. He says don’t you trust me, I m your to be husband, we can be together in problems, whats wrong in this. She says if dad knows this, he will not like it. He says don’t tell him. He says you sleep on bed and I will sleep on couch. She says ok. Durga says its so peaceful here, we are away from city, this is what I wanted. He thinks yeah, me too, I have to cover distance from couch to bed, happy honeymoon.

He stares at Durga and walks towards her. Durga turns and he stops. He says its good to see you relaxed like this. She says she is looking for a charger. He moves away and takes a selfie. She asks what is he doing. He says I m capturing this moment as we came out for the first time. He sends the pic to Karan asking him to keep bet money ready. He thinks enough now Durga, you made me very restless to reach now, but after this night, you will be restless. He takes her dupatta and thinks he will get what he wants today.

She says Shaurya………. He says I know whats in your mind, my heart is getting naughty. She says then go out. He says fine, I will order food and ask for some special food as we are going to be in one room tonight. She says together, but not naughty. He says yes, like friends. She says yes, now go. He leaves. Durga thinks its tough to keep him busy, hurry up Akash. Shaurya talks to the manager and says he wants to give a special treat to his to be wife. Durga talks to Akash and asks him to hurry up. He says don’t worry, give me two mins, I m tensed here, I will call you back.

Shaurya asks the manager to arrange special dinner and add this tablets in it. The manager says but. Shaurya gives him money. The manager says no Sir, I will lose my job. Shaurya says I m Shaurya Goenka, you are my friend, I will make you manager of biggest hotel of Kolkata. The manager agrees and takes the tablets and money. Shaurya laughs. Akash calls Durga and says all set, they reached that area, where to meet. She tells her plan. Shaurya whistles and walks to the room. He enters the room and hears her. She is shocked seeing him.

She acts like talking to Dayal and says yes, Shaurya was driving since 4-5 hours, he was tired, don’t worry, we are safe and staying at good place. Shaurya thinks I will set him too. He takes the phone and says she gets tensed. Akash turns to Dayal and asks him to speak. Dayal talks to Shaurya. Shaurya says he wants to say that he will take good care of Durga. Dayal says Maa called you there, so everything will be fine. He says Durga’s prayers will be fulfilled. Shaurya says yes, we will talk later. He tells Durga it looks good when your dad talks normally to me. She says you earned respect.

Shaurya says he will go and freshen up. Durga is relieved. Akash says its good we are together. Dayal says I m feeling strange as Shaurya is with Durga. Akash says don’t worry, the trap is set. Dayal says yes, its long justice war. Sakshi is worried and thinks she wishes to see Shaurya, she is afraid for him. Suchitra comes and asks what happened. Sakshi says I have headache. Suchitra says I understand your stress, Dev has shaken your trust, but he did not wish to hurt you. She says even Dev did not come home, he is disturbed, I decided that I will go to US with Dev. We are here till Shaurya’s marriage. Sakshi says she does not want to send them. Suchitra says no, Dev will try to figure out some things if he is here, so its better if he goes US, we will come back when things become peaceful.

Suchitra says she wants everyone to be happy. Sakshi says yes, children should be happy. Suchitra asks her to come for dinner and leaves. Sakshi thinks its good Dev will go. Shaurya comes back to the room. He asks the staff to send food and wine. Durga gets Akash’s message to get Shaurya to the Dhaba and thinks to take Shaurya by some reason. Shaurya tells Durga that tonight will be special. He says a special dinner. She says I won’t like hotel food, why don’t we go to Dhaba to have food there, I want to eat spicy chatpata food. He smiles and says what, you want to go Dhaba. She says trust me, it will be fun. He says I ordered food. She says cancel it, we will eat what you decide. He says he is tired to drive. She says I will drive, please lets go. He says ok. She asks did he feel bad. He says no. She thanks him.

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