A Perfect Lies Monday Update 23 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Monday Update 23 March 2020

Akash talking to Payal while she is resting. He says sleep, I will come later. Dev comes to meet Payal and Akash does not see him. Dayal talks to the servants. The man says why are you worried, don’t worry, we will do all the work. Dayal says yes, Goenkas will come, I will see is Durga ready.

He comes to Durga and sees her crying. He says all arrangements are done, you have to pretend to be happy now. He asks what happened, are you nervous. She says no, all this is by my wish, I m missing Payal. The FB shows Payal wishing to get married. Nitya and their mum used to laugh. Her mum says first Nitya will be married, then you. Nitya pulls Payal’s ears and scolds her. Payal says yes, Nitya wants to study and work.

Payal says she has lots of time to marry and asks them not to laugh. Durga cries. Dayal says don’t worry, Payal will be fine, now you will be punishing her culprits, she will get a new birth seeing them suffer, and then we will live the life as you wanted. Durga says yes, I hope it happens as you say. She says I always felt happy as you are with me, I will be married in two days and go away from you in my enemies’ house, where I have to be ready for all dangers, will I be able to fight. Dayal says you will win, no one can stop it. He says its not easy, but be strong and have patience. Durga says I know Baba, so I want to do my work soon, before Payal’s birthday, I want to clean Payal and my family’s name. He says yes.

He blesses her and asks her to get ready soon. He says he wants to meet the actor pandit, he is nervous. He will be doing the fake marriage. She says I know, but please explain him, we can’t take any chance, thanks for everything. Akash comes to them. Durga asks about Payal. He says Payal is fine, she is responding well. Durga gets a call from rehab and is shocked. Dayal asks Akash to leave as Goenkas are coming. Durga drops her phone and cries. Dayal asks what happened.

Durga says Payal is missing in rehab centre. Akash says what. Dayal is shocked. Dev brings Payal to her old house. Dev shows her the place and asks her to recall. He says you, Nitya and your parents stayed here together, it’s the same Chawl where you all stayed happily. He says lets go and sit there. He takes her inside. Karan gets Kangana’s call who asks him to come soon as Sakshi is calling him. He says what, why, I did not do anything. She says you come and ask. She ends the call. Karan gets worried.

Durga and Dayal leave with Akash. The ladies come and greets them. Durga says we are going for some work, we are worried for Payal, please sit, we will just come. Dayal calls Sakshi and requests her to delay the Chunni ritual, as he is going out for some important work. Karan meets Kangana and she says she lied to him to call him here. Karan says don’t do this, if anyone see us then. She says she called him to show the dress she will wear in Shaurya’s marriage. Karan gets angry and says you are mad. She says yes, I m mad for you, I love you so much. He says yes, if anyone see us like this, then I will be killed. She says you hide under my bed. He says no, there is no space. She says don’t worry, I promise I will drop you out.

She says wait here, I will change and come to show the dress. Karan is worried. Dev brings Payal to the home. He says this is your home, see. Payal looks around. Dev shows her family’s pic and tries to remind her. Payal recalls few moments. Dev makes her think. Dev tries to remind her and asks her to say something, as she is his last hope. Durga and Dayal come there and see Dev’s car. He says trust me, my life is at risk, I will do everything fine, help me. Durga comes and hugs Payal. Dayal says how dare you do this. Dev says I m sorry, I don’t have any option, Payal reacted hearing me, I knew we have to connect to her past, she can get her memory back, so I got her here at her home. Durga scolds him asking how dare he kidnap Payal and got her here. Dev says you would know it, you tell me why did you not tell us, how did you know I will bring Payal here. Durga looks on.

Dev asking Durga how did she know he brought Payal here. He asks how do you know this place. He says she said I did not see her here that day, am I right, then whats this, how did you come Nitya’s house, tell me. Durga says don’t change topic, I don’t need to answer. They asks about Nitya. She says stop it, you won’t meet Payal, I m her legal guardian, stay away from Payal, else I will do police complaint. He says he will find the truth. She says I m marrying Shaurya and going to stay under same roof, but I don’t talk to you, I did mistake being your friend. They have an argument. Payal looks at them and thinks how Nitya and Dev used to fight. She starts laughing seeing them. Durga and Dev are stunned. They smile being surprised.

Raima and Sakshi come to Thakur’s house. Sakshi asks the servant where is Dayal and Durga. The man says they went out for some work. Suchitra says lets wait for sometime, I m sure they will come soon. Durga hugs Nitya and asks what happened, Payal calls her Nitya Di and laughs. Dev smiles seeing them. Payal stops laughing and gets quiet like before. Durga asks her to laugh, talk to me, talk about Nitya, your parents. Durga cries. Dev says I knew it, she will come to us if we take her close to her past, please Durga don’t take Payal, fine don’t answer me, but let her be here, she will get well here, don’t take her to rehab.

Durga says no, don’t interfere. Dev scolds her and says can’t you see her responding so well, you can’t take her from here. Dayal says Dev enough is enough. We will decide where to keep Payal, you be away from this. Durga takes Payal. Dev asks Durga to stop, else she will regret. He requests her to stop. Sakshi talks to the ladies who are from Durga’s NGO. Raima says its so strange, they don’t have any relative, we did not meet anyone, how can this happen. Sakshi says why is this delay, is this because of any family member, do you know what happened. The lady says Payal is close to Durga and Durga left to meet her.

Payal is brought back at rehab centre. The doctor treats her. Durga talks to the doctor. The doctor says its good she is back, we will keep her in observation, it did not affect her badly, if you want to file a case against Dev, you can. Durga says no, just increase security, as I don’t want this to happen again. Dayal says we are very late, I told Sakshi we will come in 30mins, its more than 1hour, lets go, come. Dayal and Durga leave.

They come home and greet everyone. Durga tells about someone needing her at NGO. Sakshi says its fine Durga, I understand, we know you went for Payal, these family members told me. Suchitra asks Durga to get ready fast and they will start the ritual. Durga goes. She comes getting ready. Kangana says can she give her the Chunni. Sakshi stops her and says its my right as Durga is becoming my bahu. She puts the Chunni around Durga and thinks Welcome to hell Durga. Diurga thinks I m coming to make your home hell, be ready Sakshi.

They keep fake smile on their faces. Dayal thanks Sakshi for her feeling that everyone got over with rituals and now Durga will marry Shaurya. He says Durga will not be sad in your presence. He says we will give Shagun to Shaurya, can I come tomorrow. Sakshi says sure, I will be there to welcome you, we will see you tomorrow. Shaurya dreams of Durga’s taunting him, and going for office. He asks her not to go anywhere. They have a fight on her paralysisi state. Durga does not respect him. He asks her to take his order and shut up being his slave. She laughs on his overconfidence and leaves. Shaurya shoyuts Durga and falls off the bed. He says such a bad dream, Karan fed this in my mind, if this turns true, bloody bet, all because of it. I have to win the bet, if I take 6 months to get well, Durga will leave me, no I have to win, I can’t lose. I have to stand on my feet.

The servant comes and sees Shaurya on the floor. Kangana comes and asks him to lift Shaurya. Shaurya says I don’t need help and shouts. Kangana says he was just helping you. Shaurya says I don’t need help from anyone. Kangana says Durga will care for you, she is a gem of a person, I really like her, you are lucky. She praises Durga. He thinks about Karan’s words. He asks her to shut up and get out. Shaurya asks her to leave. Kangana says Dayal is coming to do the ritual, call anyone to get ready. Dev sees this and asks Kangana to go.

Shaurya gets angry seeing Dev and he leaves too. Kangana tells Sakshi that Shaurya is not trying to accept his state, I heard him shouting Durga’s name, I saw him fallen off the bed. Sakshi gets glad. Kangana says he scolded me, why is he behaving like this. Sakshi thinks her plan is working. Karan and I have done this, so he had to react like this.

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