A Perfect Lies Friday Update 20 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Friday Update 20 March 2020

The girl dancing infront of Shaurya and he took sings with her. They sing Huwa Chokra Jawaan re……………. Sakshi comes and sees Karan. He is shocked seeing her. He says aunty, Shaurya is in my room. Sakshi says I will tell Rajnath that you told me where is Shaurya. He says but… They go inside the room. They see Shaurya and the girl arguing. Shaurya says you will question my manhood, get out. He turns and is shocked seeing Sakshi. Sakshi looks at the girl. Dayal talks to someone and talks about decorations for marriage. He says he will give advance tomorrow. Durga comes home from shopping. She says pandit ji is coming. He says good. She says I did all shopping, I think we are set.

He says Rajnath called and invited us for dinner to discuss ceremonies. He says you are with me now, but after three days, you will be all alone. Sakshi will try to hurt you, we don’t know her plan, you will be alone to face her. She says don’t worry, everything will be fine, we are in mid war and have to win. She says we don’t have to be afraid, we have to use the final weapon which we have hidden. She says Raima Maheshwari, I will leak her secret and Sakshi will be shattered, she feels she controls Rajnath and Raima. Raima will be hurting her. Shaurya is paralyzed and after this shock, Sakshi will be alone, don’t worry, I will win this war.

Shaurya asks Sakshi what is she doing here, he is not a kid, I deserve some privacy, I have grown up. Sakshi asks the girl to leave. Karan says please go. She leaves. Shaurya asks Karan why did he let mum come inside. Sakshi says enough, lets go. Shaurya says I m going to be married, I m paralyzed, please give me some privacy. Sakshi asks Karan to make him sit in the car. Sakshi scolds Shaurya that he needs escorts now. She says those journalist made you mad, and you are hurting yourself. He says understand me, I can’t feel anything before my waist, my confidence is shaken. Sakshi says she heart what the escort said, its good I heard it, not Durga.

She says if Durga heard it, what would she feel. She says if she saw you with that escort, what will she feel. She says I don’t want anything to happen in your marriage, so this will be between me, you and Karan, share your pain with me please. He says he can’t share everything with her, but next time he will tell her before going. Sakshi thinks you will be afraid as all this was let to happen by me. Rajnath tells Dayal and Durga that Sakshi is on the way. Sakshi brings Shaurya home. Sakshi is stunned seeing Durga.

Rajnath and everyone welcome Shaurya. Durga asks is he fine, I was so worried. Shaurya says I m fine. Sakshi says he was feeling low being in hospital, so he got out to have some fresh air. Durga says you should have called me. Sakshi says now he is at home, and asks Shaurya to have dinner. He says he is not hungry. Suchitra says everyone will feel happy and even you too. Shaurya says fine. Sakshi stops Rajnath and asks why did he invite Thakurs on dinner. He says why should I tell you if you don’t tell me anything, we have to plan marriage details, Shaurya was coming in morning, not like this, where did he go. Sakshi says he went to Karan’s house and called an escort there. Rajnath says what. She says don’t react like this. Rajnath says I don’t know he will change or not.

Rajnath and Sakshi talk to Dayal and everyone on the dining table. Kangana says Dev is not here. Suchitra says he will come. Rajnath asks Dayal does he want ay ritual they have to keep. He asks Durga to tell what she wants. Dayal says nothing from our side, do as you wish. Sakshi says we will start rituals tomorrow by giving Chunni to Durga. Dev comes home and greets everyone. He says welcome back bro. Rajnath says Shaurya and Durga’s marriage is in three days. Dev says he will join them later and goes to freshen up. Dev thinks what to do, the marriage is in three days.

Karan thinks he will be in problem, and this time Sakshi will not leave me. Sakshi comes to meet him and he is shocked seeing her. He says aunty, you here, this time. Sakshi looks at him angrily. Karan apologizes to her. Sakshi says she will forgive him but for a price. He asks will you send me to jail. She laughs and says no, just do what I say, just help me. He asks what. She asks him to lower self confidence and break his ego. She says convince Shaurya that he is not capable of marrying any girl, he is doing mistake. He says he will do this. She says he has to reach mandap and come back. She says then I will do what I have to. He says fine, I will do this, deal. She looks at him and says it’s a deal Karan. Its morning, Sakshi comes out of a dark room and locks it. She thinks all night passed thinking about Durga’s aim, some questions are still there.

Dev telling Kangana he is going to office. She says you please take leave and be at home. He says fine, not today, from today I will be at home. She smiles. Suchitra comes and Kangana asks her to help choose the Chunni for Durga. Suchitra asks Dev what happened. Dev says nothing. She asks why are you annoyed with Shaurya and Durga, what is the matter. He says Kangana is waiting for you, go. She says fine and leaves. Kangana and Suchitra see some Chunni. Suchitra says we have many options, get anyone. Kangana shows many. Kangana asks how is it looking on me. Suchitra says very nice. Kaaran comes and Kangana thinks she is dreaming. She smiles. Karan greets Suchitra and her. Kangana realizes he really came. Karan likes the chunni and compliments Kangana.

Suchitra laughs. Kangana asks what are you doing here. Sakshi comes and greets Karan. He says I came to meet Shaurya. She says he is in his room, in fact ask Tarun and Rishi to come and meet him. She asks him to light up his mood. Karan says I understand. Sakshi asks him to keep his phone on as she has to listen everything. He says fine. Karan goes. Kangana asks whats this, you stopped them at hospital and now inviting them home. Sakshi smiles and says its difference between anger and hatred. She says Shaurya is important to me, if he is happy with his friends, then I m happy.

Karan comes to Shaurya and calls Sakshi. Karan talks to Shaurya and makes Sakshi hear them. Shaurya asks what are you doing here, as I thought mum would ban you to come here. Karan says yes and keeps his phone on. Sakshi hears them. Karan says he came to spend time with him, lets drink. Shaurya says you all are acting, I know the situation has changed. Karan says no, nothing changed, you are still insulting me, just one thing changed, you were a good boy for family and now you are taking everyone’s class. Karan says he will always stand with you.

Shaurya says you are worried for me, do one thing, break your legs and then we both will sit and chill, then I will agree that you are my friend. Karan gets tensed. Shaurya scolds him and asks him to keep his sympathy with him. He says you should thank me, that you got that girl. Karan says no, I made her go, she said you did not………. I mean I was hoping you did something and feel complete. He says the girl revealed something else. Shaurya says just shut up, the work would have been over, but mum came, whats her problem, she is always after me. Shaurya takes his phone and Karan takes it. Shaurya says I will get Durga. Karan takes the phone and ends the call. Sakshi thinks Karan kept her trust and is doing like she said.

Durga comes and greets Suchitra and Kangana. Suchitra asks her to stop in rude tone. Durga asks what happened. Suchitra says she was joking as they were coming to her home. Sakshi taunts Durga. Durga too replies back saying she wants to come here soon. She asks about Shaurya and can she meet him. Sakshi smiles. Suchitra says yes, you can go. Durga sees Dev. Dev greets her. Durga says I will just come and goes to Shaurya’s room. Sakshi asks Dev where is he going. Dev greets everyone and says he will come soon. Karan asks Shaurya not to marry Durga, first get well, Durga will know your current state, what will happen when that girl will be here in this room, in this bed, when you can’t do anything with her, how will you feel, you will be frustrated. Shaurya asks him not to irritate him.

Karan says he will happy to see him standing on his feet. Karan says if you take months to get fine, then what, I m your friend, I don’t want you to feel bad infront of your wife, forget the bet. Durga asks what bet Karan. They are shocked seeing her.

Karan lies to her and asks them to chill, and leaves. Durga asks Shaurya about the flowers. He says he likes it a lot. She says you will get me wherever you go, I will not leave you. She asks how are you feeling. He says rockstar, taking many medicines. She says you have to get well. She says what you did yesterday is not acceptable, I m warning you as I m going to be your wife. She says don’t do this again, I was tensed, don’t go anywhere without telling anyone, if you are upset, call me. He thinks about Karan’s words. She asks what is he thinking. He says I m thinking you take good care of me, you are selfless, that’s why I love you. She says I love you too.

Shaurya thinks he should have not wasted time, and done the same thing he did with Payal, he would have feel like a rockstar. She says take rest, we are getting married in two days and I won’t be able to meet you, but when I come in this house, I will come as your wife, Durga Goenka. She says she has to go now. She leaves. He throws the bouquet and says he hates the flowers. He is worried.

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