A Perfect Lies Friday Update 13 March 2020


A Perfect Lies Friday Update 13 March 2020

Dev thinking about Durga’s connection with Payal. He thinks she is concerned for Payal, then she is marrying Shaurya, why did she come to Nitya’s home, my heart says I will get the answers in the missing papers of the diary. I m sure Durga has it.

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Shaurya talks to Sakshi and says he is staying at hotel at night, and going to have dinner at Dhaba. Sakshi asks did his taste change so much. Shaurya says not me, Durga wants to have spicy food. She says fine, go back to hotel soon and take rest. He tells the resort’s name and ends the call. Durga drives and smiles. He asks what is she thinking. She says I was thinking my and aunty’s misunderstandings go. He says it started.

Dev comes and meets Dayal. Dev says I m sorry to come without informing you. Dayal says most welcome. Dev says he came to know about Payal’s health. Dayal says it will take much time. He says I think you have some other reason to come here and looks at the diary. Dev shows the diary which Durga gave him, when he met Payal. He says he read it, but there is no clue to reach Nitya. He says some papers are missing. He asks did he see such papers, did Durga mention anything. Dayal thinks Durga has torn those papers. FB shows Durga saying she does not want Dev to know everything.

Dayal says you think Durga has torn the papers and gave you, why will she do this. Dev says yes, I know, if she knew about this, she would have found Nitya, I m sorry. Dayal asks him to come and have food. Dev says no, I have some work and leaves. Dev thinks I m going now, but I want the missing pages and I will find it even if I have to come here again. He turns and sees the puja Chadava items he gave to Durga. He thinks I gave it, she left it here, why, whats the reason. Dayal sees Dev seeing the Chadava. He asks what happened. Dev says nothing, I was praying that Durga and Shaurya are safe and my Chadawa goes to Maa. Dayal says yes, she will reach and will do that, I m sure. Dev smiles and says ya thanks. He leaves.

Dayal turns and sees the Chadawa. He thinks you know Dev got doubt or he did not see this, I know you will do whatever for everyone’s good. Durga and Shaurya reach the Dhaba. Shaurya does not like the Dhaba. She says its awesome, look at this. He says you are America returned, this so unhygienic and low class. She says you are status conscious, fine lets go back to hotel. He says yes. She says Shaurya. He says your choice is my choice, I love you. She orders the food and lassi. Shaurya says use mineral water. She says you are too much. He thinks there is no need to wait, lassi idea is perfect.

The goons come there as a group of friends. Shaurya says seeing them, I think we should have food soon and leave. Shaurya takes the tablets and goes to mix in the lassi. Rajnath makes special coffee for Sakshi. He says don’t worry, I called the resort, he is fine there. Sakshi says thanks for lying that you made the coffee. She laughs. She says she wants Shaurya to come back home safely.

Shaurya takes the lassi glasses and mixes the tablet in Durga’s glass thinking he came to this stupid Dhaba for her, as tonight she will become his. Durga smiles and signs the goons. Shaurya thinks happy honeymoon. Durga thinks about Payal’s rape. Shaurya walks towards Durga. The goon comes in between and the lassi falls. Shaurya scolds him. The man argues and challenges Shaurya to fight. Durga stops Shaurya. The other goons join the first one. Durga says we are sorry. Shaurya says why are you sorry, he will say sorry. She asys come with me. The men laugh on Shaurya making him anger.

Dayal leaves from home, Dev was hiding and thinks he will now go and find the pages till he is back after meeting Payal. Shaurya sees the guys and is angry. She says don’t spoil your mood. He thinks she is right and he needs to focus on her. He says he will get lassi. She says you be here, I will order. Dev comes inside the house by the window. He looks for the missing papers. He prays to Maa Durga to help him. Durga asks Shaurya to ignore everyone and enjoy the lassi. He thinks what to enjoy now, he can’t mix tablets also, his plan is not successful. The men taunt Shaurya and make him angry. They call him mum’s son and laugh on him. Shaurya gets angry.

The men taunting Shaurya and laughing on him. Shaurya gets angry hearing them. Durga asks him not to fight, and says lets go somewhere else. They challenge him again. Sakshi is feeling tensed and calls Rajnath. She says what work he has now and worried. Raima gives a drink to Rajnath. He gifts her a gold bracelet. She likes it. He hugs her. She thanks him and says if Sakshi knows you are here then. He says I come here to be away from her, don’t talk about her, she is mad, she takes tension and increases by BP. He says he mixed sleeping tablet in Sakshi’s coffee. Raima says but Sakshi’s mind works even in her sleep, you have to be careful. He says yes, that’s her problem. I feel to go away from her for few days. He says Shaurya will go on honeymoon after marriage, how about we take a honeymoon too. Raima gets glad and hugs him.

Dev comes to Durga’s room and thinks he is sorry, as he does not have any option. He has to do this before her marriage, else he has to go US for Suchitra’s sake. The servant tells Sakshi that Rajnath will come late. She says why did Rajnath go for work now, he is so insensitive. She calls Shaurya. The men laugh on him. Shaurya keeps his phone and says he has to make them quiet. Durga says stop. Sakshi is worried and calls the hotel. She asks about Shaurya and comes to know he went out with Durga and did not return. She gives her message to make him call back urgently.

Shaurya asks Durga to wait and goes to those men. The man asks him to go and come back when he is grown up. Shaurya angrily argues. Durga sees Sakshi’s call coming and smiles. She says Shaurya lets go. The man asks Shaurya to fold hands and apologize. Durga calls Dayal and makes him hear the fight. Dayal makes Payal hear it. Shaurya beats the men. They beat him too. Durga asks some men to help Shaurya. A man calls police. Durga sees Shaurya beaten up. Dayal asks Payal to hear Shaurya’s scream who has hurt her a lot.

He says no one will help him today. He says he will be suffering all the time now. Shaurya’s phone rings again. Sakshi is worried. Suchitra comes to her and asks what happened. Sakshi says my son is not taking my call. Suchitra says relax, he is with Durga, give them some space. Sakshi says I have to talk to him. Suchitra says you can call Durga. Sakshi says that’s a good idea and calls Durga. The number is busy.

Durga acts to get some help and sees Shaurya getting beaten up. She thinks about Shaurya’s sins. She thinks how Payal failed to get justice. She thinks of her parents’ death. She thinks Payal, I hope you get peace hearing his scream. She has to regret more, his future will have only pain, he has no rights to be happy. The men beat Shaurya and break his bones. Shaurya falls. Durga looks at him. The men run away as police can come anytime. Shaurya faints. Dayal says this is the beginning of his punishment, you see my Durga will take revenge of all your tears. Durga will not leave the Goenkas, you will get justice Payal.

He says Payal. I know you can hear me, but this time is not to cry, its time to make them cry, nothing will happen to you. Payal cries. The servant sees light in Durga’s room and comes in. Dev hides. Dev comes near the sliding wall cabinet and prays to Lord. He sees the secret passage and gets inside. He switches on the lights and thinks whats in here, its empty, what was here before, one more mystery now, how to find out. Durga cries holding Shaurya. The police comes and she asks them to call ambulance. The man tells everyone that a group of men came and fight started.

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