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A Magical Love Story September Teasers 2021

Tabeezi suggests a solution to save Roshni and her unborn child. As the Jinn closes in, can Aman fight him off? Below are A Magical Love Story September 2021 Teasers.

Starlife A Magical Love Story September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 121

Twenty years ago, a hopeless Junaid Khan had taken a drastic step after joining hands with the Jinn. Later, Parveen and Tabeezi feel disappointed with his way of life.

Episode 122

Junaid Khan plans to sacrifice Aman’s life after throwing Tabeezi and Farah out of the house. Later, Junaid battles for life when his sins are unveiled.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 123

Aman and Roshni share a beautiful moment, watching the sunrise in a hot air balloon. Later, the Khans unite to protect Roshni from grave danger.

Episode 124

The Khans mourn Aman’s tragic demise while a shattered Roshni loses consciousness. Later, she sets out on a mission to prove her love for Aman.

Friday 3 September 2021

Episode 125

Roshni meets Aman’s long-lost brother Rehan Khan who agrees to help her out. While Nasreen tries to obstruct Roshni, the Jinn approaches Khan mansion.

Episode 126

The Jinn enters Khan mansion and takes away Aman’s spirit. Later, Roshini agrees to make the ultimate sacrifice. Will the Jinn consider her appeal?

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 127

Rehan is perplexed when Roshni hides the truth from Aman and his family. Later, he tells the Khans about his past and his family.

Episode 128

The Khans surprise Aman by decorating his room elegantly. At night, Aman and Roshni share a romantic moment while Rehan heads off to the club.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 129

The Khans remain unaware of the fact that a flying saucer is spying on their mansion. Meanwhile, Shayari heads off for an interview at Rehan’s office.

Episode 130

Roshni avoids consuming Aman’s tablets while Rehan is outraged by Shayari’s blunders. Meanwhile, a stranger enters Tabeezi’s house.

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 131`

While Roshni makes an extraordinary request to Rehan, Shayari is in for a sweet surprise. Later, an infuriated Roshni wreaks havoc when Aman reveals the truth.

A Magical Love Story September 2021 Teasers

Episode 132

Aman tries to console a distraught Roshni. While Rehan is worried about Farhan’s whereabouts, another danger awaits the Khans.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 133

Roshni rushes to tell Aman about her pregnancy. While Rehan and Aman get trapped in a magical fume sent by the Jinn Shikari, Shayari visits the Khans.

Episode 134

Aman gets a doctor home to check up on Roshni’s health. Elsewhere, Natasha meets Rehan at his office while he decides to find out more about Shayari.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 135

Natasha tries to seduce Rehan. He remains adamant that Shayari is a Jinn Shikari. Later, Aman suspects that Roshni is pregnant.

Episode 136

Roshni learns a shocking fact about her pregnancy through Tabeezi’s magical ritual. While Rehan is stunned by Shayari’s odd act, Tabeezi embarks on a mission.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 137

While Shayari enters Rehan’s cabin, Natasha hypnotises him to create an unexpected sight. Meanwhile, the Khans learn some unexpected news about Tabeezi.

Episode 138

Aman is overwhelmed on hearing about Roshni’s pregnancy. Elsewhere, Shayari is scared when Rehan decides to punish her in a unique way.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 139

Unaware of the Jinn’s presence, Roshni receives a pleasant surprise from the Khans. In the meantime, Natasha sneaks into Rehan’s room with devious intent.

Episode 140

With hopes of seeing Farhan return home, Rehan proposes to Natasha. Elsewhere, Shayari lands in grave danger.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 141

Tabeezi offers to help Roshni save her child while Shayari vents out her anger on Rehan. Later, Natasha and Rehan’s engagement ceremony commences at the Khan mansion.

Episode 142

Tabeezi brings Zidra home to help Roshni. While Shayari cunningly tricks Rehan, Roshni struggles to hide her secrets from Aman.

Sunday 12 September 2021

Episode 143

Natasha accidentally traps herself in a magical bottle. At the press conference, Roshni gets tensed as Aman plans to reveal her pregnancy.

Episode 144

Natasha’s sudden disappearance paves the way for Rehan and Shayari’s engagement ceremony. During the celebrations, the Jinn arrives at the Khan Mansion.

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 145

Jinn enters Zidra’s body after she steps out of Tabeezi’s golden circle. Later, Roshni saves Aman when Kala Jinn attacks him.

Episode 146

Roshni offers help when Aman prepares to trap the Jinn in a lamp. Later, on suddenly sensing the dark forces around them, Aman plays a smart trick.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 147

In the middle of the woods, Aman and Roshni strive to trap the Jinn in the Chal Kua and seal its entrance. However, Aman later finds the well mysteriously opened.

Episode 148

Rehan sets off on a mission, unaware of Shayari hiding in the car. Meanwhile, Aman is heartbroken after he confronts Roshni about the truth.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 149

The Khans are taken aback when Roshni decides go back to her house. Elsewhere, Rehan’s life is in risk as he fights some deadly goons.

Episode 150

The Khans are concerned when Roshni falls ill after getting trapped in a circle of fire. Meanwhile, Rehan throws Shayari out of the Khan mansion.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 151

Racing against time Tabeezi suggests a solution to save Roshni and her unborn child. As the Jinn closes in, can Aman fight him off?

Episode 152

Roshni comes up with a clever plan to fool the Jinn and save her child. Will a grand distraction by the Khans help Aman and Roshni to escape?

Friday 17 September 2021

Episode 153

Roshni delivers her baby while the Jinn manages to enter the Khan mansion. Later, the Jinn demands Roshni honour her promise.

Episode 154

The Khans believe that Aman is hallucinating about Roshni. While he tries to convince them about his unusual experiences, a magical event takes place by the pool.

Saturday 18 September 2021

Episode 155

Aman learns about Kala Jinn’s ploy. After Tabeezi warns him about the menacing Pital Darwaza, he sets out to rescue Roshni and his child.

Episode 156

Aman pleads with the Kala Jinn not to unleash his menace upon the family. Later, the Jinn puts forth a set of unthinkable challenges before him.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Episode 157

Tabeezi asks Aman to keep an eye on the magical lamp while Roshni witnesses a strange phenomenon. Later, Chunmun Dai’s unexpected entry shocks everyone.

Episode 158

Roshni grows suspicious about Chunmun, while Aman brews an ingenious plan to find out the latter’s real motive. On the other hand, a vicious Chunmun traps Sarah.

Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 159

Aman and Roshni try their best to save Salma from Chunmun’s evil clutches. While Tabeezi offers them a solution, Shayari reveals a shocking truth.

Episode 160

After learning Chunmun’s secret, Aman and Roshni hatch a plan to get rid of her. However, all efforts falter as Chunmun traps them. Is there a way out?

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Episode 161

While the Khans strive to fight the Makadee Jinn, Rehan and Shayari offer a solution. Later, when Arman disappears suddenly, Aman and Roshni search for him desperately.

Episode 162

Roshni and Aman give it their all to rescue Arman while Natasha is up with another vicious plan. Later, Roshni encounters a blood-curdling experience.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 163

Upon being tricked by the Jinn’s spy, the Khans cause absolute chaos at home. Seeing Arman in danger, can Roshni bring everyone back to normal?

Episode 164

Aman challenges Roshni to a fight to prove her strength. Later, Tabeezi gets Roshni ready for her face-off with Aman.

Thursday 23 September 2021

Episode 165

Roshni manipulates Aman during their fierce combat. However, the Jinn appears at the Khan mansion and puts forth a task.

Episode 166

Aman and Roshni are helpless when the baby Jinn attempts to harm Arman. Later, Tabeezi offers a solution to save Arman from the clutches of evil.

Friday 24 September 2021

Episode 167

Aman and Roshni learn a stunning fact about the baby Jinn while Salma acts child-like. Upon seeing a strange illusion, the Khans learn Arman’s life is in peril.

Episode 168

Aman and Roshni are hell-bent on saving Arman while an unfortunate occurring takes place. Later, Tabeezi learns a grave truth about Kala Jinn’s motive.

Saturday 25 September 2021

Episode 169

After Aman confronts Kala Jinn, Roshni remains unaffected even after uttering Kala Jinn’s name. After this, Aman and Roshni set out to destroy Kala Jinn.

Episode 170

With Rehan and Shayari’s help, Aman and Roshni use their extraordinary powers to kill the Jinn. However, Arman does the unbelievable, leaving the Khans shocked!

Sunday 26 September 2021

Episode 171

The Khans are shocked to spot Jalpari Jinn in the swimming pool. Later, Aman imprisons the Jinn before spending some quality time with Arman and Roshni.

Episode 172

Aman and Roshni recall some of their romantic moments from the past while the Jalpari Jinn mesmerises Rehan. Later, the Jinn keeps an eye on Aman.

Monday 27 September 2021

Episode 173

Jalpari Jinn uses her vicious spell to hypnotise Aman and Roshni. She then targets Arman, as the duo loses their powers against the spells.

Episode 174

The Jalpari Jinn snatches Arman from Aman and Roshni before returning to Jahannam. Later, Aman and Roshni host a feast to trick the Jinn. Will they succeed?

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Episode 175

Aided by their family, Aman and Roshni manage to get the Jalpari Jinn to eat. However, Jalpari Jinn thwarts their plan with ease and decides to take Arman.

Episode 176

Aman spends some quality time with Jumru while Arman attempts to injure him. Later, some deadly monsters attack Khan mansion.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Episode 177

Aman and Roshni grow concerned for Arman’s safety when the deadly monsters turn into thick black smoke. Later, Jumru does the unbelievable!

Episode 178

While Roshni expresses her fear to Aman, they get ready to perform a ritual to help Arman. Unbeknownst to them, Jumru has laid a trap. Will Arman survive?

Thursday 30 September 2021

Episode 179

Jumru brews a diabolical plan while Roshni suspects his intentions. Later, Jumru launches a deadly attack on Roshni.

Episode 180

Aman and Roshni desperately try to stop Jumru from taking Arman with him. To achieve his dream of becoming the Kaala Jinn, Jumru sacrifices Arman.

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A Magical Love Story Last Episode

Roshni sadly tells Ammi that she made blood promise to Tabeezi to protect family, but Tabeezi got Aman trapped in mirror and tried to kill her children. Ammi consoles her. In mirror, protector jinn tells Aman if he had gone out instead of sending ilme jinn out, he would have been with his family. Aman says he did what he had to and doesn’t regret. Roshni tells Ammi that was very happy hearing Armaan’s news and pampered him so much. Ammi says even this time he would be very happy. Breakfast arrives for Roshni. Ammi says Aman is taking care of her even now via Armaan. She touches mirror and feels Aman on the other side.

Rehaan makes a romantic arrangements in garden for Shayari to propose her and eagerly waits for her. Shayari also eagerly waits for time to pass. Rehaan practices to propose Shayari when he stands shocked seeing someone and gets kidnapped. Shayari comes out and gets happy seeing arrangemnets, but then fumes not finding him and thinks he went to flirt with some other girl just one day after Natasha’s death. She then sees his wallet and wand on ground and thinks he always carries his wand with him, so he must be in trouble. She rushes in and informs Roshni about same. Ammi says Tabeezi must have done kidnapped Rehaan. Roshni with Shayari rushes to Tabeezi’s home and searches her. She consoles Shayari not to worry about Rehan. Shayari says he is her boss and she is concerned for him. Roshni goes in. Shayari sees a coffin, opens it, and gets sucked in. She calls Roshni for help, but before Roshni could pull her out, she gets sucked into the coffin world where she finds midget jinn who says she is not beautiful like Natasha, irking her. She sees Rehaan and relaxes. Rehaan and her nok jhok starts. A monster lady walks in and says she wanted to eat Rehaan and seeing Shayari also, her hunger increased.

Aman tries hard to break mirror, but fails. Protector jinn suggests him to change is method as he cannot succeed repeating same and should break mirror with a hard material like Sifriti Heera/diamond. Aman thinks Roshni’s mother had given sifriti heera to her and it is in cupboard somewhere. Maid opens cupboard and drops heera box. Ammi walks there and without noticing heera prays god to help Roshni and Aman.

Roshni cries that everything is going wrong and she is losing her dear ones. Family consoles her. Tabeezi enters holding Armaan. Roshni pleads to return her son. Tabeezi says she broke her promise and didn’t return her angel’s heart. Roshni says she can’t as she needs to protect her family. Tabeezi says she will not return Armaan. Roshni tries to rush towards her, and she throws Roshni on floor. Power from Roshni’s finger ring falls on sifriti heera/diamond and it falls on mirror. Roshni continues pleading Tabeezi to return Armaan. Tabeezi says she has hypnotized Armaan and he will follow only her orders now, she will take Roshni also with her and drags her with magic. Aman emerges and saves Roshni. Tabeezi is shocked to see him. Aman says she should understand that Roshni cannot give her angel’s heart and should return Armaan. Tabeezi gets adamant. Aman pleads his best convince her and says her magic on Armaan will vanish soon. Magic starts fading. Their argument continues. Tabeezi disappears with Armaan.

Monster woman grips Shayari in her net. Shayari suffocates and fails to break net. Rehaan pleads her to try her best and break it. Monster woman says soon Shayari will die out of suffocation, then she will eat her. Rehaan continues pleading Shayari to try and break net, who will fight with him if she goes, etc. Shayari collapses. Rehaan asks if she doesn’t know why he called her to garden and whom he thinks of always, pleads to look at him. She opens eyes and looks at him. He asks him to not give up. He extends his hand, she breaks net and holds his hand. He breaks cage and walks to her. She asks what he wanted to say. He shies and says she is not that dumb not to understand. She says she knows, but wants to hear from him. He is about to speak when Shayari emerges with Armaan.

Aman says they need to save Rehan and Shayari also and need to find out where they are. He asks Roshni what did she see when Shayari disappeared. Roshni says a net dragged Shayari into coffin and there was one more coffin. Daadi says Tabeezi must have awaken makdi jinn and another cruel jinn. Back in Tabeezi’s jail, Rehaan and Shayari ask her why is she holding Armaan. Tabeezi says she will kill Armaan and even them. Their conversation continues and they start laughing suddenly and asks reason. Tabeezi says she doesn’t have any enmity with them, but since they support Aman and Shayari always, she will kill them will laughing gas.

Roshni and Aman walk into dark room and search for Armaan and Tabeezi. They find Shayari and Rehaan laughing and ask where are Tabeezi and Armaan. Shayari says Tabeezi took Armaan away. Aman asks why are they laughing. They say Tabeezi spread laughing gas on them and has set a timer, before timer sands slips off they will die. Tabeezi thinks Rehan and Shayari can stop laughing if they want and she will not tell them about it. Aman tells Roshni that they have to separate Rehan and Shayari first to stop their laugh. Roshni takes Shayari and Aman takes Rehaan. She tries to make Shayari angry asking her to remember how Rehan got engaged to her without her permission and how he was behind Natasha, etc. Shayari continues laughing and says she can’t. Aman hits Rehan repeatedly and inflicts pain to stop his laugh. Rehan stops laughing writhing in pain and says he must have enjoyed hitting him. Aman says earlier not but now he feels like laughing. Roshni asks Shayari to try her best and control her laughing. Shayari stops. Aman says maybe because of Roshni and Shayari, he stopped laughing. Shayari asks Roshni if she informed Aman her decision. Roshni asks her to tell her decision first. Rehan with Aman walks in and says Tabeezi must have taken Armaan to her house. Tabbeezi emerges on screen. Roshni pleads her to return Arman. Shayari asks to return her angel’s heart first. Aman says Ayanas are not selfish, but Tabeezi is selfish. Tabeezi says she will change. Roshni says Armaan is also an ayana and an Ayana cannot kill another Ayana. Tabeezi says she knows and can get him killed by someone else. Roshni pleads not to do that. Tabeezi disappears asking her to return her angel’s heart then.

They return home, and Roshni cries for Armaan while family tries to console her. Aman says Tabeezi wants angel’s heart in exchange of Armaan, Shayari and Rehan narrowly escaped death, he couldn’t protect Armaan, Roshni always supported his family, though couldn’t protect her properly. Roshni says he always protected her and he is a best husband. Daadi says only Roshni can think like this and angel’s heart is bright because of Roshni. Aman says they will get a small Roshni soon. Roshni asks how can he think its a girl. He says his instinct says. Roshni asks if he loves her so much. He says yes. She says then he has to let her go on golden sun’s night. Ammi says she cannot give angel’s heart to Tabeezi. Roshni says she has to to save Arman. Daadi asks to think about the baby inside her. She says she has already spoken to Shayari to take care of baby, they cannot defeat Tabeezi and this is the only way. She asks Shayari if she will give birth to her baby via her womb. Shayari stands speechless. Roshni says if she doesn’t agree, she will find someone else; she wanted them all to support her decision, her decision will not change even if they don’t support her.

Tabeezi thinks whatever she tries, they escape always somehow; though their weakness Arman is with her, they won’t get weak and Aman and Roshni pose risk for her, so before they can harm her, she has to do something. She has to change time and call golden sun’s night today itself. She looks last golden sun’s night’s golden dust and thinks it will help her bring golden sun’s night. She sprinkles dust on flower and heating an iron rod holds it in her hand. Shen then looking at sky calls golden sun repeatedly. Golden sun emerges, and she laughs.

Roshni sees sudden darkness and falls down unconscious seeing golden sun. Family walks to her and stands froze. Tabeezi says they didn’t listen to her and wasted time. She tells Aman its golden sun’s light which they all were waiting for. She reminds Aman that he challenged to take revenge, but can’t even move now. She doesn’t want to kill Roshni, but she cannot forgo her angel’s heart and the moment she was waiting since ages; Roshni is her niece and she will make sure she doesn’t get pain while she dies. She picks angel’s heart from Roshni and disappears. Family gets back to normal and rushes to Roshni. They try to wake her up in vain. Daadi says its golden sun’s night. Tabeezi returns and says Roshni is dead. Ammi pleads to revive Roshni as she got her angel’s heart already. Tabeezi says she can’t hear their cries, they fought many battles together and now be ready to die. She snaps her fingers, and evil jinns appear and seek her order. Tabeezi orders to kill them all. Aman asks Rehan to take family from here and fails to use his magic. Tabeezi says his magic will not work on golden sun’s night. Nets fall on family, and Aman tries to free them in vain. Makdi jinn says they cannot break her net and will die in 10 seconds. She reverse counts till 10 and family falls down dead. Aman pleads Daadi to open eyes. Midget jinn stabs Rehan and Shayari and they both fall down dead smiling at each other. Aman rushes to them. Tabeezi stabs Aman from behind and walks away. Aman also falls down and crawling to Roshni looks at her face dies holding her hand. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Roshni wakes up from sleeping worried seeing this nightmare. Family rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She asks if they are all fine. They say they are fine, but what had happened to her, she fell unconscious. Roshni sees her ring missing and says it means Ammi wants to show her something. Aman asks what did she see. Roshni says Tabeezi killed them all, they are right Tabeezi doesn’t deserve angel’s heart, so she will not give it to her. Family gets happy hearing that and ask what will she do. Roshni asks Shayari to help her as she cannot risk her child. Shayari says she is ready to give birth to her baby. She ties a thread to their wrists and says she will transfer baby from Roshni’s womb to her womb. She succeeds in doing so. A smoke appears suddenly and they are shifted to a jungle.

Tabeezi send Roshni and family to jungle. Roshni gets tensed seeing golden sun night. Tabeezi enters, and family gets more tensed. Tabeezi asks Roshni if she doesn’t accompany her, she will kill her family. Roshni agrees to accompany him. Tabeezi says she doesn’t have any other option. Aman says she had to return Arman in exchange of Roshni’s angel’s heart. Tabeezi says she will return Armaan after getting angel’s heart. Aman says they need Armaan first. Tabeezi gets Armaan. Aman picks him and gives him to family. Tabeezi asks Roshni to hurry up. Roshni says she has to go and asks Aman and Ammi to take care of Armaan. She hugs Aman emotionally. Tabeezi asks Roshni if she is ready now. Roshni says she will not go with her as she will kill her famil as she saw in future. Tabeezi says its not true. Roshni says her ammi showed her truth and exposed Tabeezi. Tabeezi says she is more powerful than anyone here including Aman, sees Aman missing and asks where is he. She says they will not change and takes away Roshni.

Aman holding Armaan in baby carrier walks at cliff end and looks at sun and moon together. He reminisces fairy telling he has to get sun and moon together to save Roshni and will risk his life with this. He thinks he can even lose his life to save Roshni. He calls bazigar and tries to unite sun and moon. He fails and Bazigar falls down. He pleads bazigar to try once again even if he loses his life for Roshni and treis to pull moon over sun, but fails again.

Tabeezi takes Roshni away and says Aman will not change, but she needs her angel’s heart. She sees Roshni’s ring and asks from where did it she get it. Roshni reminisces getting her Ammi’s ring and its powers. Tabeezi snatches her ring and says she doesn’t know how to protect it or use its powers, good they are blood relatives and she can use it.
Tabeezi’s protector jinn ties Aman to a tree. Aman asks Armaan if he will not help his father. Armaan breaks chains. Aman runs, and jinn follows him. Aman hides, and Armaan misleads jinn. Roshni pleads Tabeezi to reurn her parent’s last evidence. Tabeezi says her parents were powerful jinns and had many weapons; if his brother had been alive, he would have felt proud to see her fighting for her rights. She sees Roshni missing and shouts.

Roshni runs away from Tabeezi and meets Aman. Aman asks how did she come here. She says she escaped and they need to save their family. Aman says he lost his powers, reminiscing the incident, and says he has to protect his family somehow. Roshni says their jaddoo/Arman is with them. Aman says yes. Roshni says Tabeezi took away her mother’s ring. Aman says they need to hide till golden sun disappears to stop Tabeezi from taking her golden heart. She says he is right, but Tabeezi may harm their family and they need to protect family from Tabeezi somehow. Tabeezi enters and freezes Aman. On the other side, makdi/spider jinn throws net on Shayari. Rehan rushes to help her, but even he gets trapped in net. Shayari starts yelling at him and their nok jhok starts.

Tabeezi insists Roshni to return her angel’s heart and tries her best, but fails. She then realizes that Roshni hid angel’s heart in Armaan. She pleads to spare Armaan. Tabeezi takes Armaan and tries to get angel’s heart while Roshni pleads her not to harm Armaan. Tabeezi fails to get angel’s heart from Armaan. Roshni reminisces getting strength when she sings her mothe’s lullaby and informing about it to Aman starts singing lullaby. Light emerges from ring and hits Tabeezi, and they escape. Rehan and Tabeezi’s nok jhok continues. They free themselves and with family rush towards Roshni and Aman. Roshni says only 3 minutes are left for gold sun’s sunset. Tabeezi reaches them and says she can kill them even in 3 minutes and insists to give her angel’s heart. Family reaches. Tabeezi says she will kill them with her bhabhi’s ring. Phupi reminds that she is not wearing ring. Tabeezi is shocked to see ring missing. Roshni says ring in her hand and says her Ammi taught her how to protect it. She with ring’s power brings moon over sun creating solar ecclipse. Tabeezi shouts in pain seeing the event. Protector Ayanas emerge and apologize Roshni for misunderstanding her and scold Tabeezi that she doesn’t deserve evil heart. They arrest Tabeezi in chains and disappear with her promising that she will never disturb them again. Family jumps in happiness saying everything ended well. Shayari congratulates Rehan. Aman asks them to stop their drama as they all know they love each other. Shayari hugs Rehan and expresses her love for him. Aman thanks Roshni for supporting him in everything and asks where did angel’s heart go. Its shown in her tummy. She says she doesn’t know, but her heart beats for him. Family hug each other, revealing show’s happy ending.