7th May Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate

Tanu coming to terrace and asks Pragya if Abhi was with her. Pragya goes from there without telling her. Tanu thinks she is crying and that means Abhi had scolded her. Pragya cries and smiles and thinks of Abhi breaking her fast. She thinks we both want to get together, but the people who is with us have to go far, Tanu will not let him come near me, and until then I can’t bring Kiara here. She says Kiara’s life will be in danger then and thinks to stay silent. She thinks love is enough for them in their hearts. King knocks on the door and asks her to go to terrace as Dadi called. He thinks if Pragya is feeling for him also. Pragya asks him to come. Tanu comes to Abhi and says I was searching you. Abhi asks her to leave him alone atleast today. Tanu says I have kept fast

for you and will break fast with your hand and will pray to be with you. Abhi says I have done what I had to do. She asks what? Abhi says Pragya and then stops. Dadi tells Dasi that she got lively since she came to know about the secret. Tanu asks if he is ready? Abhi says acting and says yes. Tanu thinks Pragya shall not know that we are not husband and wife.
Pragya comes to terrace and tells King that she will help Neha first to break her fast. Abhi thinks why don’t you tell him that you have already broken your fast. She asks Neha to do the rituals one by one. Abhi looks at Pragya. Pragya asks Neha to look at the moon using the mesh and see Tarun. Pragya sees Abhi from Neha’s mesh. Ghar ka pardesi song plays….

All husbands break their wives’ fast. King asks Pragya if she kept fast for him. Pragya says they have to act to show everyone. Tanu says Abhi and acts as getting drowsy. Abhi says I will bring something to eat. Aaliya takes Tanu to sit. Panditayan makes her drink water and says it happens due to thirst. Mitali says Tanu’s fast is broken by Panditayan’s hand and not with Abhi’s hand. Disha smiles. Panditayan asks didn’t she do puja. Tanu scolds Panditayan for breaking her fast and cries. She asks Aaliya why didn’t she stop her from making her drink water. Aaliya says you was about to faint. Aaliya takes her to room.

Dasi apologizes to Panditayan. Abhi comes and asks where is Tanu? Tanu gets angry and tells that why did that woman make me drink water? Dasi says she is Panditayan. Dadi says it is God’s sign to keep Abhi and Pragya together. Tanu says even Dadi wants to see them together, but she died and her dreams went. She says you will also die and your dreams will end. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet. Dadi tells Tanu that you have ruined my Abhi and says I will die after your death. Tanu asks Aaliya to see what she is saying? Aaliya asks Dasi to take Dadi from there. Pragya performs the rituals with King and does his aarti. He says wives look at their husband from this filter. Pragya says they are not acting, but we are eating. Pragya sees the moon and asks him to make her drink water. King makes her drink water. Disha sees her breaking fast and asks can I take your wife with me. King says sure. Disha takes Pragya to side and asks what is happening? She says I saw you breaking fast with King. Pragya says today is karwachauth. Disha says until when you will act?

Pragya says I don’t understand what you are saying? Disha says I saw you breaking fast with jiju’s hand. She says I was very happy to see that. Pragya says I don’t know what you said. Disha says jiju made you break fast with his hand although he was angry. Pragya says I am going. Disha says where are you going? You calls king as your husband infront of everyone, but regards Abhi as your husband. She asks why is she betraying herself. She asks why don’t you let jiju move on. She says he needs love at this moment and asks her to let him move on in life. She says I will ask him to break Tanu’s fast with his hand and says may be Tanu get better and says I will bring her.

Pragya says I didn’t lie to Mr. Singh, he knows that I haven’t kept fast for him, but is acting. She says I didn’t tell him that I have kept fast for your jiju. She hugs her and says Abhi was very angry with me, I have broken fast with his hand. She says I love him even now and tells that Mr. King is my husband just for namesake, but Abhi is my husband. She says until I regard him as my husband, he will be my husband and I will keep fast for him and will break fast with his hand. She says I was happy, but can’t tell him truth. Tanu hears them. Pragya says we are not together, and says she can love him to him from far and asks her to promise that she will not tell her that she loves him. Disha is teary eyes. Tanu goes upset. Pragya asks her not to cry as their fast is completed today.

A lady asks Pragya to throw her son’s toy phone. Pragya throws and it falls on Abhi. Lady takes the phone and goes. Pragya asks him to take off his kurta. Abhi asks if she is trying to force himself. He says you are taking revenge on me and says you would have taken me to room, taken my clothes off and see me. He says my respect would have gone. Pragya gets irritated by his talks. He says then you would have gone to ganga and do bath. Pragya says your mind is corrupted. Abhi says your mind. Pragya says your mind works in one way. King asks which way. Abhi says Pragya’s way.

Abhi and Pragya arguing. Abhi says you would have gone to ganga and take bath. Pragya says your mind goes in one direction. King comes and asks which way? Abhi says Pragya’s way. He tells that Pragya is troubling him. I am joking and she is taking seriously. King says strange, she takes your joke seriously and takes my serious talks in humour. He asks did you do puja with Tanu? Tanu takes out her anger in the room and throws the things. She keeps hand on the candle and thinks of Pragya’s words that she will have kumkum of his name always. Aaliya comes and sees her hand on the candle. She takes her hand off the candle and asks if she has gone mad? Tanu tells that Abhi gave her pain and says everything is finished, I will finish too. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says

Pragya kept fast for Abhi and not for King. She says Abhi has broken her fast with his hand. She says I am his wife and it is my right, but Pragya snatched my rights from me