6th July Saturday Update on King of hearts

Judge asking Sid and Roshni when where they intimate last time. She says 2 days. Judge laughs and says he did not see such a disgusting case in his life. Roshni tells Sid forced her to drink brandy and got intimate with her and says she got a message later in which he confesses that he wanted to use her. Judge sends her SMS and says if he says Sid loves her, will she believe it. She says no. He asks them to accept that they love each other. They say yes sir, no sir. Judge signs judgment papers, gives it to them and says he can see they both love each other, but are angry for soome reason, so they should stay together for 3 months and solve their problems. Sid agrees and walks out before roshni.

DD comes back home and in her manly husky voice asks Roshni to give her water. Pratima gives water. DD asks where is Roshni. Naani informs that Sid took her with him. DD takes police to Khurana house. Simran asks why did she come here. DD asks inspector to check whole house.

They both start yelling at each other. Kritika comes and asks them to stop. DD tells inspector Kritka is responsible for her daughter’s kidnap and asks to arrest her. Simran asks what does she mean. Inspector asks where is Sid and Roshni. Sid comes with roshni, shows divorce judgement file and asks him to leave. DD asks Roshni to come with her. She says she cannot go. Simran asks why will she not go and create another drama. Roshni says she has to stay here with her so called husband. DD asks what is this new drama. Roshni says it is not a drama and court has ordered them to stay together under same roof for 3 months. Simran says she will accept these orders. Sid says there is no other option than accepting court’s order. He says if they disagree court’s orders, they will not get divorce again. Roshni says judge ordered to stay with sid as his wife. Naani and Raji smile. DD says she will prove that Sid tortured her. Roshni says they cannot. DD asks why. Sid says because they were intimate together like husband and wife. Simran says she knew Roshni would play her dirty game. DD again yells that they got money, but not class. Sid asks them to stop fighting. Raj and Naani says if they disobey court’s order, they will be punished, so they will have to do roshni’s graha pravesh. Roshni agrees.

Raj brings aarti thali, makes Sid and roshni standing on door and does their aarti. He then greets them in and says this had to be done by saas, but she has allergy. Naani asks what kind of allergy. He says happiness allegy. Simran gets irked hearing this. Sid and Roshni yell at each other silently. They try to enter in and stumble. Roshni holds her. Raj jokes that she has started taking care of Sid already. Nani says he is right. He says he will take them to temple for blessing and whoever wants can accompany him. DD and Simran yell at each other again.

Raj prays god and asks them to take his blessings. They both touch his feet and strike their heads. Raj prays god to give them patience. He gets call from offic and leaves. Kritika says Roshni that she is happy for her and Sid, Sid is angry on her, but she also insulted him. Roshni says she came here to take revenge, looking at simran and Rajveer crook and goes in. Rajveer crook tells Simran that they ahave to be careful as Sid and Roshni’s divorce will be happen after 3 months.

Roshni emotionally look at whole house and reminiscing time spent with DD and DD’s words. She looks at dry plant and reminisces DD asking her to add water to the plant daily, add water. She tells herself that she will get this house back to DD within 3 months. Sid who is sitting nearby enjoying coffee asks her to stop yelling. She asks him to stop listening to her like a woman and walks out.

Naani packs Roshni’s bag. DD in her husky male voice angrily tells she will let her take Roshni’s bags as she does not believe her. Naani says she does not believe in papers and believes only in relationships. DD takes bag and walks. She sees Yash standing who says he will give bag to Roshni. Naani says she should send Pratima instead. DD gives bag to him and sends. Naani says she did wrong by sending outsider to Roshni’s house. DD says Roshni is her daughter and like she likes Sid, she likes Yash and will do her best to get Roshni and Sid married. Naani says vinashakali viparita buddhi, arrogance and superego will destroy her and says Roshni will never come back from her in-laws house and walks out, leaving DD irked.

Sid angirly removes Roshni’s pics from his room’s walls. Roshni comes and asks what is he doing. He puts pics in dustbin and burns them. He says they wasted time in graha pravesh and should take reverse pheras and break oath which they took during marriage. He takes reverse pheras chanting the the promises he made oppositely and says he frees Roshni from all his responsibilities. After pheras, he says they are stranger staying under same roof now. She looks at burning pics and starts crying vigorously.

Sid goes to hall and asks servant to get his file. Door bell rings. He opens door and is surprised to see Yash with bags and asks if he came to stay here. Yash says he does not want to speak to him and asks to call Roshni. Sid says even he does not want to talk to him. Yash tries to enter, but Sid asks him to stay out. DD calls Yash and asks if he met Roshni. He says Sid has gone in to call Roshni but asked him to stay outside room. Sid locks door. Yash asks him to open door and stop his childish behavior. Sid says he is right, he is childish, but he will not let him meet his wife and gets in. He starts singing happily on bed. Roshni gets irked seeing him singing. Servant informs him that he is standing out still. She asks who has come. Sid says coolie has come with her lugguage and says he now remembers he is her boyfriend. She yells at him why did not he inform her before and goes to meet Yash. Yash speaks to her holding her shoulder. Sid comes and says he did see this romance even in Raj kapoor’s films. Yash says he will not change and leaves. Roshni takes bag and gets in. Simran sees someone walking out and asks Sid who was he. He says your daughter-in-law is calling her people to torture him mentally.

Servant tries to help Roshni pick her bag. Sid asks him not to and says Roshni does not need any male’s help and asks him to bring milkshake. He taunts her that her mom did not offer him even water till now, but is not like that and will give her milkshake. At night, they both get change in night dress. She asks him not to sleep with her as they are stranger now. He keeps pillow between bed and sleeps. He then speaks to his client over phone loudly. Roshni yells at him. He sends her out and says this room is his and though she is staying for 3 months, she is just a guest here and locks door.