4th Friday March update on Happy hearts 04/03/2022


4th Friday March update on Happy hearts 04/03/2022

Sania says I have ruined Rocky. Rocky says I like the know the tales of revenge of beautiful girls. She says I messed him up, I don’t spare anyone, you won’t leave me right. He says I want to become the prey of your love, you are dangerous. She says a lot, but you like dangerous girls. He says a lot. She says I really like you. She gets close. He says you are drunk now, I like to do it when we are sober. He says I m sober, try me. Chintu comes and sees them. Rocky says he is my younger brother. She says I never saw him before. Rocky says I have to put him to sleep. He gets relieved. He says I will be waiting for the tomorrow. Sania goes. Chintu says a boy is saving the hero from lady villain. Rocky says you are the hero.

Happy sees the trophy, certificates and pictures of her hotel. RV says don’t know what’s Happy thinking about me, but we have to talk. Rocky sees RV and Happy’s pic and gets angry. RV calls Happy. She doesn’t answer. Rocky says you can do anything, you have to bear with me, you will face my wrath. RV recalls Happy. His pic with Anaya falls down. He calls Anaya. She asks what’s special that you called, you used to call me twice a day, then you forgot to call me, maybe our connection broke off. She asks is everything fine, is dad okay. He says yes. She asks are you missing me, what’s wrong, what is it, its alright, tell me. He says I can never hurt you. She asks what’s the matter. He says we will talk when you return after two months. She says I need to know. He says I need to see you and talk, take care of yourself. She worries.

Happy comes to the hotel and sees Shaan. Rocky says I have come before you, there is no welcome drink, I didn’t find a suitable partner to settle down, so I thought to stay in hotel, people here can make me feel like home, vacate the big suite in this hotel and keep my luggage. He does shayari and says lets conduct a staff meeting, maybe Happy can’t absorb the reality.

He asks didn’t you speak to RV, I thought he has shown you all the proofs, I don’t have false claims. Chintu likes to stay in the hotel. He stops from calling Rocky by his name. Rocky says they already has a doubt on me. Chintu says I don’t know any Rocky. Rocky says chill here, I will order food for you. Chintu says I didn’t like it when you were scolding Happy, you make her your GF. Rocky says stay here and chill. Chintu asks about the pics.

Rocky recalls the past moment with Happy. He imagines Happy coming to him. They hug. Dil ibadat….plays…. Chintu asks why are you looking at the mirror. Rocky says what you may see maybe not for real. RV comes to Happy. He says you look affected by yesterday’s incident, I m still the same, RV. She says I took an imp decision. He asks what. Rocky comes. Happy says Shaan has shifted to hotel and called for a staff meeting. Rocky says now this hotel is mine, I will run it my way, you all don’t need to be concerned, your jobs are secure, happy?

He goes to taunt Happy and asks her to give him a guided tour to him. Rocky asks RV not to follow them, he can leave, RV has no shares in this hotel. RV gets angry.

Happy asking RV to wait, she will end the chapter today. She takes Rocky for the tour. He says I know about the USP of this hotel, the temple view. They pray to Lord. She prays to get some clue that he is Rocky. Rocky prays to find clue of his innocence and thinks he is helpless to lie. He asks about her memories with the place, her first event. She recalls Rocky and says we conduct theme based parties as per clients’ requirements. She says I have showed you everything in this hotel, I m done.

He says no, you are not done, there is a lot of work to do, this is just the beginning. She says I won’t be here to be your servant, I m resigning, this hotel is not a joke, it was my dream project, I have worked hard for it. He says you say its your dream project, so you are leaving it. She says you won’t be able to understand this. He says quitting is easier for you. She says its about difference in thinking, I can’t work with you. He stops her and says I heard it, but its my hotel, I reject your resignation. She says you have bought this hotel not me, I resigned.

He says you have a habit to do this, maybe, you can’t leave hand midway like this, this hotel is your dream project, you can’t leave it. She says you can hold on something as long as you love it, holding on it becomes a burden when love ends, I m not helpless, don’t you dare to touch me like that again, I m not your property. She comes crying. RV gets shocked and gets angry on Rocky. They both argue. Happy looks on.

Rocky says its between me and Happy, you don’t need to interfere. Happy shouts enough, you haven’t bought me, I m not your employee now, I had resigned. RV goes with Happy. She asks why did you resign, its wrong. She says this hotel is everything for me, its not easy for me, I embraced Chintu’s dream and made it mine, I gave it all, everything is snatched from me, I m tired of fighting, I have lost. Kulwant comes and asks what are you saying.

Rocky vents anger on himself. Chintu asks what happened. He falls down. Rocky says sorry, Happy can’t leave me, she can’t go. Kulwant says this hotel is mine, it means my world, everything got over. Rocky says I have prepared for this day, to prove my innocence, when Happy knows I m innocent, then what would she say, she walked away again. He cries. Happy says you trusted me and gave me this responsibility, forgive me, I tried much. Kulwant says its not your mistake. She says I resigned from the hotel, I can take up a job, don’t worry about my work, this news will spread soon, I won’t get a good job here, I need RV’s support in this.

Sandhya says no, you won’t go Delhi alone. Kulwant says you can’t go alone. Happy says I can take care of myself. RV says you don’t need to stay alone. Happy asks what do you mean. RV says I can shift to Delhi too. Rocky says Happy can’t leave the city. Simmi asks why do you feel bad, let her go, Sania has the proof of your innocence. Rocky says RV will go after Happy, she can’t leave. Simmi asks why are you so concerned. Happy asks why would you shift Delhi for me. RV says its better to have company. Sandhya asks can you really shift to Delhi for Happy.

RV says I can do this for Happy, I was in Delhi before. He asks Kulwant to let him do this. Kulwant blesses him. Simmi says RV is Sania’s crime partner, Happy doesn’t matter in this case, she will know when you are proved innocent, why is Happy so imp for you, do you have a problem of RV leaving or Happy leaving. Rocky says don’t drag the matter. Simmi says you can’t keep secrets with me, I know you want Happy to be with you, go and stop her, think of something that can stop her from going to Delhi.