3rd Thursday March update on Happy hearts 03/03/2022


3rd Thursday March update on Happy hearts 03/03/2022

Simmi telling Rocky that she knew he is innocent and spoke to Babbi, who told her everything. She says I was much in guilt, I wanted to help you, forgive me. He thanks her and asks her not to tell anything to Biji and Madhu, they are emotional and say tell anyone. He says I have to go to Sania now, she is the only one who can have proof of my innocence. He leaves. RV is on the way and calls Happy. She is busy on another call with Simmi. Simmi keeps her engaged. RV calls Happy and says Rocky is in jail. Happy asks how is this possible, I locked him in bathroom and there is no way for him to leave. She makes RV hear him. RV says how can this happen, I have seen him in the cell. Happy opens the door and goes in. She sees Rocky. She says if you are here, how did you go in jail. She asks Rocky to stop.

He gets angry and scolds her. She says I wish I knew who you are. He says I wish you knew it who I am, you did a mistake and hurt me, you don’t know how I will take revenge for this. Her hair get stuck in his watch. Lal ishq….plays…. She gets hurt. He says its an art to understand a person which you don’t have, you didn’t pay the price for it, now be prepared to pay for it. He goes.

RV asks how dare he threaten you. Happy says whatever Rocky does, we shouldn’t lose focus. She asks RV about the marks on his neck, Rocky tried to choke him. RV says its fine. She takes care of him. Khamoshiyan….plays…. He looks at her. She says you will feel better with this. She asks what will we do of Rocky. He says I don’t know how is he managing, its not possible, he was in jail, Kulwant is right, maybe Shaan is Rocky’s lookalike.

Simmi says we got saved today, its risky. He says I have to prove my innocence, I didn’t do anything wrong, I have to take risk by getting Sania back in my life, I want to love free, I m innocent. She says you have to get back in Happy’s life too, is there anything else. He says I felt Happy will trust me some how, she told in the court that she believes I attacked Smiley, she broke my trust, she deceived me. Happy says I m sure he is Rocky, whenever he comes close and holds my hand, I know I have no proof, but my heart says he is Rocky.

Babbi comes and says you can’t enter the jail without taking permission, you like to trap innocent Rocky, Rocky is innocent. He throws the papers and goes. Happy goes to attend a call. RV says if Shaan is Rocky, he has come out to find out the truth, if Happy knows the truth, she will hate me, I can never tell her what I feel for her, if Shaan is Rocky then he has to go to jail, I have to expose him before he exposes me. Rocky says I don’t know why did this happen, Babbi has got the court order, its not a problem now, I need to get evidence from Sania, RV and Grover are supporting Sania and Bhatia, but what does Sania has, by which she is blackmailing them, I need to find out, target is Sania, I will teach a lesson to Happy and RV, I will expose them. Simmi nods.

Rocky comes to meet Sania. She says I was waiting for you. She flirts with him. Rocky does shayari. He asks Bhatia how is he. He sits to give a business proposal. Bhatia asks how shall I believe that you are Shaan, not Rocky, maybe its a plan to take revenge on me. Sania scolds Bhatia. They argue. Rocky smiles. Bhatia says enough, you won’t do business with Shaan. She says I m your daughter, you have to keep me happy, else you know what I can do if you upset me. She threatens Bhatia. He gets shocked. She says sorry. Shaan asks was it a joke, you are dangerous. Sania takes him and goes. Happy says mom and Smiley are waiting for me, I have to be with them. She hears a sound and goes to see. Sania throws the dishes and shouts on the staff. Rocky asks them to get the best dish. Happy and RV come there and look on.

Sania scolding Happy and RV. She says Shaan has bought your hotel. Happy gets shocked. Sania says that’s why we are celebrating. Happy says this can’t happen. Shaan says I like to make impossible possible. RV gets in between. RV says you are testing my patience with your attitude, this hotel is not for sale, I can deal with false things every day, just leave, else the security guards will kick you out, get out now. Rocky smiles. Sania gets angry on RV. Rocky asks Sania to go and wait for him, he will just come. Sania goes. Rocky says I don’t lie, RV you are top lawyer, you can’t be fooled, I know that about you, I didn’t expect that you will present fake evidences. RV says I m not interested in solving your riddles. Rocky says even I m not interested in arguing with you, I m not a hotel owner yet, I will explain to you in your language.

RV checks the papers and gets shocked. Rocky asks him to drink water, truth is often bitter. RV says Sania and Bhatia have invested in our hotel, Shaan has paid them off and now he is our creditor, we must return money to him to keep him away from the hotel. Rocky says you are indebted to me Happy. She cries and falls down. Rocky holds her. Paas aaye….plays… Rocky does shayari…. Happy says this is not just a hotel, it was many dreams linked to it. Rocky says I regret, I won this hotel and this game, you lost. He leaves. RV consoles her. Rocky thinks this is Chintu’s dream, I will manage alone without any support, you all can’t stop me.

Madhu comes there and smiles. Rocky sees her and leaves. She blesses her son. Happy says you won’t let this hotel go from our hands, right. RV says sorry for letting you down. She says no, don’t give up, its Chintu’s dream, save this hotel by some way. He says I m sorry, there is no way left. She says no, I won’t give up, I can’t break Kulwant’s trust, I will send Shaan to the place from where he had come, I will prove that he is a criminal. RV asks her to calm down. She cries. He wipes her tears and says he won’t take away anything, I m with you, I won’t let you and your dream break, I won’t let you break.

They hug. Tujhe yaad karliya hai….plays… He holds her to kiss. She gets away and leaves. Simmi asks Happy what happened. Happy says I got this plant when I started the hotel, three years ago, I feel sad that someone is snatching the hotel, Shaan paid the investors and taken over the hotel, we have no money to drive him away, it feels like everything is slipping out of my hands. Simmi says I think you should give a chance to Shaan. Happy says no, he isn’t Shaan, he is Rocky.

Rocky makes a drink and recalls Happy. Sania drinks with him. He says you just look like Rocky, but you are so different from him. Simmi asks how can you be so sure, there are no similarities between Rocky and Shaan, how can Rocky become a businessman, by having a new identity, its impossible, you should give a chance to Shaan, maybe you get the hotel back, this is a lost battle and there is nothing to lose.

Happy says those who don’t learn from mistakes are called fools, I can’t trust any wrong person again. She goes. Rocky says even I want to know you better, closely, we always talk about me, tell me something about yourself, I heard you were close to Rocky. She says yes, I was his best friend, he didn’t value me, he cheated me for Happy. He gets angry. He asks really, when, how and why. He gives her a drink to get all the secrets out. He thinks I want all my answers.

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