31th Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi asking Pragya to take everyone and leave. Robbers come there and asks them to stop. Abhi fights with them heroically. Pragya opens the door and asks everyone to leave immediately. Abhi holds the goons and beats them. He asks Pragya why did you return? Pragya says why did you return? Abhi says I returned for you. Pragya says even I returned for you. She asks if he learnt Kung Fu. He says he learnt and uses I when the time is right. Abhi protects Pragya and she falls on him. Old lady tells the people that they have saved us and tells that they will not leave them alone and fight with them. Robber tries to stab Abhi. Abhi fights with him. Boss comes with other robbers and shoots at his own robber. He says he doesn’t need useless robbers. He asks his robbers to kill everyone

except Abhi. Just then Abhi sees commandos coming and asks everyone to bend down. They all bend down. Commandos attack the robbers. Robbers and Commandos shoot at each other. Just then a goon comes and hits Abhi on is head. He gets injured, but fights with him. Pragya goes to get the doctor. Just then his family comes and asks Abhi if he is fine. Aaliya says she will call doctor.
Pragya thinks of Aaliya’s words and goes from there. Abhi tells everyone that he will be back. He is about to come to Pragya when he sees King coming there.. king hugs Pragya and asks if she is fine. Sad song plays. Tanu comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi breaks the hug and goes. Pragya asks King about Kiara. He tells that Kiara is scolding Inspector. Kiara scolds Inspector for his bad planning. Pragya goes to her and says she shall not speak like that. Kiara says my rockstar has saved you all. Pragya asks who? Kiara points at abhi, but before Abhi could see him, Inspector says your daughter is really good. He says bye and goes. Kiara says we shall go home. Ronnie tries to shoot Inspector. Abhi sees Inspector at his goon point and saves Inspector. King holds Ronnie’s hand and makes the gun fired in air. Abhi falls down. King comes to Abhi and asks him to give his hand. He holds his hand and helps Abhi to get up. Aaliya and others come there. King asks them to take care of Abhi and says my wife is waiting. Aaliya says his wife is also here.

Pragya tells King that she will go inside once and come back. Kiara says I want to meet my rockstar and says you can meet whoever you wants. Chachi asks Pragya to come home and tells that Kiara was crying and King is having fever. King asks her to go and meet. Tarun comes there and says they shall leave immediately. He says he saw Abhishek Mehra leaving just now. Pragya looks on. They hear bullet sound as the robbers are still fighting. They get caught by the commandos. Tanu comes to hospital and tells that she dropped everyone and then she changed her clothes. Aaliya scolds her. Tanu says she wants Abhi to see a beautiful girl referring to herself. Aaliya tells her that Abhi loved only Pragya and says he don’t like designer clothes and make up and asks her to understand, she asks her to be in family’s good books. Tanu says she will kill Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to do such thing and says if she gets that then Abhi will kill her also and will become a murderer. Tanu understands.

Pragya worries for Abhi. King comes to her and tells that he never saw Kiara crying so much before. He says she tells that she loves me a lot, but actually she loves you a lot and missed you also. Chachi comes and says King missed you a lot and says I didn’t have camera else I would have recorded him. King says I need to go. He asks Pragya to come and see the papers. Pragya feels for Abhi and hopes he is fine. Abhi is unconscious in the hospital. Nurse asks Doctor to talk to his family so that they get relieved.

King telling Pragya that Chachi is not aware of their relation truth. He tells that Mr. Wick called and asked about you.. He praises Abhi for saving everyone’s lives and tells that he never thought he is a good man and can become his friend. He gets a call and tells that he has to go. Pragya worries for Abhi. Abhi is in the hospital. Dadi scolds Tanu for changing her dress and coming there. Tanu says Abhi’s blood was on her clothes, so she changed. Doctor comes out and tells that he fears that Abhi might have an internal bleeding. Aaliya says if you can’t do anything then she will get best doctors. Pragya thinks to call Abhi, but his phone is not answered. She calls Tarun and asks did you have Abhishek Mehra’s manager? Tarun says yes and asks why you need? Pragya makes

excuse. Tarun sends Aaliya’s number. Pragya thinks something is wrong and calls on that number. It turns out to be Aaliya’s number.

Pragya realizes that it is Aaliya’s number and thinks she will not make me talk to him. She calls her though. Aaliya checks on true caller. Pragya ends the call. She thinks Aaliya will scold me and make me recall the past. She thinks I will call her and asks about him. Aaliya says you? Pragya says I want to talk to your brother and asks how is he? Aaliya says you want to know how he is alive since 7 years. Pragya says I want to know how is he as I was in the bank. Aaliya asks what connection you are searching and says you have killed my Dadi and now. Pragya shouts. Aaliya blames herself for landing him unconscious in the hospital. Pragya asks which hospital. Aaliya asks her not to dare come there and says you are slow poison for him. She asks her not to come near Abhi there. She ends the call. Tanu comes there and asks Aaliya with whom she is talking to? Pragya recalls her words and cries badly.

Aaliya asks Tanu to stop her focus on Mrs. India contest and concentrate on home. She tells that Pragya just called and asked about Abhi. Tanu says Abhi kicked her out of house 7 years back. Aaliya says both of them are rekindling their love and feeling emotions for each other. She says Abhi didn’t care about himself and went to save her. She says if we don’t stop them now then they will unite. Tanu shouts and says I will not repeat myself. She says if she comes in Abhi’s life then I will do which I have never done before. Pragya recalls Abhi’s love and concern for her. She reminisces him and a fb is shown.

Aaliya asks Tanu to behave and says if she doesn’t mend then only a street guy will not look at her. Tanu gets angry and tells that Abhi hates her just as I hate her. She says Pragya acted to be simple girl and trapped him, but not anymore. Aaliya asks her not to be in misunderstanding and asks her to stop her stupidity. She asks what did you get from Abhi and asks if he saw you with love even for a second, or moment. Tanu says he saw me in party with love. Aaliya says he did because of helplessness as he was asked to do that. She says once Pragya comes back then she will take everything.

King comes to Pragya and asks if she is thinking about what would have happened with Kiara if anything had happened to her. Pragya says life would have been different. King tells that wick told that Abhi is in hospital. Pragya says we shall go and see him. READ NEXT/ MON 1ST APRIL ON TWIST OF FATE