31st Sunday March Update on This is Fate

Karina says that she was just kidding but Dadi says that they do not like it and this she should remember that she will slap Sherlin if she says something wrong for their children, Sherlin is confused and Karina asks as to what is she saying to which she says that she can also slap her if she wants to as she is an elder, Karina says as to what is this rubbish to which she says that she was just kidding and when Sherlin did this Karina was okay, Rakhi says that she worried them, Dadi asks Sarla to come with her outside and they both go outside.
Prithvi is outside Sherlin’s house and he says that his baby has gotten very irresponsible as she left the door open, he says that it might be that her mother came back and if she saw him then she will get very angry with him, he is very confused but says that he needs the Wallet and then goes inside and starts looking.

Karan finds a photo and Shristhri says that they were having an affair right in front of them, Preeta says that this proves nothing as it is only a photo, Karan says that she is just a dumbo and also adds that it proves that they were having an affair. Preeta does not agree and says that it can be just a coincidence but Karan says that he saw them together last night and they left their house separately but were together, Preeta says that he is just making this up and does not like Prithvi, she says that she also did not like her at firs but when she was not able to find any evidence then she forgot.
Prithvi is in the lounge looking for his wallet and thinks that he was sitting here with her but then also thinks that it can be in her room and goes to check it. Preeta and Karan go into the bathroom and find nowhere to hide then they both go into the shower and Preeta accidentally turns it on, she yells and Karan stops her.
Sherlin’s mother comes and finding the door unlocked feels that she must have come back and calls out to her, they all hear her and start to find a place to hide, Prithvi also comes into her room when Shristhri sees his foot and wonders as to who this man is and what is he doing hiding like them, she does not get to see his face when he hides and when she is just about to Sherlin’s mother come and after looking around she sees him hiding and thinks that she must confront him and must not let him think that she is alone and then he might attack her.
She says that why are you hiding her you naughty man and says that she will go and look for him outside, Shristhri thinks that it is her boyfriend and what time has come that even her mo0ther has a boyfriends. She leaves and then Prithvi find his wallet and runs out where she is talking with Sherlin and is saying to her that there is a thief in their house she is still on the call when she feels that someone is behind her and turns, Prithvi finds a place to hide and she says that she will hit whoever is hiding in her house with a rod, Sherlin request her to not confront the thief as they might have some weapon but she says that she will teach the man a lesson.
Prithvi wonders that Sherlin will get him killed as she is talking a calling the police he thinks that he must prevent Sherlin from calling the police and tries to call her but she thinks that why is he calling as now her mother is in such trouble, her mother asks him to come out and starts walking towards him but he very quickly hides and runs outside the door, Sherlin asks her is she is okay, she says that she is alright and will go outside to wait as whoever the person is still in the house and leaves.

Prithvi calls Sherlin and she attends the phone asking him as to what was so urgent that he was calling her, and he must know that there is a thief in their house, he says that her mother thinks that he is the thief as he went back to get his wallet, she says as to what was so urgent that he went there, he says that the wallet had his driving license and he cannot drive the car without it.

Sherlin calls Prithvi to warn him that her called the police, he must get away anyway. Prithvi says he must leave his car here and leave.
Karan and Preeta knock the door. Shrishti look towards them and asks if it was raining inside? They were about to explain, she says it’s alright. Showers get open in such situations. She tells them that even Sherlin’s mother has an affair. They were inside to look around the house to find a proof. Preeta hurried them to leave the house. Karan finds a slam book in the hall. Preeta’s phone bell rings then, it was Rakhi’s call. Rakhi asks Preeta where she and Shrishti have gone. She stops Rakesh to ask about Karan. Preeta tells Rakhi that they are just reaching, she says even Karan and Shrishti are with her. Rakhi was concerned and asks them to be here

soon, she is missing them all. Preeta promises to be there soon. She was upset and feels bad for Rakhi. Shrishti attempts to open the pin of the lock. Karan looks around to find the lock. Preeta was worried what if someone arrives.
In the party, Sherlin watches Akshay and Kritika together. Kritika tries to stop Akshay from drinking anymore. He agrees pleasantly. She thanks Akshay who was curt with Kritika and turns to leave annoyed. As Kritika stops Akshay, he clutches her arm harassing her physically and questions why she wants to control her. Sherlin thinks this is interesting, Kritika speaks to her really rudely, its good this happens to her. Kritika was upset and cries. Akshay gets normal and forces her to say I love you too, he makes her order something for him. Akshay grabs another drink and cheers.
Before the three left, Shrishti says they must wipe the proofs from here and set everything as it was.
The ladies stood together at Luthra house. Mahesh brings Chachi ji and introduces her to the family. Chachi ji wanted to meet Rishab and his bride to be. Chachi ji wasn’t happy to meet Sherlin and says Kareena must surely have found the girl. Rakhi dislikes but Chachi instead asks for a drink. Bee ji takes Chachi along her. Sarla goes behind Bee ji and Chachi to take care of them. Mahesh tells Rishab to speak to Sherlin that she must not mind about what Chachi just said. Rishab repeats his words and leaves. Prithvi comes to the party and complements Sherlin through signaling. Sherlin smiles towards him. Rishab turns to notice their smiles and wonders why she is smiling at Prithvi. Prithvi was alert and at once sense Rishab’s stare towards Sherlin. Prithvi changes his position while Sherlin continues the smile. Rishab thinks something is fishy.
Bee ji asks Sameer about Shrishti. He says he doesn’t know. Bee ji asks him to look for her soon, else it might get late. She says he looks really stupid, even though he got hair and moustache.
There, Karan came into Preeta’s way. She holds his head to stop him. He couldn’t understand what she said later and was lost in her thoughts. Shrishti watch this and thinks soon love would knock at their doors. Her phone bell rings. Preeta warns her to silence the cell phone. It was Sameer. He tells Shrishti he was missing her, the party doesn’t seem a party without her.

Shrishti takes it as a compliment and says she isn’t home and is on an important mission right now. Preeta snatches the phone telling Sameer they will soon be in party and in a hurry right now. They hurry outside.
Kareena and Rishab host the party congratulating Rakhi and Mahesh. READ NEXT/MON 1ST APRIL ON THIS IS FATE