31 Oct Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

31 Oct Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Meera and Pronita bumping into one another. Pronita says what if this thing in my hand broke then Pronita then shows a bottle that Vicky used to hit the guy (wait?! that smashed into peices!) n she says to hold Ganga they have a statement i have proof i think i might show them this as it has fingerprints.

Pronita says if she gets Ganga out of jail then she will be in Jai’s good books, now would you call this bottle cheap? and she leaves. Meera gets really worried and says she has to stop her. She shouts pronitas nae and then Daadi grabs her and called her a ‘bai’ and says will your father clean the room.. get to it.

Meera reads something in hindi and then Daadi gets her to clean up the room.. daadi orders her about alot. After cleaning the room Meera wonders what she can do. Baba is on the phone and then asks Pronita why she hasnt given the evidence to the police, baba asks where she is, he repeats the destination really loud. Meera says she will go to that place rather then the police. Baba turns around and smiles and says the plan is wrking.

Meera is driving (omgggggg! how is she steering!! ) and then gets out in this old rusty run down place, she starts to search for the bottle. Meera notices someting and goes towards it. As its broken she feels something is dug in there, she starts diggin and the police comes..

The police asks Meera what she is doing, she says she waas getting the mud as she heard it was the mud here was good.. the police dnt belive her so meera gets a handful of mud and then jewelery comes in her hand and the police say this necklace was stolen. Meera is then arrested. Pronita watches.. Pronita says Ganga was locked up for not doing anything, now you will do the same, you will stay in jail for the night. Myself and Jai will make Vicky realise his mistake.

Vidya gives a messege to Krishna from her work place, Varun tells her that he knws he is missing Ganga but she fought for this job. Vidya tells Ganga that that Ganga is suffering becuasse of her actions, Krishna shouts Ganga is innnocent its someone else.. but then she stops midway.

Vicky offers to take Krishna to work, Krishna rudely says she doesnt want the lift. Varun realises something is up.

Pronita tells the family that Meera has urgent work so she wont be here tonight and that the table side where Ganga is needs to remina empty for a few years.

Pronita opens the pots and then says that all this is Ganga’s favs. she tells Vicky to eat Gangas sahre. Rano asks why they need to open their mouths about Ganga to Vicky.

Vicky says i will take food for Ganga, Jai asks why he is so emotional about this, Vicky tells Jai he has lived his life, now he wants to..

Meera creates a scene in the police station and says i am Meera Walia. The lady inspec comes and says keep quite or else. Meera says i am Meera Walia, the inspec says a lady had said the same thing before you..

Meera asks to make a phone call and she lets her. So Meera decides to call Jai. Jai says sorry i dont know a meera and puts the phone down.. Meera is left sayin ‘hello’ lol.. Meera asks for water and the lady inspec doesnt give it.

vicky gives Ganga food and then he has a flashaback to when Meera said she wont help Ganga.

Ganga feeds Vicky sayin hes her brother, Ganga carries on feeding him and says dont worry I wont be here for long Choti ma will get me out of here.

Vicky thinks, how can i tell you that my mother doesnt want to set you free.. As he leaves the police station he passes Meera.. Meera keeps calling vicky but hes in a trance..