31 Oct Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

31 Oct Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Angry Indira spits on Zara’s face. Zara slaps her and tires her to a chair and seals her lips with a tape. Zara says that Indira has a short life left and has to die soon. Zara takes Savita’s body out of there to a site under construction and hides it behind an incomplete wall and builds it up completely. guruma says that her sixth sense is telling her that Savita has left CC and is behind some wall.

Munna asks her if she means Savita is dead. gurumaa replies positively and adds that she knows everything. Rishi tells her to prove it by telling them where Indira is. guruma says she is alive and Rishi says that they know that because Savita still does not have SN. Rishi takes out papers that would transfer SN to Savita and tells them that the paper say that no one from the family has any objection to it. Kutumb refuses to sign them.

Inder tells Rishi”agar ghee seedhi ungli. Rishi forcefully takes kutumb’s finger prints. Guruma tells them that Savita is dead. Zara says that if she knows it all then she should prove it by trekking them the whereabouts of Indira and for Rishi’s sake she will cooperate. Rishi asks Zara about why she is in a shabby state. She says in search of Savita. gurumaa gets suspicious of zara n zara tells Rishi to throw guruma out but indu intervenes and asks guruma to tell her about Indira. guruma says that there is some evil spirit bothering Indira and points towards Zara. Zara just shoos her off. Inder says that he remembers that he used to take Indira to a secret passage and Zara is shocked.guruma says that she could angel something fishy but they were not ready to believe her but now she will find Indira within 24 hours. Zara wishes her luck and says she would be happy because that would make Rishi happy. She tells inder that she is zara and not Indira, so he must have told Indira about it and not to make allegations. Inder says that he would still want to show it to everyone.

Zara tells everyone not to waste time in all this nonsense and asks Kutumb if she knows anything about the secret passage and she refuses. Zara tells Rishi that she has a backup plan. Rishi tells her to go on with it. Zara tells him to come along.
Scene shifts to a place where a child is playing around and inder sees the tunnel covered and remembers about the passage. He tries to remove the lid. Indira hears his voice. abrick falls out from the wall (same one where Zara had hidden Savita’s body) and inder sees the deadbody.

Inder sees Savita and asks her if she is playing hide and seek and keeps the brick back. Indu comes and asks him if he is searching for the passage and Inder denies by saying that he does not know anyone with the name passage .

Zara comes and backhugs Rishi and tries to kiss him but Rishi tells her to stop and tells her to get ready to go for their backup plan. She tells him to go first or Savita will get alert. Rishi leaves. Zara says that she will see to it that Rishi’s shrimatiji dies soon

policemen are disguised and Rishi reaches there. A white car comes and someone throws a piece of paper on road. Rishi reads it. it indicted him to leave the prperty papers there itself. Rishi sees Indira in the car and a masked driver. he follows the car. the car takes a turn and then Rishi sees a burning car. Driver comes out and its zara. Rishi shouts “shreematiji” and Zara comes and tells him that she is dead. he says what will happen to indu and zara says that she is there for her. Rishi says he can see Indira there. Zara says he has gone mad.Rishi runs towards the car and faints. Zara shouts out for help.

depressive Munna he’s sadly crying for savita.he has her picture in hand and looks at the picture of Sunaina he takes the marker and makes her wears the black glasses and moustache.
Indur arrives and asks why is he crying Munna tells him that he’s a such lovely person and love itself vanishes from his life.
Looking at Savita picture Indur tries to recall where he has seen savita and Munna says she used to walk around in SN she’s a good piece.
indur says some walls or barrier etc she was playing hide and seek with her hubby,Munna says what is all this he’s her hubby and he’s here crying for her.Indur says he’s telling the truth and he’ll show him where’s Savita.Munna says he’ll break Savita hubby’s bones.
Before leaving Indur wants to drink some alcohol and finally both arrive where Zara kept Savita.Indur gives Munna a hammer and tells him to break the wall.
Savita is not behind the wall and Munna asks Indur whose house he made him broke?