30th Saturday March Update on This is Fate

Sherlin comes outside and finds out that her phone wasn’t at the table. She realizes it must be with Karan. There, Karan finds that Sherlin had changed the password of phone. He tries Prithvi’s birthday but doesn’t apply. Sherlin cautiously checks that her phone was in Karan’s hand and leaves silently.

Rishab was speaking to Kareena and Mahesh and says looking at Rakhi and Mahesh he feels marriage is an important part of one’s life. Kareena assures Rishab that Sherlin is a nice girl, she will keep him really happy. Mahesh stares towards Rishab thinking that he might love someone else. Kareena wonders if there is something she should know and she doesn’t. Mahesh says there is nothing. There are people in this house who are aware what they want but they don’t express it, it’s good that Kareena knows what she wants. Sherlin comes to take Rishab along. Karan hides the phone at once, Sherlin complains to Rishab that Karan has a problem with her. She says it seems Karan hates her. Karan says Sherlin knows already why he dislikes her. Sherlin asks that because he has seen her with Prithvi? Karan seems shocked and says he thought Sherlin would hide, but she accepted herself. Sherlin says Karan is suspicious that she has an affair with Prithvi. He even blamed her character in the changing room in the mall that day. She blames that Karan has her phone, he must check his pocket. Karan gives the phone back to Sherlin. Rishab questions Karan and scolds Karan not to do this again. Sherlin says she is aware he loves his brother, but this must be useless. Karan decides he has no chance of any mistake right now, Sherlin gives the phone back to Karan and says the password is Rishab’s birthday.

Rishab snatches the phone off Karan’s hand and tries to explain to him. Sherlin complains to Karan. Rishab was irritated and shouts at Sherlin that Karan only wish that he doesn’t take any wrong decision in his life, Karan is his younger brother and he won’t listen to any wrong word against him. He sends Karan away. Sherlin questions why Rishab never considers her as right? Rishab minds he didn’t call her wrong. He hands her phone back and leaves. Sherlin was determined to bring a crack between these brothers.

Shrishti was confused. Sameer reminds Shrishti it was him and not that man that day whom she said I love you. Shrishti slips while Sameer holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock. Sameer notices Rakhi had been smiling at the door. He straightens up. Both change their tones to fighting. Rakhi comes inside to send them both to get ready for party. She was sure they will accept their emotions in front of each other one day or other, but she will tell Sarla today that she was right about them.
Sarla, Preeta and Dadi arrive at the party. Sarla presents them a gift. Rakhi was looking for caterers. Preeta was concerned as this was Shrishti’s work. She goes to look for caterers and then goes to look for Dadi’s ice pack. The ladies speak about the DJ and Rakhi and Mahesh’s dance performance.

Rakhi then takes Sarla aside to talk to her about Shrishti and Sameer. Sarla says there isn’t anything about Sameer and Shrishti, they always fight with each other. Rakhi insists that her judgment is wrong, she can see a lot happening between them and was sure she will prove this to her.
Karan thinks Sherlin must be suspicious that someone checked her phone and she changed her password after removing her proofs. But there will be a day he will open up all her secrets. As he takes a turn from corridor, Preeta fell over him. They share a moment. Karan straightens up first, he then complains for not looking on. Preeta was arguing but Karan says his mind is already complicated. Preeta asks where he is busy. Karan says he is looking for something? Preeta asks if about Prithvi? He replies no; then explains it’s a ball. Preeta says everything has a space, he must go and find it right there. Preeta walks away. The advice clicks, Karan says he now knows how to unveil Sherlin’s truth.
The caterer was late. Preeta suggests Rakhi about serving juice, then orders “Papri chaat” for starter. Sherlin hears this all, she comes to complain Preeta why she butters Rakhi so much. Preeta calls Sherlin’s mentality as a small one. Dadi comes to Preeta who was concerned for Dadi’s foot ache. Dadi introduces a lady with Sherlin as Rishab’s fiancé, but the lady mistook Preeta as the one. She appreciates her as pretty, capable and a doctor as well. Dadi corrects her that Sherlin is Rishab’s fiancé. The lady suggests Dadi to marry Preeta to Karan then. Preeta tells the lady she is already engaged. Sherlin was jealous of Preeta. Shrishti comes to take Preeta as Karan wants to speak to her.
In the room, Karan asks Preeta to listen to his plan without a question. Preeta wasn’t ready to listen to any of their plans or be a part of it. She questions if its Karan’s plan or Shrishti’s. Karan says its his. She tells him to cancel it right away. Karan holds her hand from behind. She tries to leave but he politely says please, if she ever considered him a good friend.

Karan leaves Preeta’s hand and then she is about to leave in the midway she stops and then turns and asks him as to what he has to stay’ he say that just like his family knows all about him and know about with which girl he was with and with which girl when he was just having fun. Preeta stops him and says that he should talk about the matter at hand, to which Karan says that he always kept the gifts of the girls which he liked, and he plans that he they will raid Sherlin’s house when she will be in their house and pretending to be a good daughter in law, Preeta after hearing this gets angry and says that she will not be a part of this and is about to leave.
Shristhri seeing this says that her sister is a coward and is only running because she cannot hear anything wrong about her so called

Fiancé, Karan also says that she is madly in love with her and is worried that what they are saying should not be true regarding the affair of Sherlin and Prithvi and they should have a good feeling between both of them, she also says that it is true in their case that love is blind. Preeta turns back angry at her and asks her to stop as she is not in love with
Sherlin is much tensed after thinking of what that women said regarding the marriage Karan and Preeta. she is also worried that Prithvi is now not thinking good about her and is going after Preeta and she does not know what to do after which she thinks that she will only be successful after the people in this house think good of her ad she can only achieve this by being a good daughter, she goes to the party and tries to order the waiter, Rakhi seeing this turns and tells her that she does not need to worry because Preeta and Shristhri have done a very good arrangement, Shristhri after hearing this gets angry that they have so much trust at those middle class girls.
Preeta Shristhri and Karan are in the car and going to Sherlin’s house, Shristhri asks Karan to drive fast as she is very excited to go to her house because she has never done this kind of spy thing and wants to do itr badly. Preeta says that this a bad idea to which eh asks her to stop and then Shristhri says that he is like a super spy just like a James bond movie and then while they are talking he stops the car, Preeta asks why to which he says that he cannot stop the car in front of the house because everyone knows and then the leave.

They reach at Sherlins house and are at the door, they door is locked and they all start to find the keys but are unsuccessful, Karan picks up a rock saying that he will smash the lock, Preeta tries to stop him but he does not listen and ends up hurting himself, Preeta gets very tensed and quickly goes to his aid, Shristhri says that she will do something and manages to unlock it with a pin.

Rakhi asks about karina and then take her to the corner saying that her Aunt is coming and she did not stop and did not listen to her to which her husband asks as to why is she coming, Rishab says that why are they reacting this way to which Karina sasy that he has not met her tow which Dadi says that she must let her come and not try to stop her, Karina also agrees saying that they should meet her as it has been a long time since they met her, Rishab leaves to attend some guests, Dadi asks Rakhi about the girls whereabouts to which Rakhi says that they are getting ready for the party, Sherlin laughs to which they ask her and sh says that they need to get ready in order to impress some rich boys, their mother stops her saying that it is a part and she should watch her mouth, it is a big day for Rakhi and Maghesh and she does not want to spoil it , Karina takes side of Sherlin to which Rakhi stops her saying that she must be neutral in such a delicate case. Karina says that she did not do anything wrong and girls put on makeup to impress boys but she will not indulge in any conversation that will spoil the party.
Karan and girls get into the house, and he asks them to look into the house, he also says that he will go and check the room and Shisthri says that she will check in the living room, Shristhri is saying that she should permentatly do this job and leave her designing work and says that what kind of a work will it be and is also very excited, then she sees Preeta and asks her to help her out to which she says that she will not be a prat of this,

Karan calls them from upstairs and then thy go, he says that they must all look the room, Preeta also starts to help saying that she wants this drama to end a s soon as possible.
Karan asks Shristhri to look as well and after sometime finds a photo of Sherlin and Prithvi together, he also shows it to the girls.READ NEXT/ SUN 31 MAR ON THIS IS FATE