30th June Sunday Update on kindred hearts

Adi tries to give medicine to Baba but he doesnt take it and is coughing hard. Adi calls Jhanvi but she doesnt take it. Kaka comes there and Jhanvi denied to come here, Adi says what? Kaka says i went to her house, Kaki says after what happened, how could she come here? Neha says stop Nisha, she is hurting herself, all look on.
Nisha is standing in mandir and has put her hand above aarti flame, she says to God that this is happening to Baba because of me, punish me God but not baba.

Kaka and family comes there, Kaka says Nisha it was not your fault, we know who drove you to that point, he asks kaki to bring ointment to Baba.

Adi asks Nisha to stop doing drama, Baba is ill and you are playing games? Kaka says she is praying for Baba and you are saying all this rubbish to her? Adi says what prayer she is doing? if she really repents her mistake then she would have apologized Baba and Jhanvi, she would have tried to make things right, Baba was getting fine but who will we call to make him fine now? what we will do now? Jhanvi enters there with her Maa, all look on, flame from Nisha’s aarti plate blows off with wind, Nisha glares at Jhanvi, they hear noise from Baba’s room and goes to his room, Nisha is angry.

All family members come in Baba’s room and sees him holding glass, his hand is bleeding, Adi says give glass to me, you are bleeding, Baba shouts that i dont want anyone, go away, Jhanvi says to Adi that go outside, he is not in state to listen, Adi says what are you saying? his hand is injured, Jhanvi says just trust me, you all go out of his room. All family members leave Baba’s room. Baba yells i dont want anyone, leave me alone! Jhanvi starts singing Raghupati Raghav bhajan, Baba calms down hearing her soothing voice, Jhanvi walks to lounge, Baba walks behind her and comes in lounge, family sings bhajan with Jhanvi, Baba starts singing it too, Jhanvi asks Adi to bring parsad.

Jhanvi gives parsad to Baba and says pooja happened today, Jhanvi asks him to take parsad with both hands, Baba throws away glass piece from his hand to take parsad, he takes it, Adi makes Baba sit down and feeds him parsad, Kaka thanks Jhanvi, we are thankful to you, Jhanvi nods, Raj and Neha takes Baba to his room, Nisha is miffed seeing all this, Kaka folds his hands and thanks Jhanvi, Maa nods at Jhanvi to lets leave. Adi stops Jhanvi and thanks her Maa, he says i wont forget your favor of bringing Jhanvi here, we were not able to handle Baba but Jhanvi did it, Maa says Jhanvi we should leave.

Adi says to Maa that you saw how unstable Baba’s health is, it would be good if Jhanvi stays here a little more, Maa says no Jhanvi will not stay here at this home anymore, Jhanvi has done a lot for your family. Kaka says thank you for coming, Adi says Baba is not well, he is calm now but he is ill, if Jhanvi stays here for little while then it will be good, Maa says no Jhanvi cant stay in this house, Jhanvi starts leaving with Maa but Baba stops her and says have dinner with me then leave, Baba goes to his room, all expectantly looks at Jhanvi. Maa says to Jhanvi that you are really needed here, you stay here for a little then comeback, i am leaving, Adi thanks her, Maa leaves. Jhanvi comes back in house, Nisha is angry.

Nisha is putting ointment on her hand burnt, Neha comes there, Nisha mistakenly bumps with her, Nisha says i am sorry, why did you come here? Neha says i came to take medicine for Baba, Nisha says you go and rest, it must be paining, I will give medicine to Baba, Neha says okay, she gives medicines to Nisha and leaves.
Nisha comes to Baba’s room with medicine. Jhanvi is talking on call outside his room. Nisha thinks that I will give medicine to Baba but will give extra dosage, Baba sees Nisha and gets scared, Nisha gives medicine to Baba and asks him to take it, Baba is about to take it but Jhanvi stops it by holding Nisha’s hand, Nisha says this is Baba’s regular medicines.

Adi comes there too, Jhanvi says they are right medicines but dosage is wrong, Nisha glares at her, I talked with doctor, he told me exact dosage so it would be better that I take this responsibility for tonight, Adi says Jhanvi is right, we should give right medicine at right time, Jhanvi gives right dosage to Baba, Adi gives him water, Jhanvi turns to leave but Baba holds Adi and Jhanvi’s hand, Adi says dont worry Jhanvi is with us, she is not leaving, Nisha looks at Jhanvi in fury.

Jhanvi is leaving Adi’s house but Nisha stops her, Nisha smirks at her and says that thank you for everything but.. no thanks, i called you to help me but you have helped me too much, now get done with it and move on, focus on your life. Jhanvi says and leave you destroy this family? Nisha says that’s none of your business, this is my family and my life, i can do anything with it, Jhanvi says you are torturing such nice people? people crave to get such nice family but you don’t value them, you are running behind dreams that will leave you one day, you say you love Adi? but you torture him, he will leave you one day.

Nisha says Adi is mine and will remain mine, you don’t talk about my life, who are you interfere in my life? you are a friend but you are crossing your
limits, Nisha asks Jhanvi who are you to interfere in my life? you friendship limits are crossing way too much, whenever you want, you come in Adi’s life to solve his problems and help, you take so much pain and sacrifice for one person why? you cant fool me, tell me with which right are you interfering in our lives? what relation do you have with Adi? Adi comes there and says I will answer that question for you, Nisha looks on.