30th April Tuesday Update on Twist is Fate

Abhi and Pragya manage to go inside. Neha asks Goons to leave them. Goon says we are not enjoying to keep you here, and will let you go once we get the money. Neha hopes chucks find them. Abhi and Pragya are at the goons’ place and ask each other to follow. They see the spider web. Pragya breaks it with her hand. Abhi says dirty. Pragya sees the goons and calls Neha. One of the goon hears her and informs others. Abhi pulls Pragya and holds her. other goon asks tiger not to shoot anyone. Tiger checks and shoots. Abhi and Pragya get scared.


Tiger tells boss that his finger came on trigger and that’s why shot. He goes. Pragya says they are mad? Abhi says you are big mad and asks why did you call Neha? Pragya says she got excited and called her. Abhi asks her not to get scared and make them scared. He says he will go inside. Goons drink wine. Boss says cheers to goons and says he knows little English. They hear some noise and ask goon to check. Abhi and Pragya hide. Abhi says if they are strong then I am strongest and goes on praising himself. He says someone calls me her hero and super man. Pragya recalls Kiara telling about Abhi. Abhi asks if she is jealous and says you will be jealous hearing that she is more cute than you, much much more. Pragya recalls Abhi telling her that he needs a daughter like her. She gets emotional.

Abhi telling Pragya indirectly about Kiara and says she is more cute than you. He asks if she is jealous? Pragya gets emotional and teary eyes. Abhi tells her that those who are not afraid of mouse are not strong, but those who are not afraid of goons and terrorists are strong and says he wants her to act. Pragya smiles.

Boss asks goons to make peg and says he will go and check Tarun and the girl. Abhi signs Pragya to take the handkerchief cloth from her feet. She takes it out. Abhi goes. Neha tells goons that she is feeling scared and asks them to make her sit with Tarun. Goon says we will not do anything and asks her not to be scared. Neha says I am not scared of you, but thinking of local people talks. She says they had said that this place is haunted. Goons laugh

and make sound like ghost, act. Abhi comes running to goons and asks them to save him from ghost. They ask from where did he come inside? Abhi identifies boss and calls him boss. Boss asks how do you know I am the boss. Abhi says I know seeing your style and tells that he was in the car when he saw a ghost in the Veranda/Balcony. He says she was a beautiful ghost, I though her of a woman and tried to kiss her, but she turned into a ghost. Boss says this is our place, we work here. Other goon asks if he is drunk? Abhi says I can see her there. Goon checks and says she is not there.

Abhi asks goons to flee from there. Boss asks if he is drunk and asks him to tell what did he drink? Pragya makes the flash light falls on them and then appear infront of them as a ghost. They get scared seeing her. Abhi says she will get long teeth and long hairs very soon. She will drink blood. He thinks what Pragya will move as they are seeing her. He tells that he saw ghost’s sister. When they turn, Pragya goes to balcony and scare them, asks them to leave from her house. Neha asks Pragya not to do anything and says they are kidnapped by the goons. She asks did chucks heard? Goons ask who is chucks. Abhi says chucks means witch in French. Pragya tells them that her lover was killed by her relative and she hates all men. Goons says your legs are alright. Pragya says she turned her body. Abhi says she is modern ghost. She tells that she will kill Abhi first as she hates good looking ghost. Abhi says she thinks me as good looking. He acts to be possessed and beats the goons. Pragya says did you see my strength and says she is coming down.

Pragya comes near them and acts to press Abhi’s neck. Abhi acts as if he is feeling suffocated. He acts however she signs him. She says she will kill everyone. Goons get scared and leave. Pragya asks abhi to get up and says goons went. Abhi and Pragya hug each other happily and then realizes and break the hug. Abhi says done. Neha says she is here.

Goons sit in the car. They ask where are other goons? Other goon says it is good that we are scared. Tiger tells that if ghost had entered inside them, how they would look with woman ghost inside and man’s body. Boss realizes Pragya’s hand touching him when he tried to escape from her and tells that they all betrayed them. She asks tiger to take U turn. Pragya asks Neha if she is fine. Abhi asks about Tarun. Tarun says he is behind. Abhi goes to open the rope and says you are very lucky to be saved by me. He says I am saving you who don’t like you. Pragya asks him to open the rope fast. Abhi says I will tell him all the way. Pragya says lets go. They get down the stairs when they see the goons coming and aiming guns at them.