30 Oct Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

30 Oct Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Ganga saying that she knows Meera’s plans and that Meera will take her out of jail soon. Pronita says nothing of the sort will happen Meera is using you. Ganga tells her to “shut up” and says you must be hurt seein me here right? all this sentimental stuff just to obtain Jai. She says you can never be like Meera, she gave up her life… then you see Meera killing Bani. Then Ganga says stop using your tears to get your answer, i am here cuz i want to be here. I do not want to hear anything, now you “may get lost.”

Jai says wel.. lets leave. Jai and Pronita walk out the police station, Jai asks what can we do now? he turns around and Pronita has left him alone.

Pronita is at the mandir, she says you reunited me to my children but they think im their enemy. Jai is walking the streets. She says my children are away from me, I want my children back, is this my fate? Is this what i am supposed to have? i am doin all this for my children, no one knws me.. Then Jai says I know who you are.

Pronita is shocked.. Jai says i understand what you are going through.. Then Pronita says i will accept anythng my children throw at me, Jai is shocked to hear those words. Then pronita says shes attached from the heart..

then they walk into the dark Mansion and meera turns on the lights and gets up from her grand chair. She asks if they met their daughter, Jai is quiet and then Meera guesses that Ganga said a few words to them. Meera says you told Jai that i gave the money to Ajay, you went to the mandir too, so what prasaad did you get? A earful from your daughter?

From one swift move, Ganga accepted to take Vickys crime. Poor ganga shes waiting for me at the lock up.. I will not go to save her, I hate Bani so how can i save her daughter. I love Vicky only and hes now safe in the future.

Meera says Vicky is also his son, so if he takes GAnga out of jail, he will be puttin his son in. He has no choice. So if he does anything, he will be hurt. (ooo i like the background song its la la la la la la laaaaaa!  but really fast) Meera tells Jai that his medicine is on the table and then she wishes Pronita all the best as shes always behind her.

Meera goes off singing ‘chalaaaaa!’

Pronita tells Jai that this battle is of blood not upbringing. She says Blood will now help another Blood, Vicky will help Ganga…

Everyone is at the table but no one is really eating, Aditya breaks the silence and says enough, how can we eat when Ganga is in jail (tho Varun has no probs eating! )

Meera then says i never slept all night, i wonder how she is, Aditya and crew leave. Then Jai and Pronita come and says Ganga should be punished for her crime. he then asks Vicky if he is right, then Krishna… He says we have to deal with all the mouths shoutin all the Ganga rumours, then he says as family members we should just disown her for her crimes. Exactly the same way you broke all ties with me and my  wife. What do you all say? everyone is shocked at Jai’s behaviour then walk off.

When they all leave Meera says its a good game. she then says she will win this game too.. Pronita tells Jai that they will win.

Vicky is thinking about what eeveryone said about Ganga.. then meera arrives asking about the new project. He point blank asks Meera if she will get Ganga out of jail. Meera says no i will not.

Meera explains that she is doin all this for him, for his future, if Ganga and Krishna are out the way its a good thing. She says if Ganga is free then you will be caught eventually, just go along with everything, it is just for you. Dont listen to other people, listen to your mother. She tells him that she wants him to be Walia empire boss, you will reliase in time that all this is for you, dont think about Ganga… She will handle everything. And then she walks off.

Pronita comes to a worried Jai. Jai says I cant believe i said to the other family members that i should disown her, what sort of a father am i? I cant get my daughter out of Jail because she wants to stay there, i cant tell you how i feel. Pronita tells him now to worry, Vicky will get Ganga out of jail. Just watch by tonight Meera will be in Jail, this nyt she will sleep in jail, dont worry, this is my kasamh to you.