2nd May Thursday Update on Twist Of Fate

Abhi says she is 21 years old. Mitali says no. Pragya tells that she knows Neha’s age. Tanu come and asks Pragya not to interfere.

Abhi asks Tanu not to interfere. Mitali says she is her mum and knows her betterment. Neha says I am 21 years now. Mitali says I will tell you about your age, and is taking her. Abhi tells her that Neha and Tarun love each other a lot. Pragya also takes their side. Tanu asks her not to interfere. Abhi says we shall get them married. Mitali says you have raised doubt on my decision and blames Neha for humiliating her. She asks Neha to leave Tarun’s hand. Tarun says I have promised her that I will be with her. Mitali argues. Abhi tells that even Pragya feels the same. Mitali says can you see anything beyond Pragya and says you want Neha to marry Tarun as Pragya wants. Pragya defends Abhi. Tanu thinks they are taking stand for each other like husband and wife.

Mitali asks Pragya to leave their family and asks her not to interfere. Abhi says she is still part of our family, even today her relatives are here. Mitali asks whom? Dadi says we are her relatives. Dasi says you might have broken relation with her, but not we. Tai ji says yes. Dasi says my relation will never end with her. Purab says Abhi is my brother and Pragya is my di. Tanu asks them not to regard Pragya as a family member. Abhi asks her to go. He tells Mitali that he comes to know about love when it went far from her. Mitali says don’t know why you have made it an issue and asks him not to trouble her life. Abhi says I tried to make you explain, but my decision is final. Pragya tells Mitali that Abhi is right. Mitali scolds Pragya. Abhi asks her not to tell anything against Pragya. Mitali says you all have brainwashed my daughter. She says Neha wanted to marry, so she has to choose between Tarun and me.

Mitali asking Neha to choose between Tarun and her. Neha is shocked and looks at Tarun. Pragya asks what are you saying? Mitali asks her to be quiet and says when she got fever in childhood, she kept her close hugging her and was awake all night. She emotionally blackmails her and says nobody is dear to me than you, and asks her to decide. She says there are many people who will love you, but you will get motherly love from your mum. She asks her to decide between Tarun and her. Neha runs to her and hugs Mitali. Mitali says I know that my daughter will choose me. Neha tells her that she wants both and asks her to understand that she can’t live without Tarun.

Mitali gets angry and goes to room. She comes back and shows Neha’s toys and anklet, reminiscing the incidents

related to them. She says I used to feel you in these things when you were in hostel. She says what is the use of these things when I have lost my daughter. She lights match sticks and burns her stuff. Neha cries and says what have you done. Mitali asks her to marry Tarun and says your mum is no more. Abhi asks if a Mum is selfish and tells that he will support them and get them married. He says I will do their kanyadaan. He says this marriage will happen with your wish or not. Chachi comes there and asks how you will do ghatbandhan without Tarun’s mum and tells that she felt why did she give birth to him for loving a girl whose mum insulted her. Pragya tells Chachi that Neha is a nice girl and loves Tarun a lot. Chachi asks if she belongs to Singh family or Mehra Family. Tarun asks her not to talk to Pragya like that. Chachi asks him to come and emotionally blackmails him. Tarun asks her to give him one more happiness and let him marry. Chachi also gives him choice to decide. Tarun chooses Neha and holds her hand. Chachi says how you will do marriage as I will not do ghatbandhan. Pragya says she will do ghatbandhan and tells that they couldn’t see their love. Tanu gets worried and tells Abhi that they shall wait and decide after few days. Abhi says engagement will happen tomorrow and marriage will happen within a week. He says Pragya and I will attend the marriage, if nobody comes. Tarun hugs Abhi.
Constable opens the lock up and asks King to go. King gets happy and says Pragya. Abhi tells Inspector that Neha us 21 years old and shows ID card. Inspector asks why did her mum lied then? Abhi says mother can do anything to bring her daughter back. Pragya thinks why Mr. Singh haven’t come till now. Inspector asks them to sign on the papers. King comes there and thanks pragya. Pragya says I have to come, as I had promised him.

Abhi says mistake is of my family. Neha says me and my mamma. King says she is a sweet girl and says if Tarun wanted then he would have avoided it. Abhi says my bhabhi is responsible for your condition and tells that he will call press conference and clear the truth infront of media. King thanks Abhi and hugs Tarun. Pragya is relieved. Abhi tells King that he has noticed that they love each other a lot and that’s why decided to get them married. King thinks he has love for pragya, and wants to see the same. Abhi thinks whenever he wants to see in pragya’s eyes, she turns her face. Pragya tells that even she wants Tarun and neha to marry. King says I am with you. Abhi says lovely and invites him for their engagement. King asks tomorrow? And gets excited.

Purab tells Disha that she is so courageous and went to save Abhi and Pragya. Disha says Dasi saved them. Purab says if something had happened? Disha says nothing happened and tells him that she saw garland and ghatbandhan cloth when she went to her mum. She says if they had worn bride and groom’s clothes and got married. Purab says abhi said that marriage didn’t happen, but he must have felt that it would have happened. He says Abhi has many dreams and hopes his dreams come true.

Disha tells him that Saavan is coming and nobody can stop Abhi and pragya from uniting. She plans to unite them and tells that their love is such that it gives life to even a dead person. She asks if they will make it possible. Purab says yes. Tanu gets angry on them and thinks they want to break her home.

She comes to Aaliya and complains to her about Disha and purab’s conversation. Aaliya says I have much more things to do. Tanu informs her about neha and tarun’s wedding and tells that Abhi is blindly believing on Pragya and supporting neha and tarun’s love story. She says if they reminisce their own wedding and confess love to each other. Aaliya asks her to leave her alone. Mitali hears her.

Tannu comes to the room and questions what Aaliya why she doesn’t try to solve the problem. Aaliya asks what Tannu wish; if she should tell Abhi that she disagrees with this wedding, or she is unhappy with his and Pragya’s relation. Tannu was afraid that until Neha and Tarun’s wedding ends, Abhi and Pragya may revisit their past. Aaliya says she needs some time to think for some plan. Mitali comes to the room and says they must stop Neha and Tarun’s wedding in the first place to keep Abhi and Pragya away from each other. Mitali blames Tannu for leaving Abhi free and get closer to Pragya. Aaliya also blames Mitali. Mitali clarifies that their love never let them apart, they only needed a confrontation and got closer again. Aaliya says it’s too late for the wedding

to delay. Mitali says she will surely revenge them for being helpless when she needs them.
Dadi was happy to see Pammi welcome the guests. Pragya and King arrive at the wedding and were welcomed. Dadi apologizes King from Mitali’s side. King says jail couldn’t be a better place to get sometime for himself as well. Dadi appreciates his clear heartedness, and takes him for Bhangra. Pragya asks Pammi how is Mitali, if she will come to engagement? Pammi says she was able to convince her to attend the engagement.
Pragya looks around the hall. King was excited about attending his first Indian wedding. Pragya looks around and asks about Disha then goes to look for her. King takes a leave from ladies as he needs to speak to Pragya. Dadi Masi tries to stop him but he doesn’t.

Pragya stood on the stairs being nostalgic of the days when she organized each of the function in this family. She feels peace whenever she comes here, and it seems times are still. Aaliya walks beside Pragya and says she won’t gain anything recalling the past. Pragya says until Aaliya is here, she is aware nothing would change. She wish Aaliya gets little love in her life, so that she can get rid of her hatred. She is going to meet Disha.
Pragya was walking across the corridor. She hears Abhi call someone. He was in washroom and asking for towel. Pragya notices no one was around and thinks he may be calling her.
Aaliya slips on the stairs. King holds her from her waist. Aaliya was annoyed why he helped her this way, the reiling could have supported her. Aaliya demands King to leave her now. King asks if she is sure, then drops her on the stairs. Dadis’ gather around to see them quarrel, and Aaliya walking away annoyed. Dadi thinks King and Aaliya are a compatible couple.
Abhi shouts for towel from inside the washroom. Pragya hands the towel to him. Abhi asks Sunny if Pragya has arrived, what she is wearing. If she worn Saree? Did she come with Singh? He walks out of the washroom and asks what was she doing? Pragya tells Abhi she gave the towel to him, and its better Sunny wasn’t here. She asks why he mocked Singh. Abhi decides to call King as Langoor (monkey), since they are friends and can call each other by any name.. He claims that he can even call Pragya with a lot of names as well. Pragya says it was different with her. She then advices Abhi not to speak to Sunny the way he did, Sunny is young. Abhi explains Sunny is no more a child, he is thinking about having a girlfriend. Abhi accepts he allowed Sunny to have as many girlfriends as possible, but not the one who calls him, Abhi as Superman. He says if Pragya wants to be in Sunny’s good books, she must claim to be Chuck’s aunt. Abhi at once feels uncomfortable, his towel fells off. Pragya screams at once. Abhi hurriedly dresses himself up and tells Pragya to leave now.