2nd July Tuesday Update on kindred hearts

Adi comes home and sees lights switched off. He comes in and lights turn on, he sees house decorated with lights. Kids come there and wishes him anniversary. Nisha comes there wearing nice white saree. Nisha wishes anniversary to Adi, All family wishes them anniversary, Adi smiles and touches feet of Kaka and Kaki. Kids ask Adi and Nisha to cut cake, Adi feels awkward, he cuts cake, Nisha smiles at him, all clap for them, Binni asks Nisha to feed cake to Adi, Chinni says then Adi will feed Nisha, Adi says my hands are dirty as I was driving so i cant.

Nisha says but my hands are clean, i can make him eat it, she offers it to him, kids request him to eat, he eats it but doesnt glance at her. Nisha asks if he will not wish her? Kaka says can we get some cake too? Nisha says ofcourse, she feeds cake to family. Adi comes to Jhanvi who is standing in corner, Adi says I got your message, you could send small message but thats not you, thanks for informing.

Nisha sees them talking. Jhanvi says I have to tell you something Adi sir, kids come to Adi and says lets come, Adi says i will come after changing. He leaves. Jhanvi thinks that how to tell him Nisha is behind this party plan and he has to be careful, she must have planned something, I have to warn him.

Kids recite poem for Nisha and Adi, Nisha and Adi hugs them. Binni says now mamma will perform. Nisha starts dancing, she starts dancing on deewani hogai, She comes to Adi and dances around him, Jhanvi sadly looks on. Nisha brings all family members on floor and dances with them. Jhanvi is unable to see all this, she leaves from there. Adi starts dancing with kids. Nisha silently leaves from there.
Nisha prepares juice glass, she mixes tablet in Adi’s glass spiking his juice. Nisha gives juice to everyone. She sees Adi plating with kids. Adi takes spiked juice from her. Nisha looks on, Adi looks at her, he drinks juice, Nisha smirks seeing him sipping it. Kaka says Nisha we should sleep now, all family members leave. Adi starts going to his room but his head spins, Nisha looks on, Adi feels dizzy, he goes to his room, Nisah follows.

Nisha comes to her room and sees Adi lying on bed. She closes door and turns off light. She comes to bed.

Jhanvi comes home and says to Maa that Nisha planned party today using her kids for her selfish motives, how can a woman be like her? she surprises me everyday.

Nisha brings her phone to bed, she lies on Adi and hugs him closely, she takes picture, Adi in dizzy state asks what are you doing? Nisha lies in his arms and says I am loving, very much, I want to tell you today that only I have right on you, full right, she opens his shirt buttons and takes picture, Adi says what right you are talking about?

Jhanvi says to Maa that she snatches things from people like its her right, she doesnt think about anyone, hurts everyone. Maa says what she did today? why you are so angry. Jhanvi says Nisha today..spiked Adi’s drink, i saw it myself.

Adi opens his eyes and says spiking your husband’s drinking and taking advantage of him in dizzy state is your right? Nisha is stunned, Adi says you failed again, you show me new face everyday, its good Jhanvi told me everything. Flashback shows Jhanvi coming to Adi before he could drink juice and told him that juice is spiked, fb ends. Adi says why you want to do this? you did it? Nisha says yes i did, i spiked your drink but what wrong did i do?

Jhanvi says to Maa that she is manupulator, she makes herself as helpless woman.

Nisha says to Adi that i am your wife, i miss you, i miss us, I dont wan to get separated from you, she hugs him, Adi pushes her away and says i can expect anything from you now, you still think that you did right? lets go to people who knows better and then they will decide what is right, Adi grabs her hand and brings her to lounge. Adi calls family there, Kaka asks what happened? Adi says I want to bring her another antic, she spiked my juice so she could come closer to me, take advantage of me and use it against me. Kaka says dont do this today Adi. Adi says i knew you would not trust me so I have proof. Adi asks Raj to bring phone from his room. Raj brings it. Adi shows video to Kaka in which Adi is lying on bed and Nisha hugs him and said I have right on you, full right, then how she confessed that she spiked his drink, Adi recorded everything that happened in their room.

Adi says to family that Nisha used kids for this party, she danced and distracted everyone then spiked my juice and sent Binni to give it to me, she did all that so i lose consciousness and she gets chance to get intimate with me, i am ashamed to say it, he says to Nisha that you thought i wouldnt get to know it? i am glad Jhanvi told me everything, you are so shameful to use your kids and there is Jhanvi that asked me to not spoil party as kids planned it with love, even Jhanvi knows that you planned party to something bad, Kaka she trapped you in domestic violence, she tried to get intimate with me she can present it in court and i wont be able to divorce her, Nisha says yes i did it but to save my family, Adi is stuck to give me divorce, i want dont want divorce, i dont want him to
leave me, i dont want Adi to divorce me, Adi says then why you do these antics? Nisha says to Kaki that if your marriage is breaking then you wouldnt try to save it? i just tried to save it, Kaka says enough, people of this house has broken their values, our values based on respect and honor our daughters and daughter in laws, i never thought you would stoop this low, Nisha i took you as my daughter, i never thought you would stoop this low and hurt me like this, he disappointingly looks at her and leaves. Kaki says to Nisha that you tried to tarnish your honor, woman’s most important asset is her respect and character but you crossed all limits, you broke our trust to save this already broken relation, all leave. Adi says to Nisha that I will answer back to your all antics, you need to leave me and my family, just see what I will do next, he glares at her and leaves. Nisha panics sensing she is losing everything.

Adi comes to kids room, he tucks them in bed and turns to leave but kids wake up, Adi says you both didnt sleep? Chinni asks if he fought with mummy? Adi says no, will you promise me that if anyone says anything to you but you would never lie even if your parents ask you to, they promise to never lie, they wish him goodnight, Adi smiles at them, and leaves.

Raj says to Kaka that i know what happened was wrong but dont take all these things to heart. Kaki says to Kaka that you are elder of this house, i did what you asked me to do but i am requesting you as mother that what happened today was really bad, Adi kept telling us about Nisha’s truth, we took Nisha’s side by drowning in emotions, Kaka says you are woman, cant you see that Nisha is doing all this to save her marriage,

Kaki says trapping and cheating again and again is not the way to set her marriage, Kaka says i understand her way is not good but she wants to keep her husband and kids to her, her helplessness is the reason, Raj says she is trapping Adi in everything which is not right, Adi himself said that Nisha did that with him for years, Kaka says you people are taking side of your blood but I am with Nisha, tell me Sharda if Nisha was your daughter then would do this with her? Kaki says yes i would do it because she is wrong, Kaka says you all can leave, I am with Nisha and if you people are not then you can leave, i am being on side of truth and i will stand by truth always.

Adi calls Jhanvi, Jhanvi stumbles and is about to slip, Adi asks if she is fine? she says yes, Adi says I want to thank you for helping me today, i cant thank you enough, Jhanvi says its okay, Adi says why i keep calling you Miss. Agarwal? you are my friend who has fulfilled all her rights, thank you Miss. Agarwal, i mean Jhanvi, Jhanvi smiles and thinks i am hearing his name for first time from his mouth, Jhanvi stumbles again and screams, Adi asks if she slipped again? she says no no, she gets embarrassed, Adi says I know you enough to know you slipped, thats okay, old habits die hearts right? she nods, Adi ends call, they both smile.