29th Mehek June Saturday Update 2019

Mahek takes her bag, CCTV footage falls from bag. She looks at Shaurya angrily. She takes CCTV footage and leaves.

Vicky brings Shaurya to his room and makes him lie on bed. He leaves. Mahek brings milk for him and says take off your hangover and anger both, Shaurya says listen to me please.. Mahek doesnt look at him and leaves.
Shaurya thinks that I try to solve things but more and more wrong things happen.

Mahek is lying on bed in other room with Dolly. She messages Mohit that I am sorry on Shaurya’s behalf. Mohit messages her that dont worry, I am fine, take care of Shaurya, Mahek messages him thanks. Mahek looks on in tears. Mahek opens her bag and finds CCTV footage, she says what is inside it? She opens laptop and plays DVD of her wedding. Mahek sees Shaurya calling her, she takes it and says I dont want to talk to you right now, she ends call, shuts off laptop and goes to lie on bed. Shaurya is restless without her while Mahek is silently weeping in her room, they recall their happy moments together, Kyun hota ehsas khona ka plays.

In morning, Shaurya comes out of Mahek’s room but Dolly comes out. Dolly doesnt see him and says servant is useless, didnt even put water in room, she leaves. Shaurya enters room. Mahek is wiping her wet hair, Shaurya comes there, Mahek says I dont want to talk to you, Shaurya says please listen, Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya catches dori of her blouse, he pulls her and hugs her from behind, Mahek says leave me..

Shaurya says Mahek, Mohit is like my brother, please let me explain, Mahek tries to wriggle away from him, she turns to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in Shaurya’s shoes, she stumbles and falls on Shaurya, Shaurya tries to catch her but they both end up falling on bed with Mahek on top of Shaurya, miley ho tum humko plays, Shaurya tucks Mahek’s hair behind her ear softly, Mahek tries to get up but gets lost in Shaurya’s eyes, Shaurya says you have fallen 11 times on me, Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya says I love you, I want to make everything right but I get pressuized and does something wrong, please forgive me.

Mahek gets up from him and says someday dont do something so wrong that I wont be able to even forgive you, Shaurya recalls her parents accident and leaves her hand. Mahek says if you want to apologize then say sorry to Mohit whom you slapped infront of all and Sonal whose husband you insulted infront of your hotel staff. Shaurya feels guilty.

Mahek takes Vicky’s breakfast to his room. She sees him seeing the footage. He says you can’t see it yet. I have to edit it first. She says let me see please. He says no. The glass breaks in all this. He says its okay. Breaking of a glass is good.

Mahek sees the video.. Inspector says to Shaureya the woman you are going to marry you killed her parents in an accident. I am the inspector who investigated this case. Imagine what will happen when mahek gets to know you crushed her parents under your car. Mahek stands in a shock. The glass cuts her hand. Mahek runs downstairs crying. She is totally shocked. Vicky says please listen..

Shaureya says mahek stop what happened. He runs after her. Mahek comes near pool and cries her heart out. She recalls the video. Blood is dripping from
her hands. She recalls her moments with her family. She recalls her parents. Mahek recalls when they died. She recalls always looking at their picture. Shaueraya comes and says mahek listen.. She shoves him and sits down there in tears. He says what happened? She says you.. He says I what? She says was that right that I heard? You can’t do that.

Shaureya says what are you talking about? My parents.. You can’t kill them. Shaureya is shocked. She says you can’t do that right? Please say all that is a lie. Tell me this is all lie. Someone is joking with us right? Please say something. Shaureya is silent. He recalls that accident. Mahek says tell me you didn’t do it. Please say once. Why are you silent? Please. Say. He holds her hand. Shaureya is silent. Mahek is in a shock. She is sobbing. Mahek says this is not right? Shaureya says I.. This is truth. Mahek is totally dazed.

Doli says where are shaureya and mahek? What if they have gone on honeymoon without telling me? Doli says where are you?
Shureya stands up while mahek sits in a shock. he says it was an accident. I was just 14. Please trust me. I was innocent. Mahek tries to stand but she can’t. Shaueray holds her. She says don’t touch me. Don’t even come near me.
Doli asks servants if they have seen shaureya and mahek.
Shaureya says please forgive me. This is what I wanted to tell you all this time. Mahek doesn’t listen to him. She can’t walk. Shaureya holds her. Mahek is sobbing. He says I was young. Please trust me. She says you killed my parents. You took my parents from me.

Mahek hits him. He says hit me do what you want please. I wanted to tell you all this. Doli is looking for them everywhere inside the house. She sees them in the garden. Doli says come inside we have to do the rituals. Mahek says go away from me. Just leave me alone. I dont’ wanna talk to anyone, He says please listen.. She runs inside. Shaureya runs after her. Mahek locks herself in the room. Shaureya says please let me in Mahek. Please listen to please. Please forgive me. Please give me one chance to explain. Mahek sits there and cries. Shaureya says why are you not saying anything. She cries and sobs.

Mahek breaks the stuff in the room. She recalls the video. She recalls her parents. Shaureya keeps knocking outside. He says please open the door. Give me one chance. He says I always wanted to tell you. Mahek says please go from here. Leave me alone. He says I won’t go anywhere. I will stay here with you. She says I dont’ wanna hear your voice. Shaureya says I know it was my mistake. Please forgive me. Please say something.
Mahek sits in the bath tub. The water keeps pouring on her. She is drowning. Shaureya says please listen.. Don’t do anything wrong. Mahek recalls when her parents died. Shaureya tries to break the door.

Mahek sits in the bath tub. The water keeps pouring on her. She is drowning. Shaurya says please listen.. Don’t do anything wrong. Mahek recalls when her parents died. Shaurya tries to break the door, he hits it and breaks door. Shaurya rushes to Mahek and pulls her closer. Shaurya hugs Mahek while she looks away.

Karona says to Vicky that Shaurya was very small when incident happen, if Mahek leaves Shaurya then he will breakdown, we have to make her understand, she cant leave Shaurya, no she cant.

Mahek gets ready infront of mirror but feels numb and devastated, she looks at her wedding chura and wears it reluctantly, recalling how shaurya killed her parents. Mahek takes sindoor(vermilion) and applies it on her forehead in daze. Shaurya comes there and sadly looks at her.
Karona comes there and calls out to Mahek. She gives her shagun bangles and says these are for you.

Mahek says you knew everything too Maa? Karona looks away and says yes, Mahek asks since when? Karona says trust me, we didnt know that Shaurya killed your parents in accident 12 years, when party happened in Shaurya’s restaurant and we saw your parents picture, then I got to know th truth, I panicked, I became selfish and thought about Shaurya’s happiness only, when Shaurya got to know the truth, he wanted to tell you right away but I stopped him and asked him to tell you on right time after wedding, I am sorry, forgive me, dont leave Shaurya, he will destroy and breakdown down without you, forgive my son, please forgive him. Mahek leaves from there in daze.