29th June Saturday Update on King of hearts

Yash comes and says DD she is right, Roshni should back to Bangkok and even she should. DD gets happy seeing her. Naani takes DD in to prepare food, leaving Roshni and Yash alone.

Nani says DD that she sees Yash loves Rosni and there will be more tension after he came here. She says Sid loves Roshi a lot and cannot see her with anybody. DD says if it is true, she will get Sid and Roshni divorced and get Roshni married to Yash. Naani thinks she knows whom Roshni loves.

Yash tells Roshni to forget Sid as he is not right for her, he is very manipulative. Roshni says she just wants to stay back and help DD monetarily. He tears tickets and says they both will not go now. He says they both will help DD. He thinks he loves her and soon she will

Roshni walking on the road. A driver opens car and asks her to get in. She asks who sent it. Sid comes out of his car and says he does not like his wife walking and throws flowre bouquet on her. She catches it and he thanks her. She throws it in dustbin. Sid gets sad. Driver requests Roshni to sit, else he will lose his job. Roshni agrees to it in, but asks Sid to drive car. Sid agrees, starts car, refers her as Mrs. Khurana and asks to enter car. She asks him not to call her Mrs. Khurana. He says of course she is as their divorce has not yet happened. She punctures car tyre and asks if he can change tyre in 1 minute. Sid says until he makes her propose him, he will not keep quiet. She angrily walks out. Sid says he will make her love him like she is hating him now and signs song jitne bhi tu karle sitam, has has ke sahenge hum….

Mona asks Sam where had she been. Sam says she had gone to parlor as she has an important client meeting. Mona says if she gets this order, their financial problem will be lessened. Sam says if she gets commission, she will leave DD’s house and take her to another room.

Yash calls his sister and tells her about Roshni coming to India after hearing her husband’s accident, so he cannot force her. DD comes and says he should try. She sees his and Roshni’s pic on floor and says it is his property. He says it is not his yet. She says relationships based on lie does not stay long and encourages him to go ahead and propose Roshni.

Sam with her boss reaches DD’s old house and asks her if meeting is with Khuranas. Boss says yes. Sam says she cannot attend meeting. Boss warns her and rins door bell. Rajveer opens door.

Roshni goes to her office, 2 bodyguards stand beside her. Sid comes on voice chat and says they are her bodyguards. She gets irked and walks out. He tells they can go to lunch.

Rajveer while serving tea pours it on boss purposefully and sends her to washroom. He then touches Sam and says her smell makes him mad and tries to hug her. She pushes him and asks to behave. He says he is not touching her for the first time and says he got money now and they can enjoy. He sees Kritika and Simran coming and acts as Sam forcing him. Kritika slaps Sam. Rajveer says Sam can stoop to any level to get the project. Simran asks boss to fire Sam, else she will lose project. Rajveer asks Boss not to fire Sam. Simran asks him not to be so good. Kritika and Sam’s verbal battle continues and Kritka kicks her out of house.

Yash meets Sid in a restaurant and they both continue their friendly talk. Yash invites him for lunch and says his girlfriend is coming here. Sid says even after such a strong friendship, they don’t know each other’s name and is about to introduce himself when Roshni comes and says he is Sidharth Khurana. Yash is shocked to hear that.

Sid about to tell Yash his name when Roshni enters and tells he is Sidharth Khurana. Yash is shocked to hear that. Roshi yells at Sid that he spoilt her lunch plan. Sid says he came to have lunch with his friend Yash. Yash walks out with Roshni following him and apologizing for spoiling their lunch plan. Yash says he knows it is not her mistake, but he wants to spend time alone and leaves in his car. Sid on the other side realizes that Yash loves Roshni and will have to bear the pain.

Sam comes to DD’s house and yells at her that Roshni is spoiling her life. DD asks what happened. She tells about Rajveer’s misbehavior and allegations and Kritika slapping her. DD consoles her and tells she will teach Khuranas a lesson.

Yash drinks alcohol in a bar and thinks about Sid and his love for Roshni. Sid comes and offers him a drink. They start confronting each other. Sid gives him Bangkok ticket and asks him to go back. Yash says he will not and they both continue their argument. Sid says Roshni is his wife and will come back to him at any cost. Yash asks why did she leave him then. Sid says she came back after hearing about his accident. Yash challenges that she will forget him.

Raj shows concern over Yash behind Roshni. Sid says he is very confident that Roshni will come back to him soon. He continues to tell about his belief and confidence. He hears Roshni asking secretary to send her in, goes out and tells he was thinking about her just now. She says his family misbehaved with her family and she will not tolerate it. Raj comes out and asks what happened. She tells about Rajveer’s misbehavior. Sid says he will sort this out right away. She stops him and says it is all over now and they should get divorced to let their families live peacefully.

Sid angrily goes home and beats Rajveer. Simran interferes and asks him to behave with his jija. Sid says Rajveer is a filthy bastard who tried to misbehave with Sam. Simran asks if Roshni told him about this. Sid says yes. Simran (as usual dumb chudail) says she herself saw Sam misbehaving instead and asks him to either believe her or Roshni and takes Kritika (ugly vamp) and Rajveer (spineless crook) from there. Raj consoles Sid and asks him to relax.

Rajveer tells Kritika that they have to not let Roshni and Sid unite for their benefit and says he has a plan.