29th April Monday Update on Twist is Fate

Neha thinks where did Tarun go? She sees goons kidnapping and taking him in car. She tries to stop them and gets kidnapped by them too. She tries to call Abhi, but he is still busy talking to the dhaba owner.

Aaliya telling the client on call that Abhi will come and meet you. Tanu asks how did you know? Aaliya says Bhai told someone that he is in Rajghat and will come there. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi and Pragya are singing songs. Aaliya says they are with Neha and Tarun. Tanu says all love birds support each other. She asks her to take her there and says if she returns then we will lose everything. Pragya laughs. Abhi also laugh and asks why is she laughing? He says I am laughing as my teeth are like pearls. Pragya says my teeth is more precious than yours. She looks for Neha and Tarun and says where did they go? Abhi says they must have eloped. Dhaba guy comes and tells that they are kidnapped. Abhi asks what are you saying? The dhaba guy says they are kidnapped by the local

goons after the latter read this advertisement. He says all goons went in the same car and says there place is near by. Pragya says we shall inform Police. Dhaba guy asks them not to do mistake else the goons will flee from here and says Police is with the goons. The goons take Tarun and Neha to the place. Neha asks them to leave them. Tarun asks them what do they want? A goon asks another goon Sonu to call on the number. He tells Tarun about the advertisement and asks him to think how much they will take for his kidnapping. They tell that they will ask for 1 crore.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Pragya says Chachi can’t give adv as she don’t have much money. Abhi says Adv was on king’s name. Pragya says he is in lock up, how he can give Adv. Abhi says why are we arguing? He gets Disha’s call and tells her that they were on the way when Pragya, Neha and Tarun got hungry and they stopped to have food at the dhaba. Pragya says I am listening.

Abhi says we got to know that someone gave the Missing Adv of Tarun and offered prize money. He says neha and Tarun got kidnapped. Disha says actually that Adv was given by Mitali Bhabhi, she was very angry with Tarun, she didn’t think that Tarun can get in problem. Abhi says I promise that I will bring Tarun and Neha home, he is also our responsibility. He ends the call. He says I know what are you thinking? Pragya says mistake happened from your side and both Tarun and Neha are your responsibility, we shall search them together. Abhi says I am sorry and says I am not like you, who does mistake and don’t apologize. He says it was your idea to stop at the Dhaba, I agreed for you and it would have been good if Neha and Tarun fainted. He says I didn’t agree to locals and stopped at the Dhaba. Pragya smiles and says his scolding seems to be nice and thinks they will search them. Abhi also thinks the same.

Disha tries to call Purab. Dasi comes there and asks what happened? Disha says Neha and Tarun are kidnapped and tells everything. Dasi asks her not to worry and says I have money and will give money. She asks her to come and says we will not tell anyone, but just Suwarni Didi. Mitali gets the call. Suwarni Dadi asks her to end the call. Kidnapper is on call and asks if this is King’s house. Mitali says yes. Kidnapper asks her to hear their deal. Mitali asks if they have the girl who was with Tarun? They ask her to bring 1 crore money and take the girl and the boy. She gets tensed and tells Dadi that they were kidnapped. Dadi scolds her and asks why did you give the Adv when Abhi and Pragya were taking them back. She says I hope Disha and Dasi bring them back.

Tanu thanks Aaliya for help. Aaliya says you will again ditch me. She asks her not to hide anything from her. Tanu says I never hide anything from you. Aaliya says you have hidden Nikhil’s truth from me. Tanu says she did for their betterment, now Police is not after us. Aaliya asks really and says she will U turn. Tanu asks her to take U turn if she thinks she is going for her only.

Abhi and Pragya come near the goons place and search for the way. Abhi sees the car. Pragya says lets go there and bring the kids. Abhi asks her not to think of fighting and says goons are not waiting for you. He asks if she is mad? He says they will kidnap us also and will ask for 1.5 crore. Pragya asks why? Abhi says 50 lakhs each for Neha, Tarun and me. Pragya asks if they will not take money for me. Pragya says they will give money for you. She says she has experienced to save him and says she had rescued him when he went to bring Disha and Purab. Abhi says even I have saved you and is an expert. He says I am Samrat Ashok and will save the kids. Pragya asks him to tell that he is worried for her. Abhi says I am a savior. Pragya says I don’t know Judo and Karate, but knows girls’ slaps. She says goons will come here and calls goons. Abhi keeps his hand on her mouth and says it seems you like me to keep hand on your mouth. Pragya bites his hand. He moves back and smiles.

Abhi asking Pragya not to underestimate the goons and says even a dog is tiger in its place. Pragya asks why are you talking in this language? Abhi says I will become rowdy to get them freed. Pragya disapproves his idea. Dasi and Disha are in the car. Dasi asks Disha what you would have done if Purab don’t pick your call. Disha says then also I would go to save them, she says she needs courage and not money to free them. Dasi gets impressed with her. Pragya tells Abhi that she has an idea and shares with him. Abhi laughs and says this idea will not work. Pragya says you are scared that it will work. Abhi says bhootni. Pragya says it will work, trust me. Abhi asks where is the stuff to work out this plan. Pragya says she will arrange and asks him to come. Tarun and Neha are

in the captivity of goons. The goons ask each other what will they buy with the money.
The goon tells that he will buy German gun and will kill many people. Tarun tells Neha that he don’t know if Abhi and Pragya know that they are kidnapped. Neha says they are smart and will know. Pragya shows the white curtain and says she will wear it as saree. She asks him to go that side and says she will wear it as saree. Goon sees Neha trying to open the rope and asks Tarun to open the rope. He tries to open the rope. Goon gets angry and slaps his goon asking other goon to tie them separately. Neha asks them not to tie them separately and requests them. The goon Sonu tells that they listen to their boss only. She asks them not to separate them. Goon slaps Tarun and says your lover will get beaten till you speak. They take Tarun from there.

Pragya comes wearing white saree. Abhi says this idea will not work. Pragya says you are scared that my plan will work and I will take the credit. Abhi says ghost are scary, but you are beautiful. Pragya smiles and says bhootni has woken inside me and asks him to make sunny deol inside him sleep. Abhi gets upset. Pragya argues with him. She tries to wear the anklet and says she has to press the hook. Abhi makes her sit on the car’s front side and makes her wear anklet. Allah Wariyan plays……Abhi says it was easy and asks her to come. Pragya says I will make them scared and then….Pragya says we will first go inside and check how many goons are there. She starts walking with him. Abhi says you are wearing anklet to scare them and not to alert them. He tears his handkerchief and ties on her feet. They are about to come inside, but hides seeing goons. Goons check the place.