29 Oct Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

29 Oct Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi asking the guests about Pragya. Someone informs him that he saw her going upstairs. Tanu and Aaliya ask the CCTV camera operator to show them live footage of the cold storage room. Aaliya says Pragya will not die so soon. Tanu says she don’t want to miss any moment. Nikhil comes and says he has locked her in the cold storage room and that door couldn’t be open from inside. Operator says now you can see all angles. Tanu says she don’t want to miss seeing her death. Operator says one angle is missed and shows that. They see Pragya shivering with cold. Tanu says why she is not dead till now. Nikhil says I have not poisoned her. They see Pragya calling for help and trying to open the door. Tanu says she will become late Ms. Pragya Arora. Aaliya appreciates Tanu’s
plan and tells that now she will marry Abhi. They all laugh on Pragya.

Sarla thinks to call Pragya and asks about party. Janki says Beeji will get angry if she comes to know that they called her. Sarla says she will talk to her when she comes home and gets busy in work. Dadi and Dasi worry about Pragya and Abhi. Purab says they will be together and says if they are together then it will be good. Dasi says it will be good if they romance. Purab says I feel like Abhi shall forget that she is someone else girl friend and shall propose her. Dasi says yes. Dadi is happy. They say cheers and drink cold drink. Aaliya says it is very enjoyable to see enemy’s death. Tanu asks why she is not dying. Nikhil says she has less mind, and tells her that when a person dies of cold, then that person dies slowly. He says now she is feeling cold, then her blood will get cold and she will shiver fast and her face will turned white. Aaliya asks what will be the last stage.

Nikhil says now it seems her blood couldn’t move in her body and says she will be like a dead body soon. They make fun of her helplessness. Nikhil says she will turn blue. Tanu says she will become Ms. Zombie. They laugh. Nikhil says when blood stops reaching her brain then she will see different colors of hope around her. She will feel like someone will come and save her. Aaliya says hallucinating. Nikhil says yes and says for example, if abhi comes to save her, she will not recognize him as her breathe will stop although she tries to last breath. He says there will be no heart beat voice, just silence and watch voice. Aaliya says she will die. Tanu says she will have a cold death.

Abhi comes there and calls Pragya, thinks why she will come here and for what? Pragya is shivering and thinks how to call Abhi. She thinks I should have called Abhi once and talk to him. Pragya sees Abhi and tries to make her voice reach him, but he couldn’t hear her voice. Abhi wonders where is she? Pragya says I am here……Aaliya and Tanu see Pragya knocking on the window and tell that she is hallucinating. Nikhil says it is good that she will die as the final stage is near. Aaliya asks Nikhil to bring Champagne. Tanu asks him to bring fast and says I want to have my glass when she is taking her last breath. Abhi thinks to call Pragya. Abhi thinks to go back and check. Nikhil brings Champagne. They have it. Abhi finds Pragya’s watch there and calls her. Pragya feels much cold, shivers and falls down on floor.

Abhi thinks may be this watch is fallen while she is going out, but somewhere he feels that he shall check once. He comes inside the cold storage and calls her. He is shocked to see her lying on floor. He asks what you are doing? Pragya shivers with cold and says you have come. Abhi says yes, and asks what she is doing here? Pragya says our life will become party. Aaliya says Pragya’s barsi will be our happy party and is shocked to see Abhi and Pragya together in the cold storage. Nikhil asks her not to drink much. They see Abhi there. Tanu says he is really Abhi, and asks if I am also hallucinating like her. Abhi says nothing will happen to you. Tanu says who told him where is she?

Aaliya scolds Nikhil for leaving clues for Abhi. Nikhil says I asked Tanu to keep Abhi with her. Tanu says what can I do when he don’t want to be with me. Aaliya says what will happen now, he will save her. Nikhil tells them that the door is locked and Abhi is also stuck in the cold storage room. Aaliya scolds him for risking her brother’s life. She says she is going to save her brother. Abhi tries to wake up Pragya as she faints and shouts for help. He sees the door locked and thinks what will happen now. Nikhil asks Aaliya to wait for 5 mins as Pragya will die soon and nothing will happen to Abhi. Tanu asks her to wait for 5 mins. Nikhil asks her to open the door after Pragya dies. Abhi calls Purab, but he is busy dancing with Dadi and Dasi. He then calls Aaliya. Tanu asks Aaliya not to pick call.

Abhi thinks how to save her. He checks her heart beat and thinks it is dropping and she couldn’t take breath. He thinks I have to save her……….and rubs her hands and feet. He pumps on her chest and says you can’t leave me and go. Pragya coughs. Abhi asks her to open her eyes. He then gives her mouth to mouth respiration/CPR to revive her. Tanu gets angry and breaks the things in room. Aaliya asks Nikhil if he wanted to bring Abhi and Pragya closer, and says lets go. Abhi covers Pragya with his suit to stop her from shivering.. Pragya gains consciousness and asks him to go else he will feel cold too. Abhi says you are my best friend, how can I let you die, says he will die with her. He says you are my bestfriend in this birth and in next birth you will be mine and I will be…… Abhi reminisces old moments and tells Pragya. Abhi hugs Pragya. Pragya asks if he remembers everything and says it seems you haven’t forgotten anything. Abhi asks what do you mean. Dadi tells Purab that she can’t dance anymore. They sit. Purab tells Dasi that she danced well like youngsters. Dadi says she made me tired today. They laugh. Purab sees Abhi’s 4 missed calls and tells Dadi. Dadi asks him to check. Abhi says I haven’t forgotten anything and remembers your habits, your fights, love etc……Pragya smiles….Abhi also shivers….Purab calls him. Abhi picks the call and tells Purab that they are in the hotel basement, and are stuck in cold storage. Purab is shocked and says I will come there. He informs Dadi that they have to rush there. Aaliya blames Tanu for calling Nikhil and says if anything happens to Abhi then I will press your neck. Tanu says you was appreciating his plans. Aaliya scolds her and asks waiter about the cold storage. He says it is in the basement. Purab, Dadi and Dasi also go there.

Pragya asks Abhi what he is seeing? Abhi says I am seeing you as if I die, I want to see you last. He asks her to talk to him. Pragya asks him to save himself and go from there. Abhi says Purab is coming to save us. He asks her to continue talking and says my oxygen stock is ending, and I can’t give you any more oxygen. Pragya asks are you joking? Abhi says you only said that we have to take life as it comes…..and says it is upset with us, but I am very happy as my fuggi is with me…..Pragya hugs him. Abhi says I can’t go far from you. Purab, Dadi and Dasi come there, followed by Aaliya and Tanu. Purab calls Abhi and finds Abhi and Pragya shivering with cold….He tells Abhi that he will lift Pragya, but Abhi lifts Pragya and takes her from there. Nikhil says they have won and we have lost, their love won again, don’t know how much they love each other…

Abhi takes her to room. Purab asks him to sit. Dadi asks Pragya if she is fine? Pragya nods. Purab tries to cover Abhi with blanket. Abhi says I am fine and asks him to take care of Pragya. Dadi says we are here to take care of her. Abhi says if she is fine then I will be fine. Purab asks do you want anything? Abhi says water? Robin brings water. Purab asks Abhi to take care of himself for pragya. He says we shall leave them alone in the room. Dadi and Dasi go to make soup. Purab asks Tanu and Aaliya to leave. He asks Abhi to rest and says he will send soup for them. Abhi is sitting at Pragya’s side.

 Abhi taking care of Pragya. Purab tells Dadi and Dasi, that he is thinking not to tell anything to Sarla or Beeji else she will get tensed and angry. Dadi says we can’t hide as she is Pragya’s mum. Dadi says if she is informed then she will scold Purab first, then Pragya. Dadi says she will not leave us also. Dasi says once she gets fine, we will see.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she did wrong to scold Nikhil and says this plan failed because of Abhi. She says don’t know how Abhi came to know that she is in danger and went to rescue her. She says Abhi crossed all limits and gave her mouth to mouth respiration. She says she will ask Abhi why did he do this? Aaliya asks how you will ask him. She asks will you tell him that you was watching him on CCTV camera and was
waiting to see Pragya’s death. Purab comes there and asks what did you say? Aaliya says she was scolding Tanu as she was with Abhi. Purab asks if it was not your plan? Aaliya says no. Purab says how did you reach cold storage without knowing about his whereabouts. Aaliya tells that a waiter informed them that rockstar is locked in cold storage and that’s why they ran towards there. Purab says I don’t believe you. Aaliya says we are saying truth. Purab says if I came to know that you are lying then….