29 Oct Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

29 Oct Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Pronita says you have no where to go as Ganga gave the outhouse to the others. Pronita says blood has a lot of strength.. blood is thicker then water! Pronita says as days go on your existance will decrease.. so you better watch it!

Meera is angry.. Pronita then says the fake motherly feelings you are playing on my children will be a slap on your face later. Meera is left thinking.

Rano tells an almost bold Tony that he forgot the bread and Aditya talks about his mother. Raashi suggests a shanti pooja. Rano agrees sayin Pronita has ruined the peace in the house. Aditya agrees.

Krishna comes back from her Airhostess job. Vidya asks whats in the briefcase, Krishna says its a parcel to the Mumbai branch.

Vicky and Krishna are tlaking and Vicky tells her everything thats happened.

Jai is looking for things and Pronita goes to help him, Jai asks how she knew that he kept his watch in the draw. Pronita says i saw you put it there yesterday. Jai thinks for a while and then smiles back at Pronita.. well a weak one.

Pronita says thank God i was saved. and goes to help Rano and raashi.

Aditya praises Rano and Raashi for their skills in gettin the pooja ready. Daadi then comes, Aditya tries to explain everything and asks where the other daadi is..the one with hearing impairment says shes gone America. Aditya celebrates and says they should all go too..

Daadi cries sayin her son doesnt like her. she calls Raashi Roshini and then they have this scnee where aditya says he loves them all.. Daadi gets happy.

Ganga is shoutin at the servant that they never served Ajay’s grandparents. The guy apologies.

Pronita appears and says theres a pooja going on. Relax. She lets the servant bring the breaky.

Ganga is taken to one side by Pronita and says i was hopin you could bring ajay’s grandparents to the pooja. Pronita lets Ganga decide. As Pronita leaves you can hear Ganga asking the grandparents to the pooja.

Pandit calls for the items and as Pronita goes to give it. Rano grabs it instead. Meera tuts and smiles then walks off. All assemble and when Pronita sits the others look at her.

Aditya gets up and says wait a person who isnt part of the family isnt allowed here.. rano completes the sentence by sayin esp not those who ruined the peace of the house..

Pronita gets up and goes to stairs to have a little cry.. Jai comes and says why arent you sitting?

Jai asking Pronita where she is goin leaving the pooja. He grabs her hand and then he pulls her to the seating area. He tells the pandit and he and his wife are ready. Aditya then announces that no one will sit if Pronita takes part.

Jai calls the family hypocrites as Aditya before on Vicky’s bday had said never show your ego to God. Jai says, so if you leave this pooja, are you insulting Pronita or God? What do we all want? Peace in the house right, so sit down whats your problem, however if you want to leave, then do so, it doesnt effect me. Jai and Pronita sit at the pooja then eventually everyone else does.

Krishna asks for Ganga, and then she appears. Drums roll and almost every instrament on this planet and she brings the daada daadi in. Aditya asks who are these people. Ganga explains that the person who is struggling for life’s grandparents. Aditya praises her. Aditya says its okay for the old couple to sit in the pooja (yet he said no outsiders before)

Ganga and Meera go to one side to talk. Meera says you bought them to the house? What if the police know about this? Ganga says its just a pooja. Ganga gets all soft and says what else can be good if their son gets better and then leaves.

Meera thinks Ganga is leavin her side.. Pronita enters and says you must be feeling bad. It didnt take Ganga to bring Ajays grandparents to the Walia Mansion, it wont be long till she knws the truth.. have the Holy Food may it give you strength hehehe!

Pronita distributes the Holy Food to everyone, Meera thinks the family are goin the opp. way and Jai watches. The Daadi prays she gets far in life.

Ganga thanks Pronita for the idea of bringin the old couple to the pooja and states not to extend her hand in friendship towards her.

Meera gets a call and she goes to leave Rano stops her and she says im going to the office.

Then everyone is shocked esp Vicky.

The police come to the Walia Mansion and talk to the Daadi and Daada. The Daada praises Ganga and the police asks what organisation she works for, Ganga says she works for different social worker comapnies. Ganga explains what she did, changed Ajay’s hospital area. The inspector says for a person who likes to club and drink you’re helping out?

The Daadi says you are letting the person who almost killed my child free, but your interrogating Ganga, the person who saved him. The inspector says things are not what they seem. The inspector leaves.

Pronita consoles Ganga and then Pronita tells the couple to take the Holy Food to Ajay, the daada asks the family to go with them to the hospital. Jai gets a call from abroad and says he will come later.

The family leaves. Krishna is on the phone to Meera and tells her that they are at the hosp. and gives the name. Meera says she will be there in 10mins.

The Doctor announces that Ajay is alive and awake. Vicky, Ganga and Krishna are all worried.

The Daadi says its thanks to the Walia’s that her son is alive today. Ganga, Vicky and Krishna are worried. They enter the room one by one.

They all crowd around the patient (wheres the  2 person rule!) the police asks Ajay who hit him.. Ajay goes to point at the person.. he waves past Krishna.. and Vicky.. but he seems to be pointing towards Ganga. Ajay says ‘Ganga Walia’