29 Oct Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv 

29 Oct Episode

Meher instigates Zara against Rishi.
Indira sees Rishi crying with his eyes closed. She goes and wipes his tears and kisses his cheek and gets flashbacks from the day at court and the morning after they had consumed their love.She kisses his forehead and Rishi thanks her and addresses her as Zara. She continues.
After resisting a lot against Meher’s instigation, Zara goes to Rishi and sees Indira kissing Rishi.
She stops Indira. Rishi is confused and realizes that it was Indira with him and not Zara. Zara pulls Indira and takes her downstairs and tells everyone that she will kill anyone who tries to intervene in her married life. Rishi tries to tell her that it was just a misunderstanding when Indu comes in with flowers for decorating the room. Zara is fully convinced.
Zara leaves the decision to Rishi and leaves.
Indira comes and hugs Rishi but he shoos her off and says its wrong.
Sharmas decide to carry on with the Guru ma plan. Rishi gives Indu a bridal wear to get Indira ready.
Savita and Kutumb start planning. Munna tells guruma to continue and leaves. Guruma gets a call and reassures the caller that she will give the money soon.
Inder advertises sa re ga ma pa grand finale
A follower of guruma eavesdrop and tell the plan of sharmas to guruma.
Guruma leaves and decides that she will not let it happen. She however forgets her sandals behind
Meher is talking rubbish about Rishi but Zara tells her to stopThe show starts with Zara objecting about Rishi leaving her for Indira.she says to Meher it will be her nuptial night today and no one can snatch away her hubby.

Indu and Seher gets Indira and her room rady on the other side Zara also is getting ready as a bride.
They both sit on the bed waiting for Rishi who enters so sad in SN.Rishi says to God what a destinyy he got.Indira is playing with the flowers like a kid and both girls leave seeing Rishi.
Zara is very disturb and sad and Rishi stops in the mid way giving a second thought where to go.He directs towards Indira room.The girls are happyIndu brings Indira in the barsati and goes tell Zara that her father has been in Indira room.

Zara is shock she runs outside searching for Rishi in Indira room,Indu is happy on seeing Zara sad, Zara can’t find Rishi and Indira in their room and looks upstairs seeing Rishi going in the barsati he sees Indira standing and brings her with him inside.He closes the door and Zara feels shattered.Indu locks the door from outside.Zara thinks to herself and says she told Rishi never to let her down just wait and watch what will ZR kumar do next.

Rishi closes the door and says sorry to Indira thinking she’s Zara.Indira acting childishly.He says he knows this is wrong but he promised to Indu and he’s compel to do it…Indira is not answering and he wants to leave.A shadow like someone enters the room and with a wooden rod beat Rishi on his head.He falls down unconscious.The person shuts Indira mouth and takes her away carrying her strongly.He bumps into Indur and falls down while Indira tries talking to Indur but with the tape on her mouth goes on muttering…
Indur thinks well after they left and tries to follow them after knowing it is Indira.But he stops at a certain point and sees Zara coming from the other way.
Indu and Seher call everyone after noticing that Indira has gone missing.
Indu calls Kutumbh who’s keeping some ropes in the cupboard …
Sunaina enters SN barefeet and tells hher girl to wash her feet with lots of dust.
Everyone gather in the barsaati to awake unconscious Rishi.Rishi asks where’s Zara who says she’s here entering the barsati.Rishi says he thought someone kidnapped her but this may be his dream.Indu corrects him saying she sent Indira in Rishi room and Zara in Indira room but her mom doll is here where’s her mom.Rishi gets to know that Indira was with him.He asks where’s she and Indur enters saying what happened with him on the road and he was not able to look at the kidnapper as it was dark but the kidnapper was wearing a white shoes,he saw it when he fell down. Inder says that he has a doubt that Zara has kidnapped Indira. Zara brushes him off and says that its all non sense. Rishi questions Zara about her presence there. zara says she was following the shadow. Guruma questions on her being a cop. Zara says that she is sure that its their plan because Indira is the owner of sharma nivas. Zara spots marks (due to some rope) on kutumb’s hand and questions her about it. Kutumb objects and tells Rishi not to suspect her. Rishi shouts and asks everyone to stop and leave. Indu teary eyed apologises to Rishi. Rishi tells her not to cry and tells her something (muted)

guruma packs her bags and starts leaving but indu his her using slingshot and tells her that she can’t leave before the police arrives. kutumb , savita and munna pack their bags , Savita hides something and kutumb asks her about it. Munna and Savita ask her about where she was. Inder tells them not to leave and tells them that police is coming for investigation. Munna is worried that finger prints would get him in trouble. Savita decides to remove the finger prints. Zara checks the room. Rishi comes in there and demands for the truth to which Zara says that even though she had grown selfish but she isn’t behind all this. Indu calls Rishi and Rishi leaves.