28 Oct Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

28 Oct Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu telling Abhi that it was their bachelor and bachelorette party. Abhi says I forgot and teases her. Tanu thinks if Nikhil started his work. Tanu and Abhi are dancing and she hurts her nose. She asks the waiter to give ice and scolds Abhi. She asks Abhi why he is worried about Pragya and reminds him that he is marrying her and not Pragya. Abhi says you are jealous of her and behaving childishly, and goes upset. Tanu thinks I shall keep him with me. Nikhil pays money to two men and asks them to do the work well. Pragya searches for Abhi. Nikhil in a disguise of a sardar tells her that there is a problem in the cold storage of wine and icecream, and Abhi got furious. She asks if Abhi got angry? Nikhil says yes, and asks her to come to cold storage there. Pragya asks him
to take her. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks what he is doing? Nikhil acts and tells that Abhi is much annoyed. He takes her to cold storage. Tanu calls him again.

Pragya asks if he got call again from cold storage guys. Nikhil says no, and asks her to take lift and go. He thinks Tanu is not having patience. Tanu thinks because of Pragya, today might be her last day with Abhi, and thinks it will be Pragya’s last day. She wonders where is Nikhil? Nikhil comes as sardaar and takes out his fake beard. He tells that he has sparkled her bad destiny. Tanu asks if he did the word. Nikhil says she was walking and acting as cool, now her coolness will take her life. He tells that he will lock Pragya in cold storage and she will die due to cold. Tanu hugs him and says you are too good. Aaliya comes and asks why she is romancing with Nikhil in her bachelorette party with Abhi. She asks Nikhil why he came there in sardar get up, and says have you both lost your mind. She says you was pregnant with his baby and again wanted that. She says if you love each other a lot and couldn’t control then marry each other, why you are ruining Abhi’s life. She says you have accepted that you lost it and that’s why thought Nikhil is the last option. Nikhil tells her that Tanu was thanking him as he planned to kill Pragya. Aaliya asks what? Nikhil and Tanu share their plan with her. Aaliya smiles.

Tanu asks her not to get angry or scold her, and says this was needed to do with her. I will snatch her life from her, if she ruin my life. She says Abhi was giving her attention, but when I tried to dance with him, he hurt my nose. She says she called Nikhil and took his help. Aaliya says it was a perfect plan and says I want to see her dying. Tanu says even I want to see, but if we go there, everyone will doubt. Nikhil says you can see her dying. Aaliya is happy. Tanu asks how? Nikhil asks them to go to second floor and wait for him there. He says I will take Pragya to her death and says good bye. Pragya goes inside cold storage. Nikhil comes there and says Abhi is having fight with manager. Pragya says no voice can be heard. Nikhil says it is so big and asks her to make him understand. Pragya asks him to tell where is he? He takes her inside and silently hides. He locks it. He says now my destiny will open, and you will become coolest and die. Nobody will save you. Pragya tries to open the door and feels cold. She cries and calls for help.

Nikhil thinks Pragya’s body temperature will get down and her soul will go up. Abhi asks if Pragya got angry seeing him dancing with Tanu. He then thinks she must be with Purab and sees him with Dadi and Dasi. He asks him if he called Dadi and Dasi there and asks why didn’t you inform me. Dadi says they wanted to see who will look hot specially Pragya. Abhi looks on. Abhi asks about Pragya. Purab says she must be here and asks him to search her. Abhi asks the guest if he saw a girl going from there. He says yes, he saw hot and cool girl going out, may be to washroom. Abhi asks his girlfriend if he is a jeweller who sight is sharp. His girl friend gets upset.