28 Oct Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

28 Oct Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

The police asking about Vicky, the bar tender tells the inspector that Vicky is upstairs, Meera asks what is going on and the police officer says they want to interogate him. They go upstairs. Meera is worried that the police will find Vicky betting. Meera follows the inspector upstairs. The police officer calls Vicky downstairs so he can talk to him and his sisters. Karan says we got a call that the police is coming. Downstair, Vicky is being asked questions and Meera in sign language tells Vicky what to say. The inspector asks about the fight, Vicky denies knowing anything about it. The inspector tells Vicky the story about the guy who was hit on the head.

As the inspector leaves a guy appears and says they were in the pub too, pointing towards Pronita and Jai. Pronita says i was present, the inspector asks if she knows or recognises the person who hit the innocent guy. Pronita says she saw the guy get his on the head and that there was a commotion. Pronita says i only saw the guy who got hit face not the hitter. Jai is shocked that Pronita never told the truth, Pronita walks off and Jai follows. Everyone slowly leaves and Vicky says thank God she was quiet. Meera says the reason Pronita was quiet was that she wanted to have Jai on her side, thats why she never told the truth. Ganga says she’s a cunning lady. Pronita reflects on that event and then tells the baba that she couldn’t tell on her children. The baba says any mother would do the same, so don’t worry about it. Pronita explains that she was quiet as she wants her children to admit their mistake rather then someone point it out for them, she has faith she will get them on the right path. When Pronita walks off the baba says its going to plan.

Varun and Vidya come to Rano. Rano says i have full faith in Vicky etc, then Vidya asks why are you worried. Aditya and Raashi intervene and says that they are worried Pronita will use the kids to her advantage, we have to stop them. Vidya agrees. Vicky comes to Pronita  Vicky says i want to talk to you about the incident, he then says you have fallen in my eyes, you said that so you can gain our trust however our mother told us that you only kept the secret so you can have my father, you want money? he gives Pronita some money and tells her to shut up. Jai shouts how dare you, Pronita stops him. Pronita tells Vicky that she doesn’t find it necessary to explain her reason for keeping quiet so you can leave. Jai just looks angry, Jai apologises to Pronita on Vicky’s behalf, Pronita says its okay, our aim is to get the children on the right path. Jai says he will turn off the lights and then Pronita thinks to herself that it hurts when Jai says they are not her children or that she can’t say she is Bani, she has to bring Meera’s face to them. Vidya is pacing up and down the room, she spots Varun on the step. She asks what happen? Varun says today Vicky was really scared today. Ganga then shouts at Vicky for his actions in throwing money at Pronita. She says because of you we all have to see this day. Vicky says he never meant to hurt the guy, and Ganga is too emotionally attached to the case. Meera thinks that Vicky is right, Ganga is too attached to the case. Meera calls the pub manager and gives him an earful on bringing the police to her house. The manager says the names were on the list he had to co-operate with them. He says the amount you gave me i wont open my mouth, Pronita listens to the conversation, and then says tomorrow something will happen that you never have thought of.

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