28 Oct Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

27 Oct Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Jai changes then tucks Pronita in.. then goes to his sofa to sleep, Pronita watches him.. next day

Its vickys birthday and everyone wishes him (someone ssay the age!) Daadi mistaken the gathering and Aditya tells her its Vickys birthday.

Jai comes to wish Vicky he says if you don’t take blessings from me, your day is incomplete.. so Vickz goes to him and gets a hug.

Then Pronita comes with a Pooja thali and wishes him.. Vicky says i can take my father’s wishes as he is my father but i can’t take your wishes as because of you everything is ruined. The other family members tell him not to reject God. Then pronita circles him with the thali..

Everyone goes and Vicky wonders where Ganga is..

Ganga is at the hospital and says i am a social worker, and she is willing to help out that guy Vicky hit on the head. She says when your son is working you can pay back everything if you wish.. don’t deny the help as you need it. the lady accepts the gifts. The father says she’s a nice person… the daadi ends up coughing alot and Ganga goes to get water.read update @Tellyfeed

Vicky talks about how he loves music and he plays a guitar and thinks about the college days… Meera then comes to pop all the guys hopes!


Meera says i have planned something for you on your birthday, she tells vicky to get ready for office work. She tells him that birthdays come every year, he has to look after the company in the future anyway, so he might as well come to the office, she needs him.

Pronita hears and then asks Meera what type of a mother is she? she says i understand that Krishna and Ganga aren’t your children but Vicky is.. to fulfill your goals you are using your own blood..

Meera says i am his mother, it’s nothing concerning you. She walks off calling Pronita Useless..

at the hospital the parents are fighting with the inspector, they have no witnesses to the case. the daadi says they must’ve been told with money to shut up about the case.

Ganga listens carefully, the inspector promises to put the person who harmed their son in jail.

Ganga thinks she has to tell Meera.

Meera telling her son about the profits and deliveries.. he doesnt at all seem interested, meera picks up on this and goes up to him and asks whats the matter.

Vicky gets a call from Karan and he tells him about a possible bet they should do, Vicky rejects the offer and Meera asks what happen? He tells his mother that his betting habit put another fellow human in hospital.

Then ganga appears and tells Vicky and Meera that the case is goin to be reopened. Vicky says i am going to give up betting, and Meera tells him not to worry she will handle thing.

Meera says its all Pronita’s fault, tonight she can live luxuriously, then after everything changes

Ganga and Vicky are walking and the lights go on.. everyone sings Happy Birthday all dressed in black where Meera arrives and wishes her son, then everyone else wishes Vicky, Ganga stands on her own one side and Meera asks whats the matter? Ganga says nothing and goes to change. She says she will use this party to her advantage, Vicky says i am now relaxed that there is a party. Vicky asks where Jai is, Meera states that she never invited his father as Pronita would tag along. And she never wanted to ruin his party. Jai is in his room and Pronita arrives, she asks what happen? Jai says his Dukh Bari Kahaani that he can’t participate in his own child’s party, when he was little he always tagged on with me, I taught him to cycle, he kept checking several times to see if his father was near him or not, and today he hasnt looked back once to see if i am there or not. Pronita says you have taken this decision to teach them the truth, you don’t need an invitation to participate in your own son’s party. Jai then arrives at the party. Meera asks what is he doing here?  Jai asks Pronita to answer her and Pronita says the party is in their house, so if they wish to party without them being there. Vicky cuts the heavy calory cake. Jai says thats not fair, Vicky is his son so they will celebrate here, Jai then gives his gifts, he opens it and you see a new guitar to which Vicky gets happy. Jai asks him to play a little bit of the guitar. Vicky then plays a tune.. Jeene Ke ishaare milgaye. Jai asks Pronita to dance, they dance and Ganga’s friend hints that Jai has a lot of energy at his age. They stare at one another and then the performance ends, no one is happy, Jai excuses himself. Meera then calls Vicky to give his gift, she tells him that his friend is here so now they can bet all they like.

Ganga is worried and Meera asks what happen? she says i will look after that guy in hospital, Ganga tells her to leave her alone. Then Jai comes. Ganga says i don’t feel like partying, Jai then offers her a ciggerete to relax. She then instead takes it and snaps it in half and then takes the packet with her.. Pronita comes behind Jai and Jai gets happy and says they are still my children.

Vicky bets on something and Karan his friend says your mother is cool, Pronita listens to what they are betting on. She stops Meera from walking past her and asks her to stop Vicky, Vicky is her son! Meera says if her son is happy betting then what problem can i have? She tells her to stop the unnecessary concern because if she continues she will be hurt. The police arrive and ask about Vicky.