27 Oct Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi waiting for Pragya in the party and asks Purab if she is in some problem. He gets worried. Tanu says party theme is western and she don’t wear western clothes. Aaliya says she must have felt out of place here being simpleton. Abhi agrees with them. Purab thinks what is happening, his plan is back firing and Tanu’s fake charm is working. Then Pragya makes a stunning entry. Aaliya asks Abhi, if he called any celebrity or Priyanka Chopra. Tanu says that’s why guests are looking at her instead of me and says you should have told me. Abhi says he didn’t invite anyone and asks Purab. Purab says she lighted the party on fire and asks him to call fire brigade. Abhi says we shall know first, who is she? Pragya comes to Abhi wearing modern dress. Guests present there like
her style. Pragya asks how I am looking? Abhi thinks I want to change her for Purab, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off from her. Pragya asks may I have a dance with you.

Abhi tells Pragya that all guys and girls are looking at her. He says girls are jealous of her, and says I couldn’t keep my eyes off from you. He says I want to forget that you are Purab’s girl friends. Pragya thinks I want you to realize that I am yours. Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks her to do something, says Pragya has hypnotized her and have done black magic on him. She says she is an expert in black magic and Abhi couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Aaliya blames her for provoking Pragya to wear western dress, and says we shall not celebrate victory until we have won. She says you was trying to separate them, but you went far from him. She says Pragya is doing this because of you and asks her not to involve her. Tanu says I am your friend. Aaliya says I am fed up of you and says you have sprinkled salt on her wounds, but she played her trick and we have no solution. She says your so called bachelorette party seems like Pragya and Abhi’s party. She says don’t forget that you have lost big time and asks her to celebrate her defeat. Tanu makes a sad face.

Purab thinks Pragya have done a wonder and thinks to inform Dadi. He sees Dadi and Dasi spying and asks what they are doing here. They say we are enjoying. Purab says this is bachelor party for young and asks what you both are doing here. Dasi says we are keeping eye on Tanu and Aaliya. She says I heard Tanu telling Aaliya that she will do something with Abhi, and says but Pragya will do something now with him….Dasi asks how can anyone look hot without wearing short dress, but Pragya did it. Purab says only my didi can do this. Dasi says she is our bahu and knows her limits. Purab tells that Abhi thought why Pragya is not his girl friend and says today he will act to break up with Pragya. Dasi asks him to go ahead. Dadi prays for their happiness. Abhi asks her to dance. Pragya says today she will see his dancing skills. They dance on a romantic song Janam Janam….Everyone smile seeing them except Tanu and Aaliya. Abhi couldn’t stop staring her. Purab signs Aaliya to see. Aaliya thinks Purab is the reason for Pragya’s victory, and gives me all reasons to hate him, but I love him even today….

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks him to come there and help him. Nikhil asks her to stop calling him again and again. Tanu asks him to forget that he will have an advantage if she marries him.