27 Oct Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

27 Oct Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Jai says its the 1st time this has happened, Jai explains to pronita that its the situation not your fault. Meera comes in saying she makes nice food. But her faily love her soo much they won’t eat your food, yet im eatin it.

She says the family always stick up for her. She says jai and pronita are wrong. She asks why they got married, to teach her a lesson? to teach the children a lesson?

Meera says her family love her alot and that the love is going to be her biggest weapon! and the hatred they have towards Jai and Pronita  is the downfall.

Jai says i can tell the family the truth.. but he wants the family to know by themselves. Meera says she can’t tell the family anyway, the family are on her side.

Jai talks in religious terms saying Pronita and I are enough to beat you at ur own game. Meera tells him to get over the past and says she has the money.. the biggest thing. She keeps saying she has everything and that Pronita only has the name.. Mrs Walia, and says i will take that name off you.

Jai looking for Pronita as she needs to give Jai something.. Meera comes and gives his watch.. Meera says by the time Pronita learns everything she will leave the house..Jai says she will stay with me all the time… he says you will never understand what type of woman she is.. Once the family know her reality they will run to him they are his and Bani’s Children. Meera fights back saying they are bought up by her anyway..

Meera rests her head on Jai’s shoulder and says we can start again.. Jai says are you scared that i might win that’s why you want me to be on your team again?

Jai towers her in a way and says wait till the family find out, Meera argues saying her upbringing to the children will win.. Jai says me and Bani’s blood will win.. they wish each other the best of luck..  (oooo! Meera has a lot of makeup )

Aditya gets a letter and Raashi reads it out aloud, its about Daadi going to inaugurate (?) something.. Jai asks Tony if he knows where Pronita is.. Aditya taunts saying Pronita may have left him etc.. he says the children are wrong.. YES.. but Pronita wants to rip you off.. Jai says she’s my wife Aditya carries on arguing and says if you are right why aren’t the family members with you, especially me who is your best friend, the lady who is wrong is Pronita. Jai shouts that’s enough. She is Pronita Walia, if you want to stay here then listen to my rules!

Aditya throws a chair and says this is the 1st time Jai had talked to me like that, I have to stay here to protect him. Rano Raashi and Ranvir all take Adyta’s side.

Jai is sitting alone and says once you find out the truth you will be the one to be on my side. Pronita comes she asks what happen to Jai.. he says nothing, Pronita says she can tell he’s stressed and he asks if he can be read like a book.

Pronita says she went to see something about meera and that she sent the letter to Daadi before. Then something is said and the audience cant hear, Pronita says this will bring the children on the right path.. Jai says he’s on her team.

Jai comes and says ignore the confrontation we’ve had i do think Daadi is my mother.

Jai then Takes Daadi and Adi attends a call..

Meera and her sly self talks to Pronita and says your marriage life is rocky..

Rano Raashi are cooking and Pronita asks if she can help out.. Rano says you’ve helped out enough. You broke the friendship bond between Jai and aditya and you ruined the relationship in the house.

Rano says i mistook you for someone dear to me, but being friendly with me and being Ganga’s teacher was just a plan right? I regret seeing you here, i feel as though i brought you here..

Pronita tries to talk it out but Rano says don’t touch me and we will never think of you as a family member.. Raashi says if you’ve heard enough then leave.

Raashi tells Rano that she is not responsible for anything, stop getting on yourself. Raashi suggests they go to their Father in law – Aditya.

Pronita walks a lonely corridor in the house and thinks of all the Rano and Pronita scenes.

Pronita holds a frame in her hand and Meri Duniya plays softly in the background. Pronita then says to herself that her family are not on her side,

Aditya thinking, Raahi and Rano come to him and give him pakore, Aditya refuses the offer. Raashi then says to Rano go the cooker as Aditya won’t eat. Aditya then says i will eat it.. as he goes to have the tea the three daadis are back. Rano and Raashi vanish.

Aditya tries to explain his mother is out, but the trio daadi’s get out of hand. the lady says we are here to ‘Sing’  They sing totally out and then the screen changes to Daadi.

Daadi talking to a patient.. and the doc asks jai if she is always like this lol.. Jai calls Pronita and says the plan is going as planned.

The daadis are on guitars, drums and vocals and meera comes.. she asks what’s going on. Aditya says don’t ask me.. they just appeared.

Everyone in the house comes and the daadi’s say lets sing our fans another song.. meera stops em n tells adi to stop them.

Pronita suggests taking the daadi’s to ultimate Daadi.. Rano then tells Vicky to do the honors. Aditya gifts him some cotton.

At the hospital Ganga calls Jai to collect the daadis. Jai says he’s busy with Daadi and asks them to bring the daadis to second floor.

Pronita then asks for forgiveness from God and says I’m sorry i used the daadi’s to get them on the right path. She talks about how that person Vicky hit on the head is suffering, he is between life and death.. one slip and he’s a goner.  IF the children can feel guilty for what they have done then that’s one step closer.

Vicky bumps into a nurse and then he sees the person who he hit on the head bandaged up. He’s in shock, Ganga and Krishna come.

The doctor is telling the guy who was hit on the heads parents that they have done all they could. The parents ask the doc to continue the treatment they will bring the money

Vicky tells the doc to speak to the parents with respect, the doc says the child was partying etc, it we, doctors who have to pick up the pieces. Krishna, Ganga and Vicky are upset. Jai and Pronita watch the children who look like they regret their actions.

Jai says the children still have Bani in them, they are his and Bani’s children. Pronita says the same thing. Pronita says we have planned to get that Childs treatment started but i wanted to show the children the consequences of their actions as they are yours and Bani’s children.

Meera catches them and knows their plan.

Ganga and Vicky are talking and Ganga suggests they say what really happened in the pub that night and that they should apologies as what ever happened wasn’t their fault. She remembers Jai’s words and Vicky says i agree.

Meera enters.

Meera asks what will happen when you accept your crimes? Everyone will be in jail.. Ganga asks for help and then says what they saw in the hospital.

Meera says if you want to help the family, then i will help, Jai has a charity trust there. But if you accept your crime then you all will be in jail.. your career down the drain. so think with your mind.

Vicky then says i agree.. however Ganga says i have to make sure that guy gets better anyway..

Meera bumps into Pronita and says i know your plan.. and then tells them.