25th Mehek June Tuesday Update 2019

Karona says to Kanta that there is something wrong. Mohit gets message and inform his car members that Shaurya and Mahek’s car is missing. Grandma smirks, Svetlana whispers to that act like you are worried for them.
Mahek sees glass piece in pit, she holds it with her tied hands and starts cutting ropes using glass.
Shaurya is running on road to find Mahek. He buys water bottle from stall and drinks it. Shaurya says I have lost my wallet, seller shows him wallet and says it has your photo, some guys came and gave me this wallet when I asked for money, Shaurya asks where did they go? he says straight ahead, Shaurya gives him money and leaves.

Svetlana says to Sonal and Nehal that maybe Shaurya went straight to honeymoon skipping wedding? Grandma says Shaurya is not a kid, he might have gone to hotel. Svetlana messages her goons to finish work.
Goons start filling pit with sand in which Mahek is crying, Mahek gets scared and screams for Shaurya.
Kanta prays for Mahek’s safety, Karona says everything will be fine.
Shaurya reaches pit site, he goes in bulldozer which is filling pit with sand, he beats bulldozer’s driver. Shaurya beats goons, they try to overpower but he keeps beating them until one goon hits his head with wooden stick, Shaurya falls near pit and sees Mahek inside it, Shaurya says Mahek I am coming.

Mahek cries seeing him. Goons try to handle Shaurya. Svetlana messages her goons to bury Mahek in that pit.
Shaurya stands up and starts beating goons again. Goons runaway being afraid of him. Mahek starts feeling dizzy in pit. Shaurya calls out to Mahek, he finds rope in bulldozer, he ties one end of rope to bulldozer and throws other end of rope in pit, he climbs the rope and goes in pit, he comes to Mahek, he hugs Mahek tightly and says I am here, I wont let anything happen to you. Mahek lies her head on his shoulder and faints. Shaurya says nothing will happen Mahek, I am here. Mahek hugs Shaurya’s back, Shaurya ties rope to him and Mahek and starts climbing the pit. He brings Mahek out of pit and holds Mahek, he balances her and lies her on sand, he lies back too tiredly, Mahek holds his hand.

Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand in five star hotel, she gets tensed seeing Kanta but holds his hand and smiles. Jeevan says this is place heaven, we never thought Mahek would get married in such nice place, Ravi says this hotel is God’s gift. Shaurya brings everyone to their rooms, he settle everyone in rooms. Shaurya asks Mahek and Nehal to take rest, Nehal says just call when you want to come in and I will leave room for you and Mahek, she takes Mahek and leaves.

Shaurya sees Svetlana going to her room, he opens her room door, she asks what is this rubbish? Shaurya says I am warning you, whatever happened with Mahek today, if I find you are reason behind it then I wont send you to jail but make you leave world, Svetlana says I dont know what happened with her. Shaurya says i will keep
an eye on you 24/7 and wont let any scratch on her, I wont spare you if you are involved, he leaves, Svetlana gets tensed.

Mahke comes in her room and sees it decorated with roses, she reads Shaurya’s message that he will shower his love on her like these flowers – I have copied this line. She reads another line that when you will get tired, i will make you sleep peacefully- not original, its copied too. Mahek turns and sees Shaurya there, he asks how did you like my surprise Mrs. Shaurya Khanna? they share eyelock and smile at each other, Mahek turns and hugs him tightly, Miley ho tum humko bare naseebon se plays, Mahek says you will spoil me and it will be burden for you later, Shaurya says you get ready to be spoiled, they hear ring bell.

Shaurya opens door, room service comes there, she provides them champagne and snacks, she leaves. Shaurya brings sweets and Mahek eat it, Mahek tries to make him eat but he denies, she says I know what you want, you wont get it, Shaurya pulls her closer and says not so easily, he caresses her hair, she blushes and looks down, Shaurya pulls her closer to kiss her but she kicks him,

Shaurya says you are kicking your would be husband? you will get sinned, Mahek says I have work to do, tomorrow we have functions, Shaurya asks her to get ready nicely for Mehndi, she pushes him out of door and closes it, she hears door knock and says Shaurya you will get beaten, she opens door and sees Nehal ans Sonal standing there, grinning at her, they says really Shaurya? Mahek blushes.

Next morning, Sharma and Khanna family comes in wedding function. Balwant says hotel management has done arrangements so nicely. Mahek comes there all dressed up. Shaurya sees her in floral cream lehenga and is lost in her, he hints that she is looking superb. PD blesses Mahek.

Mahek smiles at Shaurya. Karona does Mahek’s aarti, all are smiling, Svetlana frowns. Mahek tries to touch Karona’s feet but Karona says you are our house’s luck so hug me, she hugs her and asks Nehal to take her for Mehndi.

Mahek sits down to get mehndi applied on her hands.
Chita kukkar song plays, all family members are busy in dancing. Mahek is getting mehndi applied, Shaurya blows her a kiss and winks at her, she playfully glares at him. Vicky comes to Shaurya and says I have put scanners and security team on gates, Shaurya says I want best security team, Vicky says you focus on wedding, you and Mahek will get married safely and I will take care of security, dont worry, Shaurya hugs him. Karona sits next to Mahek and says to Mahek that I pray you get all the happiness in the world, she gets in tears and leaves, Mahek looks on.
Mansi says we will apply mehndi to Shaurya too. Nehal pulls Shaurya to Mansi.

Karona comes out of mehndi function and recalls Rajesh’s harsh words, how Mahek used Shaurya to get his property, how Shaurya denied him as father and got slapped. Mahek comes there, Karona wipes her tears. Mahek says I am happy to be your daughter in law then why you are tensed to become my mother in law? Karona says I am happy,

Mahek says you are sad that Rajesh didnt come? Karona says I kept seeing Shaurya and his fights, arguments, I thought in hsi wedding, they might atleast bear each other, I didnt have any child but Shaurya came to me and I thought everything will be fine but nothing is fine. Karona says to Mahek that son’s wedding is best moment for any parents, its biggest happiness for them but my this happiness is incomplete too without him. Mahek says I promise to bring Rajesh Papa in wedding, he will be there and he will bless me and accept me as his daughter in law too, Karona smiles at her.